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PDF final Flyer 2 100%

Improvement of Social Integration of Persons with Disabilities in the Middle East through Accessibility Website:


SAB-zine-English-FINAL 98%

This guide aims to provide detailed accessibility information for undocumented migrants, along with supporters and service-providers who assist them in navigating the shelter system.


PDF final Flyer 4 96%

Portal accessibility Because many Persons with Disabilities can have difficulties in browsing the internet, the website has been designed to allow people with sight problems to access its content.


Rapport accessibilité 96%

Rapport accessibilité Web Accessibility Checker Wednesday December 23, 2020 21:33:53 Source URL:


Summary memo 92%

Train trip o Station accessibility o Disabled people service timetable of the station o Connection time o Tickets costs, personal assistant included • Possibility to go to the place of ceremony • Level of fatigue – Mine and caregivers ones • Logistics of caregivers attendance and transportation o Travel time for caregivers in accordance to labor laws o Schedule estimation to give precise information for the departure date and the return date for the caregivers o Labor law validation:


Architecture for everyone, towards inclusive design 87%

Introduction At a time of major debates on the "accessibility"


Fam Trip AlejandrÃ-a 84%

  Fam trips  4th Steering Committee Umayyad. Alexandría 15th to 17th  December 2014 Alexandria Chamber of Commerce      LOGISTICS  ➢NUMBER OF DAYS/NIGHTS: 3 days, 2 nights  ➢NUMBER OF ATTENDING TOUROPERATORS: 8 to 9  people. SEND THE LIST OF PARTICIPANTES TO THE  LEADER, FULL NAME, NATIONAL NUMBER  IDENTIFICATION, ENTERPRISE AND MAIL  ➢MINI BUS OR BUS DRIVERS: 1  ➢PEOPLE FROM THE ORGANIZATION: 2 pax  ➢FAM­TRIP SCHEDULE  NOTE: IT IS IMPORTANT TO ASK TOUROPERATORS  FOR ALIMENTARY RECTRICTIONS      FAM TRIP ITINERARY  NOTE: RETURN ITINERARY SOULD BE CIRCULAR  Previous analysis of the following items :  ➢Visit to the monuments of interest or natural  environments ready to be visited by groups  ➢Accommodation and restaurants: capacity and quality in  service ➢Local craft works ➢Experiential workshops  ➢Transportation accessibility (bus, mini bus, etc.)  ➢Accessibility  This analysis, to be done in each city, will be included  in the dossier that will be handed over to every tour  operator.


W5 SyRS template 84%

Its structure is consistent with hierarchical order to automatically find its parent input output external interfaces reliability availability maintainability accessibility environmental conditions ergonomic safety security facility transportability documentation training testing Priority 1 2 Originator Risk medium Name, signature and date for traceability low 3 necessary singular correct high Checker appropriate to level Name, signature and date for traceability Checklist to ensure the correct description of the requirement unambiguous complete conforming verifiable feasible Status proposed Comments Date reviewed accepted rejected Any additional relevant information, reference to external document, drawings Revision history Comments For traceability and lesson learnt Name SyRS Template XXX rev.YY Short title Unique ID number Description Performance Verification Rationale Type input output external interfaces reliability availability maintainability accessibility environmental conditions ergonomic safety security facility transportability documentation training testing Priority 1 Originator Risk high 2 medium 3 low necessary Checker appropriate to level singular complete correct conforming unambiguous verifiable feasible Status proposed reviewed accepted rejected Comments Date Revision history Comments Name


guide tque-fr fr-en gb-C 84%

HANDICAP EDITO RIAL A symbol that ensures all welcome, accessibility and comfort.


Offre d'emploi Aspertise(2) 84%

Accountabilities • • • • Work with our UX/UI design team to develop cutting-edge user interfaces for our flagship SaaS-based product Serve as a strong UI technical resource for the development team Develop standardized UI modules, tools, and libraries to speed time-to-market of our applications Assist with web accessibility and compliance efforts across our web applications Position Requirements • • • • • • • • • • • 5+ years of cross-browser UI/UX development experience (experience with legacy browsers a plus) with JavaScript, jQuery, CSS 3 and HTML 5 Experience working within Agile software development environment Excellent JavaScript skills with AngularJS are imperative Experience with CSS preprocessors such as LESS or SASS.


BDO Digital - Presentation & Roadshows 83%

• How can you improve your flexibility, your mobility and your accessibility ?


Dutch Presidency Scorecard 83%

In addition, they admirably led the first discussions surrounding the EU Accessibility Act.


tracthyenescan 76%

Until now, no law protects the right and accessibility to abortion.


Hotel Telluride CO 75%

• • • • • • • Private Balcony and patio Suites with jet-tubs Extended Stay Suites King and Queen size beds Smoking and Non-Smoking Rooms In-room modem lines w/hi-speed internet accessibility.


Sustainable-Affordable-Housing1 75%

In the context of increasing urbanization in Latin America, UN-Habitat encourages addressing housing issues focusing on housing quality, eliminating slums and the development of market-based approaches to increase affordability and accessibility for low-income households.


HLEnterprise HarborView4pgbrochure 74%

Designed with special needs in mind, Harbor View is your choice for elegant style and accessibility!


Call BUFTOD 2012 72%

After having structured the urban form in the 19th century, after having been considered as a mobility means for those who can't afford the car, can it be the main mean for an improved accessibility for all to the urban functions?


work based uk fr.2 66%

 University  of  West  London     Accessibility   France   CAP  -­‐>


Postcard 25 Feb 2014 66%

What is needed is accessibility, affordability, quality.


Felix MORAND CV Wine business 66%

2014 • Analyzing Marketing and business opportunities of Scandinavia (market, laws, competitors) • Implementing international mapping tool (maturity/ safety/accessibility) • Participation on international call for tender (1,5M€) • Marketing studies on competitors and trends Sep.



A hight reactivity (accessibility).


elodie.sauvageot.2017 66%

Intégration / création Environnement de travail Création des templates twig Intégration en HTML5 sémantique Mise en forme et création d’animation CSS3 Animation SVG avec des librairies JS Mise en place du contenue dans le CMS Trinity Accessibilité avec les normes de W3C web accessibility Version desktop et version responsive CMS trinity Symfony2 en support / intégration en twig Déploiement en sur serveur wamp Utilisation de Zeplin pour l’accés aux maquettes Illustrator / photoshop Sublime text Langages / technologies HTML5 CSS3 / animate.css Twig Javascript Jquery Librairies wow.js / vivus.js 2016 Développeur :


watani 2015 65%

He admits that Morocco still has no policies in place to allow these citizeos to enjoy full rigbts to housing, education, work and accessibility.


Oslo Ed Summit DisabilityInclusive Ed 65%

Accessibility standards should be implemented and supported by international development cooperation.


Agenda sept Working Social questions 64%

Proposal for a DIRECTIVE OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL on the approximation of the laws, regulations and administrative provisions of the Member States as regards the accessibility requirements for products and services 14799/15 SOC 700 MI 770 ANTIDISCRIM 15 AUDIO 34 CODEC 1774 + ADD 1 - ADD 3 + ADD 7 12347/16 SOC 537 MI 585 ANTIDISCRIM 57 AUDIO 103 CODEC 1290 (doc.