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Nahda 2011 summary in English 97%

The second is a deep consciousness of the absolute necessity of bridging this gap by making every possible effort to acquire modern science and technology and develop administrative and political institutions so as to achieve efficiency, develop effective means of production and avert the scourge of despotism.


Women-Matter-2016-Reinventing-the-workplace 91%

Company is a global management consulting firm, deeply committed to helping institutions in the private, public and social sectors achieve lasting success.


8 - TJSP 2017-2018 TCCSP Informational Flyer English 86%

Hospitality Management Applicants must be able to achieve a TOEFL score of 440 or likely to achieve this score after short-term preacademic English training.


EEI 85%

McKenzie / Atkins Aerospace / Signature “Gave my company more clarity…helpful and motivating every day” “Electrifying work at times, as ideas just avalanched” “Enabled us to achieve 15% market share increase” “Great tools…good challenging remarks and direction” “Whatever you want to deal with where you, your department, your business is going…the clear consensus was that this was definitely the “Course of the Year” At Executive Education International client aspirations are at the heart of everything that we do.


Best Nutritionist Long Island 83%

Nancy works with each individual to identity these factors and help guide them to achieve their goals.


Strategic Workplace Planning Ypsilanti Mi 83%

Strategic Workforce Planning Strategic workforce planning is a process that ensures your business has the right people in the right jobs at the right time to achieve your expected results.


NPC Diagnostic Overview 82%

The mandate of the commission is to take a broad, cross-cutting, independent and critical view of South Africa, to help define the South Africa we seek to achieve in 20 years time and to map out a path to achieve those objectives.


EVS 81%

Volunteers need to have a genuine interest in Active citizenship, participatory democracy, and civic engagement and be willing to learn and share the information about the EU Gender balance – during the selection procedure we will strive to achieve gender balance within the group Education:


translation strategies 81%

The purpose of translation methods and procedures – and of translating itself – is to achieve maximal equivalence, or equivalent effect.


After April 24th 2015 Ladies First Project for Armenia 80%

PROJECT FOR ARMENIA Empowering Armenian Women and Girls in Armenia with modest incomes/backgrounds to achieve their educational and professional goals LET’S MAKE YOUR WOMEN’S DAY A HAPPY ONE!



Recent data indicate that only around 40% of patients manage to achieve an adequate level of BP control.


In-hospital Cardiac Arrest How 79%

We are still facing a huge challenge to increase the survival rate and to achieve better neurologic outcome.


Recommandation on ODD 79%

MS “To achieve all people’s human rights and well-being for all within planetary boundaries” September 2015 Prioritise People and Planet:


PK PD BGN ICU 2018 78%

Recent findings Recent studies highlight that critically ill patients do not achieve therapeutic antibiotic exposures with standard antibiotic dosing.


10.1109@RAICS.2013.6745446 78%

Based on the channel state information, both the modulation and coding rates can be varied so as to achieve higher throughput and improve spectral efficiency.