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100% - Corydoras ortegai

panda, mainly by the absence of a midlateral trunk blotch at the dorsal-fin level, and the rounded shape of the midlateral trunk blotch at the adipose-fin level. 29/08/2011

90% - Bohlooly 05 Endocrinol

Segmentations of both subcutaneous adipose tissue and abdominal/ thoracic adipose tissue were obtained from the water-suppressed images. 18/11/2011

63% - Caillaud et al 2008 sex selection morpho renc

Mature males are twice the size of females and have grey fur on their backs and a fibrous, adipose crest on their heads. 17/02/2017

62% - OXIMED2012 741545

Increased triglycerides (TGs) stores, especially in visceral or deep subcutaneous adipose tissues, lead to large adipocytes which are resistant to insulin-evoked lipolysis suppression, then resulting in increased release of free fatty acids (FFAs) and glycerol. 01/03/2016

60% - RMS 196 0662

Obesity is associated with macrophage accumulation in adipose tissue. 22/06/2014

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dsaa Planche de recherche : 20/05/2013

58% - 57 1 Knaack 35 55

In der oberen lateralen Knochenplattenreihe (dbs) befinden sich 21 (20–21) und der unteren (vbs) 19 (18–20) Knochenplatten, vor der Adipose liegen zwei, seltener drei kleine unpaare Knochenplatten. 29/08/2011

57% - tigenix pdf

Further development of the adipose stem cells for other inflammatory conditions, notably sepsis, is underway; 28/01/2015

53% - Zidane Audouze CVetautres

 Transcriptome  profiling  of   brown  adipose  tissue  during  cold  exposure  reveals  extensive  regulation  of  glucose   metabolism. 29/06/2016

41% - reférences

(2000) Uncoupling Protein-2 and -3 Messenger Ribonucleic Acids in Adipose Tissue and Skeletal Muscle of Healthy Males: 23/10/2014

31% - Ennezat Nutrition def (1)

Ennezat Nutrition def (1) Mise au point mt 2018 ; 14/01/2019

25% - Foster and McVey Neufeld 2013 TINS

In models of diet-induced obesity and in genetically modified obese (ob/ob) mice, administration of a broad-spectrum antibiotic improved glucose tolerance [49,50], reduced weight gain and fat mass [49] and lowered adipose inflammatory markers [49]. 01/10/2013

25% - Nutrition Athletic Performance en 2009

The major substrates include muscle and liver glycogen, intramuscular, blood, and adipose tissue NUTRITION AND ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE 4 JOINT POSITION PAPER DIETITIANS OF CANADA Inadequate energy intake relative to energy expenditure compromises performance and negates the benefits of training. 23/02/2011