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Corydoras ortegai 100%

panda, mainly by the absence of a midlateral trunk blotch at the dorsal-fin level, and the rounded shape of the midlateral trunk blotch at the adipose-fin level.


Bohlooly-05-Endocrinol 90%

Segmentations of both subcutaneous adipose tissue and abdominal/ thoracic adipose tissue were obtained from the water-suppressed images.


Caillaud et al 2008 sex selection morpho renc 63%

Mature males are twice the size of females and have grey fur on their backs and a fibrous, adipose crest on their heads.


OXIMED2012-741545 62%

Increased triglycerides (TGs) stores, especially in visceral or deep subcutaneous adipose tissues, lead to large adipocytes which are resistant to insulin-evoked lipolysis suppression, then resulting in increased release of free fatty acids (FFAs) and glycerol.


RMS 196 0662 60%

Obesity is associated with macrophage accumulation in adipose tissue.


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57-1 Knaack 35-55 58%

In der oberen lateralen Knochenplattenreihe (dbs) befinden sich 21 (20–21) und der unteren (vbs) 19 (18–20) Knochenplatten, vor der Adipose liegen zwei, seltener drei kleine unpaare Knochenplatten.


tigenix pdf 57%

Further development of the adipose stem cells for other inflammatory conditions, notably sepsis, is underway;


Zidane-Audouze-CVetautres 53%

 Transcriptome  profiling  of   brown  adipose  tissue  during  cold  exposure  reveals  extensive  regulation  of  glucose   metabolism.


reférences 41%

(2000) Uncoupling Protein-2 and -3 Messenger Ribonucleic Acids in Adipose Tissue and Skeletal Muscle of Healthy Males:


exercices de style - queneau raymond (1) 35%

Raymond Queneau Exercices de style © Editions Gallimard, 1947.


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Mise au point mt 2018 ;


Foster and McVey Neufeld 2013 TINS 24%

In models of diet-induced obesity and in genetically modified obese (ob/ob) mice, administration of a broad-spectrum antibiotic improved glucose tolerance [49,50], reduced weight gain and fat mass [49] and lowered adipose inflammatory markers [49].


Nutrition-Athletic-Performance en 2009 24%

The major substrates include muscle and liver glycogen, intramuscular, blood, and adipose tissue NUTRITION AND ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE 4 JOINT POSITION PAPER DIETITIANS OF CANADA Inadequate energy intake relative to energy expenditure compromises performance and negates the benefits of training.