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9308265331(1) 100%

An advertisement's informativeness is a reflection of the extent to which advertisements focus on the consumers' practical, functional, or utilitarian need for the product (Belch and Belch 1990;


ICS Final Paper Marie Turcan (1) 95%

From July 7th to August 3rd 2011, McDonald’s created a new advertisement campaign for eight Happy Meal Toys, four of which were Batman characters, the four others were My Little Ponies.



Often, newspapers and magazines sell the advertising space according to the area occupied by the advertisement, the position of the advertisement in the publication (front page/middle page, above/below the fold), as well as the readership of the publications.


ChristelleGaist-Ecofeministessay 91%

The advertisement of la P’tite Poubelle Verte is a good example of that.


Hexclick - Hex Click - Make money online 90%

ENGLISH Who We Are Hex Click is an Advertisement company running with a policy of sharing revenue to its members.


Rogers County Home Show Sponsorship Sales Sheet REVISED2 (1) 85%

150oo $ two available 400oo one available Advertiser would receive an advertisement to be placed in every blog post on the show’s website.


vocabulary 2 83%

VERB to manage To taste to own To counterfeit To imitate to profit To sell To corrupt To abuse To finance To economize To sponsor To fake To control To stabilize To Regulate To audit To pay To embezzle To advertise To publicise To save To consume To harm To discover To invent To commercialize To complain To expire To refund To orbit To rotate to lengthen To widen To deepen To heighten To brighten To explore To export To collide To legalize To forge To deceive To feel To anger To disappoint NOUN ADJECTIVE management/manager taste Owner/ Owning / Ownership Counterfeit /counterfeiter/ counterfeiting Imitation/imitator Profit/ profitability Seller / selling/ Sale Corruption Abuse/abuser Finance /financier Economy/ economist Sponsor fake Controlling/ control/ controller Stability Regulation/regulator Auditor / auditing Pay / Payer/ payment /paying Embezzler / embezzlement / embezzling Advert /advertising / advertisement/advertiser Publicity/ publicist Safety Consumer / consumption Harm Discovery / discoverer Invention/ inventor commercialisation manageable Tasty/ tasteful /tasteless Owned Counterfeit Complaint/complainer Expiry Refund / refunding Orbit / Orbiter Rotation /rotator Length Width Depth Height Brightness Exploration/ explorer Export /exporter / exportation Collision Legality Forge /forger / forging / /forgery Deceiver/ deception feeling anger disappointment Complaining expired Refundable Orbital / orbiting Rotating/ rotational Long Wide deep high bright Explored / exploratory exported collided legal Forged /Forgeable Imitated/ imitative Profitable Sold Corrupt/corruptible abused financial Economic/economical sponsored fake Controlled / controllable Stable Regulated Auditable Payable /paid Embezzled Advertised publicised Safe Consumable Harmful /harmless Discoverable/ discovered Invented Commercialized /commercial Deceivable/ deceived / deceiving felt angry disappointed References :


How to analyse an ad 82%

HOW TO DESCRIBE AND ANALYZE AN AD IN ENGLISH I/ IDENTIFICATION This is an advertisement for…  Information about the product when possible.


Bac 2009 Anglais S-EX Sujets 82%

Tricky (§1) Advertisement 3.



(CD with your advertisement in X-Press format, EPS, TIFF or JPEG pictures 300 dpi in finished format, font used).


Brochure 80%

1- We are not influenced by the advertisement.


Mobile Advertisement 79%

Mobile Advertisement Avocarrot is a mobile ad exchange specialized in Native Ads.


2014 EMAC Media Kit & Rate Card 77%

Advertisement Media Kit &


Ssdm14j00 75%

be available subject advertisement per side for non-competing personal display of the name approved by Team to such The two sides of the helmet being in good the benefit of sponsor and if and its manufacturers label (Bell logo).


presentation actions 75%

The promotion of the advertisement of the event will be done with the social networks for example or by any other ressources of each of us.


CV.AlexandreSudaka 73%

• Produced sales pitches and Facebook advertisement campaigns • Organised a concert for the Deutsche Grammophon label 2014 Project management:


Entry form of SIIF-2018-Amythis FR 73%

ADVERTISEMENT IN THE OFFICIAL EXHIBITION CATALOG The official exhibition catalogue will contain information on the participants’ exhibits for SIIF 2018.


cv marielaforge 72%

Corporate book for Essilor, print advertisement for Axa and Nestlé, newsletter for GDF Suez, BNP Paribas, billboards for Galeries Lafayette, Geodis, magazines for Canal +, Fnac, Thiriet, Unitaid, Alliance Healthcare, Paris Regions 2008 (4 months fulltime internship) TBWA\Textuel\La Mine (Paris, France) Creative Writer – editorial agency Involved into projects for non-profit organizations Examples :


author informations 72%