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100% - RCLRPT 19V561 7523

There are potentially 191 vehicles affected of this model in the US market. 16/08/2019

97% - Hordes Final Online Update

While within 3˝ of the affected model, friendly Faction models also gain 2 DEF and cannot be knocked down. 20/05/2010

96% - SB 912 i 009 SB 912 071 SB 914 053

1.1) Applicability All engines of Series 912 iSc Sport, 912 A, 912 F, 912 S and 914 F are affected, if at least one of the following criteria applies: 02/11/2017

95% - instructions pic

For bit-oriented instructions, 'b' represents a bit field designator which selects the number of the bit affected by the operation, while 'f' represents the number of the file in which the bit is located. 13/09/2010

94% - Breast Cancer definition

Important aspects of family history include number of affected individuals, ratio of affected to unaffected relatives, closeness of biological relationship to affected relatives, ages at cancer diagnoses, presence of bilateral/multifocal breast cancer, presence of ovarian cancer, and case(s) of male breast cancer. 21/12/2015

93% - mdrgn007ea

CHF 1,292,372 (including CHF 366,000 in bi-lateral support) Number of people affected: 16/07/2014

91% - CSF and support group March 2013

CSF and support group March 2013 Cancer Support France Sud de France We offer a wide range of support to English speakers affected by cancer Come to the Limoux Support Group 10h30 to 12h30, 1st Wednesday of every month Espace des Fecos, (next to the Tourist Information Office) Avenue du Pont de France, Limoux (Easy access on the ground floor, parking outside) People affected by cancer, their carers, family and friends, and those affected by bereavement, are welcome to drop in and see us at the CSF Support Group. 26/02/2013

90% - gold

In 2001, the Nisqually earthquake and the 11 September terrorist attacks profoundly affected Washington state residents. 02/04/2012

89% - 12.12 ToR PSS Capital report UNICEF

12.12 ToR PSS Capital report UNICEF Terms of Reference “Psychosocial Support to Conflict-Affected Children and Parents” Consultancy for a capitalization report preparation Donetsk region, government controlled area, including buffer zone Starting date: 15/12/2016

89% - La L2 HGA

2  AFFECTED = Affecté : ...  Carrier X Affected ; 02/04/2014

87% - WFP Presentation

not affected, not significantly affected, significantly affected; 02/09/2016

86% - light therary

The amygdala, a core component of the emotional brain (3, 19) that receives sparse direct projections from ipRGC (20), is one of the brain areas acutely affected by changes in ambient light (18). 16/09/2014

86% - Page 7 EWIPA updated

The most affected ones are Iraq (41.018 civilian victims), Syria (31.290), Pakistan (14.360), Afghanistan (10.712) and Yemen (8415). 06/03/2018


Pupils and students are the most affected profession in our study with a frequency 39.8%. 28/10/2018

83% - 302 06735 en

Power outages, water supply affected. 14/03/2011

83% - project report2014.03.20

We had been working on the areas affected by the high levels of radiation during 2012 and continued during 2013, focusing on increasing the EM operations bases to supply with EM solution. 01/04/2016

82% - Article EPOV Ensuring energy efficient and safe homes for vulnerable consumers short version (1)

Require Member States to implement energy efficiency measures as a priority in households affected by energy poverty and in social housing; 04/06/2018

81% - CALL FOR ACTION in Northern Nigeria FSNWG 2016 08 26 (002)

In July, the CILSS, FAO, FEWS NET and WFP issued an alert which raised “the possibility that a Famine (Cadre Harmonisé/Integrated Food Security Phase Classification - CH/IPC Phase 5) could be occurring in the worst affected and less accessible pockets of Borno state”. 30/08/2016

81% - Key comments B2015

On Participation Since its inception, Beyond 2015 has pushed strongly for the participation of those most affected by poverty and inequality in the design, implementation and monitoring of the post-2015 agenda. 27/10/2014

80% - Breast Cancer

Cancer represents something held in and not expressed, and the part of the body affected shows what it was that was not expressed. 26/01/2016

80% - DNL

religion are still South, Eire :mainly catholic { divided the country • a country affected by the Brexit Reasons for Immigration: 04/02/2018

78% - findings and decision (complete)

What steps have been taken to repair the affected well injection site; 13/02/2016

78% - Field Test Stat Cards Mercenaries

When the affected model makes a melee attack, on a critical hit the model hit is knocked down. 11/05/2010