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100% - NDAs

To ensure the protection of such information and in consideration of the agreement to exchange said information, the parties agree as follows: 24/04/2012

99% - TMB license stage whisper

By downloading Recordings from our website, you agree to conduct this transaction electronically and you agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement in respect to those Recordings. 03/05/2017

99% - h2020 mga gga multi en ANNEX5

1.6 Other terms [The [Beneficiary] [Linked Third Party] and the Auditor can use this section to agree other specific terms, such as the Auditor’s fees, liability, applicable law, etc. 10/04/2019

98% - Aziz AIT DIB CA Membership

Aziz AIT DIB CA Membership 20th december 2018 This Agreement is entered into this _____ day of _________________, __________ by and between  Aziz AITDIB ________________________________________________   129, Oued Tarfa 16050 Algiers Algeria 129, Oued Tarfa 16050 Algiers Algeria who is residing at_____________________________________________________ _____________________  (hereinafter "Recipient") and IVAO VZW, with offices at Werfstraat 89, 1570 Galmaarden, Belgium (hereinafter  "Discloser").  WHEREAS Discloser possesses certain information relating to IVAO network membership personal identifying  information that is confidential to Discloser (hereinafter "Confidential Information"); and  WHEREAS the Recipient is willing to receive disclosure of the Confidential Information pursuant to the terms of this  DZ-DIR Agreement for the purpose of executing the staff position of ______________________;  NOW THEREFORE, in consideration for the mutual undertakings of the Discloser and the Recipient under this  Agreement, the parties agree as follows:  1. Disclosure. Discloser agrees to disclose, and Receiver agrees to receive the Confidential Information.  2. Confidentiality.  2.1 No Use. Recipient agrees not to use the Confidential Information in any way, or to manufacture or test any  product embodying Confidential Information, except for the purpose set forth above.  2.2 No Disclosure. Recipient agrees to use its best efforts to prevent and protect the Confidential Information, or  any part thereof, from disclosure to any person in connection with Recipient's authorized use of the Confidential  Information.  2.3 Protection of Secrecy. Recipient agrees to take all steps reasonably necessary to protect the secrecy of the  Confidential Information, and to prevent the Confidential Information from falling into the public domain or into  the possession of unauthorized persons.  3. Limits on Confidential Information. Confidential Information shall not be deemed confidential and the Recipient  shall have no obligation with respect to such information where the information:  (a) was known to Recipient prior to receiving any of the Confidential Information from Discloser;  (b) has become publicly known through no wrongful act of Recipient;  (c) was received by Recipient without breach of this Agreement from a third party without restriction as to the use  and disclosure of the information;  (d) was independently developed by Recipient without use of the Confidential Information; or  (e) was ordered to be publicly released by the requirement of a government agency.  4. Ownership of Confidential Information. Recipient agrees that all Confidential Information shall remain the  property of Discloser, and that Discloser may use such Confidential Information for any purpose without obligation  to Recipient. Nothing contained herein shall be construed as granting or implying any transfer of rights to Recipient  in the Confidential Information.  5. Term and Termination. The obligations of this Agreement shall be continuing until the Confidential Information  disclosed to Recipient is no longer confidential.  6. Survival of Rights and Obligations. This Agreement shall be binding upon, inure to the benefit of, and be  enforceable by (a) Discloser, its successors, and assigns; and (b) Recipient, its successors and assigns.  7.  Breach of this agreement by the Recipient may result in dismissal as a staff member up to and including legal  sanctions.  IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have executed this agreement effective as of the date first written above.      Signed (digitally)    Signature numérique de Aziz AIT DIB 19/03/2019

97% - Phantasy Star Online Episode III C.a.r.d. Revolution

Because SEGA would be irreparably damaged if the terms of this Agreement were not specifically enforced, you agree that SEGA shall be entitled, without bond, other security or proof of damages, to appropriate equitable remedies with respect to breaches of this Agreement, including without limitation the right of injunction, in addition to such other remedies as SEGA may otherwise have under applicable laws. 08/04/2016

97% - RASIER Technology Services Agreement December 10 2015

You acknowledge and agree that Company is a technology services provider that does not provide transportation services. 30/11/2016

96% - International Variation Asthma bronchiolitis guidelines

2017;140(5):e20170092 from by guest on October 27, 2017 PEDIATRICS Volume 140, number 5,Downloaded November 2017:e20170092 Article The creators of guidelines attempt to refine clinical questions and balance the tradeoffs of the benefits versus risks of an intervention and its alternatives to influence a clinician’s care of a patient.‍1 The implementation of clinical practice guidelines can promote high-value care by improving outcomes and reducing costs.‍2,​3‍ For example, an appropriate decline in the unnecessary use of chest radiographs, steroids, and bronchodilators was observed after the 2006 American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) bronchiolitis guideline publication.‍4 However, the authors of a number of studies have demonstrated that differences occur across clinical practice guidelines developed for the same condition.5–‍‍ 8‍ These result from differences in guideline development, reporting, methodological quality, and content.‍9–‍‍‍ 14 ‍ These discrepancies can cause confusion about the best treatment for the patient, and naivety about the underlying reason for such differences could lead clinicians to inaccurately apply these recommendations in practice.9 A common means of comparing guidelines is by using quality ratings like the Appraisal of Guidelines Research and Evaluation II (AGREE II).‍15 However, little is known about potential guideline treatment recommendation agreement among common prevalent pediatric conditions. 03/11/2017

95% - 2013 LangSurvey

totally agree . ... agree . ... totally agree . ... agree . ... totally agree . ... agree . 22/10/2013

95% - Diesel Power Chip Commerce Township Mi

After reviewing the following terms and conditions thoroughly, if you do not agree to the terms and conditions, please do not use this site. 19/07/2017

94% - Fiche Ins. ENGL Mehura 2015

I hereby agree to respect and abide to all the rules instituted by ‘ORI TAHITI NUI’ for the 4th 'ORI TAHITI NUI MEHURA COMPETITION – 2015 scheduled on the Island of Tahiti Saturday November 28th. 28/08/2015

94% - Contrat Edition UK SUBCONSCIOUS INC

5° AUTHOR , his heirs and assigns, agree that the EDITOR not, nor be responsible for , nor be deprived of the benefit of this contract in the event of failure of the talks, lawsuits and arbitrations to which the EDITOR would be required to participate as a plaintiff or defendant has the opportunity to exercise the rights that are currently sold. 13/09/2013

93% - Color me rad signed

I agree not to participate unless I am medically and physically able, which I am solely responsible to determine. 19/06/2014

92% - Final.NormanReedusFanArtPermission

You agree to hold me, my licensees and assigns harmless that the Artwork was created solely by you and that no one else participated in the creation of the Artwork, that you have not granted publication rights to any other party, and that you have the exclusive right to grant the rights herein granted to me without breaching the rights of any other party. 27/05/2014

92% - CGU Headoo EN PDF

By responding to our message with “OKradshop” you agree that we may use your Photo in accordance with these UGC Terms of Use. 21/03/2018

91% - accord inter institutionnel erasmus v2 du 04.02.15

accord inter institutionnel erasmus v2 du 04.02.15 Erasmus Programme Programme Erasmus Key Action 1 Action clé 1 Mobility for learners and staff Mobilité des apprenants et des personnels Higher Education Student and Staff Mobility Etudiants et personnels de l’enseignement supérieur Inter-institutional1 agreement 2014-20[21]2 Accord inter-institutionnel1 2014-2020[21]2 between programme countries entre pays participant au programme Minimum requirements3 Minimum requis3 The institutions named below agree to cooperate for the exchange of students and/or staff in the context of the Erasmus programme. 09/03/2017

91% - Terms&Conditions Advent Calendar Promotion

By commenting on this post on 1 December 2017, entrants agree to be automatically entered into this Prize Draw and abide by these Terms and Conditions. 28/11/2017