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130 espèces Botryococcus  braunii   ALGAE   Botryococcaceae   Chara  fragilis   ALGAE   Characeae   Gelidium  amansii   ALGAE   Gelidiaceae   Funaria  hygrometrica   BRYOPHYTA   Funariaceae   Hypnum  cupressiforme   BRYOPHYTA   Hypnaceae   Metzgeria  furcata   BRYOPHYTA   Metzeriaceae   Asplenium  trichomanes   PTERIDOPHYTA   Apleniaceae   Dryopteris  filix-­‐mas   PTERIDOPHYTA   Dryopteridaceae   Equisetum  arvense   PTERIDOPHYTA   Equisetaceae


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Manual Algae GB DE FR Supplements 24232 4w235702526 REEF CARE PROGRAM NO3/PO4 Management Supplementing GB User Manual DE Benutzerhandbuch FR Manuel utilisateur Red Sea’s Reef Care Program The complete Reef Care program is the result of years of research into the physiological demands of SPS, LPS &


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Glossary Benthic communities = aquatic populations living near seabeds Brackish water = salted water with a lower salinity than marine waters (0.5-30) Euryhaline species = species that can support large salinity variations Epiphytic algae = algae that grows upon other plant such as Zostera (non-parasitically) Foreshore = littoral zone found between the lower and the higher tide level Mesocosm = experimental aquatic ecosystems reproduced in closed tanks Mesograzers = a diverse group of herbivorous amphipods, isopods and gastropods that


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- e-health - Sustainable Construction - Protective textiles - Bio-based products - Recycling - Renewable energies 7/29/2009 1 Daniel Rahier – Du Pont de Nemours Assemblée générale ValBiom Gembloux – 29 avril 2009 3 Definition bio-based products ◊ Bio-based products refer to non-food products derived from biomass (plants, algae, crops, trees, marine organisms and biological waste from households, animal &


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They are not affected by sand, stones, algae, silt or other solids.


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It just sits there in its own stagnation, filled with algae, bugs and other festering microorganisms - it is oxygen deficient.


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Equally, ultraviolet- (UV-) activated release of caged neurotransmitters to stimulate neurons was developed in the 1970s.1 However, the real excitement began in the end of 2003 when Peter Hegemann’s group from the Max-Planck Institute for Biophysics discovered a light-activated ion channel in a swamp algae.


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Prométhée An 289 Prométhée, an 289 :