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100% - one28 Pornic 2019 reglement Anglais et Français V2.0

All brushless rotors are allowed PN 70T, votre propre PN 3500Kv ou Atomic 3500Kv. 24/11/2018

95% - Jerusalem Kingdom

Helmet with vizor is only allowed for a knight in full plate. 13/07/2019


Commercial use allowed but do not re-publish digitally or in print. 16/04/2020

94% - IR KOW V2 ENGLISH v1.1

CoK 2018 and formations from campaign supplements will NOT be allowed. 08/11/2018


CoK 2018 and formations from campaign supplements will NOT be allowed. 07/11/2018

92% - Symboles graphiques

The publication, translation and reproduction, either wholly or partly, of this document are not allowed without our written consent. 17/03/2011

91% - LSZH GND2 A388

E67, E52, E46, E42, W21, W22, W30 H1 E 095° Allowed Allowed with marshaller only Not allowed E67 Airbus A388 Parking position RWY RWY RWY TKOF: 20/06/2016

91% - Terms of service

However after a commission is finished only small changes are allowed to be made. 27/05/2018

90% - mix match week 31

Quarter inch seams allowed on all pieces. 11/08/2015

89% - Registration and rules english

No addition or substitution will be allowed for the finals. 21/10/2018

88% - Order of St John of Jerusalem

Infantry is allowed to wear padded armor without chainmail. 13/07/2019

87% - Handbook SAB16

You are not allowed to get off the rower before the display shows the required distance. 03/06/2016

86% - d04.en

◦ You are allowed to use basically everything in the standard library. 10/01/2015

86% - Match rules KO2M KO1M EN

No substitutions are allowed for the finals. 08/02/2022

86% - Document (3)

minute limit exceeded 33 Uploads per You have exceeded the maximum number of uploads allowed per month. 14/03/2019

85% - inscription 2015 EU

only runs the participating vehicles will be allowed to be placed on the asphalt. 09/05/2015


Shoes Boots with short/long studs for artificial turf are allowed. 17/06/2017

84% - sfaxcpc

No electronic devices or media are allowed inside the hall. 28/02/2017

84% - Newsletter January 2018

Fireworks are not allowed in the park but we will be having food, entertainment & 31/12/2017

84% - Templique Solomonici

Padded Coif or padded leather cap are the only helm pads allowed. 13/07/2019

83% - Valentine RIBASSIN Master Thesis

ces opinions doivent être considérées comme propres à leurs auteurs » Acknowledgements This thesis was realized thanks to the implication of a network which allowed the accomplishment of this study. 16/03/2014

83% - Rule Oztimum InstaContest from 15th August to 15th September

Article 4 Photos for the Instacontest have to be taken from a mobile phone or tablet, use of filters are allowed. 14/08/2014