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Too fast too young 100%

Although it is too early to judge Alguersuari, and that Vettel and Alonso don't have to suffer from their reputation, Button's case is more delicate, but it is because of the disastrous choices he made in his career.


10.1097@MOP.0000000000000553 98%

Although influenza vaccine and diphtheria, tetanus, and acellular pertussis (Tdap) vaccine are recommended for all pregnant women, uptake rates in the United States remain low.


UNDERWOOD, C.J. & WARD, D.J. (2008) (Carcharhiniformes) 95%

WARD Abstract Although the Carcharhiniformes represent one of the most diverse and important groups of sharks alive today, their early history is very poorly known.


Dunning Kruger 93%

Along the way, we also discovered that top performers, although they estimated their raw test scores relatively accurately, slightly but reliably underestimated their comparative performance, that is, their percentile rank among their peers.


English1 93%

Although - whereas – while – in order to –so that –despite – therefore –however – moreoverunlike – in spite of 1.


CBP . Lancet 2011 91%

Although not a cure, treatment can slow disease progression and delay the need for liver transplantation.


2011 Getting Closer! 89%

And if on the one hand, nothing guarantees Hispania's short-term future - although Yamamoto is paying the common fees - on the other hand, Lotus can improve in theory.


78856 report file1 Case78856ASpaceXExplosion 88%

Additionally as can be seen in Figure 1, although various items in any frame (ex.


Sajatovic et al-2015-Bipolar Disorders 88%

Although there is still a dearth of research and health efforts focused on older adults with BD, emerging data have brought some answers, innovative questions, and novel perspectives related to the notion of late onset, medical comorbidity, and the vexing issue of cognitive impairment and decline.


Part 2 CYTOLOGY 87%

The kitchen is clearly another environment than the shower or toilet although they have all something with water… When a cell is plunged in a hypertonic saline solution (H2O + NaCl >


noncirrhotic portal hypertension[1] 87%

Although in 1985, the reported incidence of IPH in Japan was 0.75/100,000 population, in 1992 11 new patients were reported [26].


A diagnostic approach to hyperferritinemia 85%

This indicates that ‘‘elevated’’ serum ferritin or TS concentrations are probably not always the indicators of disease, although the biological basis and clinical significance of these race/ethnicity differences in iron phenotypes are incompletely understood.


Tamborini et al-2011-Journal of Communication 85%

Although there have been efforts to explicate the component parts of enjoyment as both an attitude (Nabi &


2014 WMO Expert Committee Weather Modification Research 85%

Although the course was well organized and attended it may be worthwhile in  the future to enhance its international focus and to have some more thought  put into the course content.  The idea of the course is great, but especially with technologies rapidly  developing and many countries not really familiar or inexperienced with the  technologies, it is difficult to address and convey all the issues in such a short  time.  One idea would be to have the presenters provide a paper of their presentations  that could be compiled into a report.  It was also clear in some of the presentations that although some countries have  acquired new advanced instrumentation for their research, they often lack the  experience on how to use these new tools in their research programs.


japanese-study 85%

Basal abdominal pressure before defecation on hip-flex sitting was lower than that with normal sitting, although the difference did not reach statistical significance.


Hum. Reprod. Update-1999-Kilpatrick-94-102 85%

Although class II specificities were not investigated in this study, the authors conjectured that their results might reflect greater homozygosity for immune response (D-region) genes and suggested that increased HLA compatibility between couples might at least contribute to the development of pre-eclampsia, perhaps as a result of an impaired ability to generate a protective immune response.


Les conjonctions de subordination 85%

Les conjonctions de concession ou de restriction Though Although whereas Les conjonctions de résultat So So that La conjonction «That » That A vous maintenant Bien que Although/though Jane hurried she was late.


audi r8 part2 84%

Although no obligation has been set, it is advised that the attached forms are completed and attached to a DISS report (not a technical enquiry) in order to ensure your diagnosis follows a logical sequence and is clearly documented in support of your repair.


Theoretical versus practical explanation 84%

B1 history of economic thought through 1925 Although there exists a distinct affinity between political economy and economic sociology in many respects, there are also some differences.


guile3dstudio-usermanual 84%

Although we already have a fully working Dictation Speech Recognition engine, we think that this feature still needs some improvement to avoid user’s frustration.


Formula One Strikes Back 84%

He especially showed that he is not an ultra-preserving driver, because it wasn’t easy to dare – and assume – betting on slick tyres as early as he did, although this bet was helped by the changing track conditions at the beginning of the race.


Formula One Strikes Back 84%

He especially showed that he is not an ultra-preserving ultra serving driver, because it wasn’t easy to dare – and assume – betting on slick tyres as early as he did, although this bet was helped by the changing track conditions at the beginning of the race.



Although the energetic trade-off concept is widely cited, the ability to test it against alternative hypotheses (2, 5, 10, 11) has been hampered by limitations of prior measures of brain metabolism during human growth.


cout métabolique du développement cerebral 84%

Although widely assumed to constrain life-history evolution, the metabolic requirements of the growing human brain are unknown.


ny-2011-220-signed 83%

The Applicants submit that, although the Department of Management’s decision took effect on 1 September 2011, the first implementation of the decision will occur on 16 September 2011, the date on which General Service staff would otherwise have received their mid-month payment.