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100% - المناطق الصناعية الاسرائيلية على البيئة وصحة الانسان في مدينة طولكرم

and Frequency sample Control Group 3.00 96 (12.8%) 36 (1.80%) 4.00 24 (2.40%) 48 (2.50%) 5.00 10 (0.80%) 80 (4.20%) 6.00 30 (2.00%) 48 (2.50%) 7.00 42 (2.40%) 28 (1.50%) 8.00 88 (4.40%) 80 (4.20%) 9.00 234 (10.4%) 144 (7.6%) 10.0 630 (25.2%) 560 (29.6%) 11.0 165 (6.00%) 132 (7.00%) 13.0 312 (9.60%) 208 (11.0%) 14.0 840 (24.0%) 532 (28.1%) Total 2471 (100%) 1896 (100%) Data presented in table 2 shows the percentages and frequencies of various disease symptoms among males and females of both study and control groups. 05/09/2012

98% - 10.1007@s11199 008 9535 y

Hierarchical multiple regression was used to examine relations among gender, contingent self-esteem, and body image. 18/01/2016

95% - 7746

1- There are statistical differences among the averages of the grade levels of the experimental sample before and after measurement , in developing the adaptive behavior in the sake of after measurement . 26/01/2012

93% - 10826084.2011.592432

3 Department of Psychology, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, Arizona, USA The Sacred Mountain Youth Project (SMYP) sought to address these issues through an in-depth investigation of health risks and protective factors among rural AI youth between the ages of 15 and 24 years.1 The project was designed to identify social networks, support systems, protective behaviors, and risk contexts of AI adolescents residing in two boarding school dormitories located offreservation in the southwestern United States. 24/09/2011

93% - The ultimate numbers

Also, there are exactly the same quantity of ultimates and non-ultimates among these twenty numbers, so ten entities in each category. 12/08/2020

93% - casque

However, the injury risk is high,1 and head injuries are common in alpine skiers and snowboarders.2-4 Head injury is the most frequent reason for hospital admission5-8 and the most common cause of death among skiers and snowboarders with an 8% fatality rate among those admitted to hospital with head injuries.9 In bicycling, case-control studies indicate that helmets reduce the risk of head injury,10,11 and helmets are strongly advocated to prevent head injuries in bicycling and in-line skating.12,13 Helmets are also mandatory for competitive skiers in the Fe´de´ration Internationale de Ski (FIS) World Cup events in all disciplines.14 In contrast, ski resorts do not typically require helmet use. 31/12/2013

92% - الاجتماعية المؤدية للعنف

What are the social factors that lead to violence among secondary school students? 21/03/2013

92% - attentats islam pdf

2009.04.18 Afghanistan Kandahar 2 4 A woman is among two people blown to bits by a planted bicycle bomb. 21/04/2009

91% - corrélation morsure de chat et dépression

The high proportion of depression in patients who had cat bites, especially among women, suggests that screening for depression could be appropriate in patients who present to a clinical provider with a cat bite. 28/02/2014

91% - SuicideAD

To assess trends in the use of antidepressants among young suicides after the warning that these drugs might increase the risk of suicide. 11/04/2014


Main outcome measures The frequency of non-publication of trial results and, among unpublished studies, the frequency with which results are unavailable in the database. 11/11/2013

90% - Acoustical analysis labour sounds

Roberts, and Susan McKay Experienced obstetric nurse and midwives indicate they can differentiate among sounds indicating that a woman is (a) beginning to manifest the effort to bear down, (b) experiencing pain, or (c) frightened. 15/04/2015

90% - China self harm

BMC Psychiatry (2018) 18:28 DOI 10.1186/s12888-018-1607-0 RESEARCH ARTICLE Open Access A self-harm series and its relationship with childhood adversity among adolescents in mainland China: 03/02/2018

89% - nejmoa073059

Results Among study infants, 3702 (83%) received intensive care in the form of mechanical ventilation. 05/01/2014

88% - Quality led lights Oman

Since we get the goods manufactured among our approved factories, we are able to control manufacturing costs and ensure great quality of our products. 13/01/2017

88% - FAST France Analysis EndPoint

SURVEY ANALYSIS IN SHORT The survey was conducted among 52 French AS families with a fair representativity of genotype and age. 15/04/2021

88% - proximité de trafic et hta

Our findings suggest that BC from combustion emissions is more strongly associated with blood pressure than PM mass, and that BC’s health effects may be larger among women living near a highway and with greater exposure to motor vehicle emissions. 27/08/2014

87% - ms em atletas 1

95% CI, 0.17 to 0.43) and among men (0.90 per 100,000; 04/05/2012

87% - Miguetetal.Appettite 2019

The aim of the present study was to evaluate the nutritional responses to a 10-month multidisciplinary intervention among adolescents with obesity, in relation to their eating behavior characteristics. 24/03/2019

86% - Tobacco

After overlooking the tobacco industry’s long record of public health policy interference, he then went on to outline recent product innovations, and claim that “private sector initiatives have done arguably more to enhance public health than any state intervention.” Presumably the steady decline in smoking prevalence among countries with progressively more comprehensive tobacco control legislation in place for the last 30 years – well before the advent of e-cigarettes – was just a simple accident of history? 09/06/2017

86% - TabacGrossesse

Supplemental content at OBJECTIVE To examine the relationship between maternal smoking during pregnancy and offspring conduct problems among children reared by genetically related mothers and genetically unrelated mothers. 05/09/2013


It also shows that there is a similar rate of child sexual abuse among other very large groups of adult males (e.g., Protestant clergy, who are usually married), thus proving that celibacy is not the root of the problem ─ homosexuality is. 20/05/2018

86% - Online Visa Services Qatar

Take a look at San Agustin Church, the Manila Cathedral, the Manila Ocean Park ,and Fort Santiago among several other attractions. 26/11/2015