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In this paper we use epidemiological models to explain user adoption and abandonment of OSNs, where adoption is analogous to infection and abandonment is analogous to recovery.


No pain no gain Exp Physiol-2014-Smith 84%

one responding to metabolite concentrations produced during non-painful muscle contraction (analogous to fatigue) and the other to levels generated during muscle ischaemia (analogous to pain;


Poetics and of Performance call for papers 1 83%

Worthens (2010), this complementarity is analogous with that of langue and paroleas formulated by the linguist Frdinand de Saussure, which means that performance is the embodiment of poetry.


Study Materials for MIT Course [8.02T] - Electricity and Magnetism [FANTASTIC MTLS] 80%

The electric field is completely analogous to the gravitational field, where mass is replaced by electric charge, with the small exceptions that (1) charges can be either positive or negative while mass is always positive, and (2) while masses always attract, charges of the same sign repel (opposites attract).


oai arXiv org 0712 3703 (2) 73%

In this view, localities in position and momentum are just another quantum mechanical degree of freedom analogous to discrete internal quantum states.


Help Drought Indices Tool 72%

- ZSI (Z-Score Index) The ZSI is more analogous to CZI, but without the requirement for fitting precipitation data to either Gamma or Pearson Type III distributions.


10-0011 69%

Many States and Federal Agencies in the US have adopted scenic highway programs or programs with elements analogous to scenic-based planning.


PaulBriard-2012-Applied Optics 63%

Principle of Fourier Interferometry Imaging In the Fourier Interferometry Imaging approach, as in classical holography, some particles are illuminated by a pulsed laser beam (typical pulse duration is 10 ns) giving rise, in the far field, to a response analogous to that of a set of spherical light wave sources.


IBHM 633-672 63%

This is analogous to a P1X x2 1 for discrete data and also the idea ˛ x a a The area under the curve represents the probability.


sghiar Navier Stokes 63%

∂u i ∂2 ui =β ∂t ∂ x 2i RECALL, NOTATIONS AND DEFINITIONS Such solutions ui exist because the equation is analogous to the heat-equation which is resolvable by the Fourier series [1].


6e reviewofalgebra 58%

3 a 2 ⫺ b 2 苷 共a ⫺ b兲共a ⫹ b兲 The analogous formula for a difference of cubes is 4 a 3 ⫺ b 3 苷 共a ⫺ b兲共a 2 ⫹ ab ⫹ b 2 兲 which you can verify by expanding the right side.


MicrowaveCongruenceSchiz 58%

std.) 54 55 56 57 58 exhibit analogous sequencing deficits.



Both signals were used to determine the degree to which the individual could translate the timing of the visual appearance of the sine wave to an analogous change in force.



that is, the choice of 𝑚 is analogous to the choice of gauge.


changes in modus operandi of is in terrorist attacks (2) 54%

• An increasing phenomenon is that of Islamist “brotherhood gatherings”, analogous to other faction camps such as ‘Bible camps’.


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These three phases, storage, retrieval, and perceptualization are analogous to the human process of consciousness, as expressed in terms of semantics and cognitive science.


PhysRevA.84.023834 53%

The bottom-up approach to optomechanics exploits this interplay as well, with the added feature that the motion of the atoms is analogous to that of a mechanical element driven by radiation pressure.


Translation procedures 52%

(Vinay and Darbelnet) (CULTURAL EQUIVALENT for Newmark)= To replace a situation of the SL by an analogous situation of the TL (when communicative situations are difficult to understand in the culture of TL, when the situation of the SL does not exist in the TL - a cultural gap- and therefore another equivalent situation has to be created) To replace a socio-cultural reality from the SL with a reality specific to the Target Culture in order to accomodate for the expectations of the Target Audience (Delisle) Dear Sir >


diseased science 52%

Preventive measures include charging extra fees for supplementary data analogous to the taxes imposed on tobacco use.


véhicules RFID 51%

The term originated in Europe where its usage is analogous to the phrase “information technologies” and where it is often accompanied by a qualifier, the phrase “health telematics” being an example.


Article12 Sghir Aissa 51%

These results are analogous to those given in [14] in the bifractional Brownian motion case.


exemple stegano 50%

Further mathematical and biochemical analysis would therefore be expected to prove that the primer pairs used in this technique are not analogous to a classic, single-use, cryptographical “one-time pad”1.


papier A.Einstien 50%

An analogous consideration—applied to the axes of Y and Z—it being borne in mind that light is always propagated along these axes, when √ viewed from the stationary system, with the velocity c2 − v 2 gives us ∂τ ∂τ = 0, = 0.


Déclin à partir de 24 ans 49%

Doing so requires analogous considerations regarding the movement of one’s army.


2 47%

This idea is analogous to the Brønsted-Evans-Polanyi principle for surface reactions in which activation energies are linearly correlated to reaction enthalpies across different transition metals.53-55 For more details, see the Supporting Information.