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wrisberg 100%

SHOJA,2 AND MARIOS LOUKAS3 1 Pediatric Neurosurgery, Children’s Hospital, Birmingham, Alabama Division of Neurosurgery, University of Alabama, Birmingham, Alabama 3 Department of Anatomical Sciences, St.


PIIS2005290113002082 97% - HYPOTHESIS - The Primo Vascular System as a New Anatomical System Miroslav Stefanov 1,2,*, Michael Potroz 2, Jungdae Kim 2,3, Jake Lim 2, Richard Cha 2,4, Min-Ho Nam 2 1 Department of Animal Morphology, Physiology and Nutrition, Agricultural Faculty, Trakia University, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria 2 Nano Primo Research Center, Advanced Institute of Convergence Technology, Seoul National University, Suwon, South Korea 3 Korean Pharmacopuncture Institute, Seoul, South Korea 4 College of Physical Education, University of Suwon, Hwaseong, South Korea Available online 24 October 2013 Received:


Volumizing Viaducts of the Midface 91%

Nonsurgical techniques that target the dynamic anatomical relationships existing in the midface can improve rejuvenation outcomes in this commonly augmented region.


Brenner E 2014 HumBodPresTechn J Anat 224: 316-344 90%

10.1111/joa.12160 REVIEW ARTICLE Human body preservation – old and new techniques Erich Brenner Division for Clinical and Functional Anatomy, Department of Anatomy, Histology and Embryology, Innsbruck Medical University, Innsbruck, Austria Abstract This review deals with the art of (anatomical) embalming.


wj-001 89%

The painting will be based on experience acquire in the Sistine chapel (hidden anatomical lesson + giant profile of the Last Judgement).


anatomy SEQ-BDS-2007 85%

Define anatomical position of the human body. ... Anatomical Position:


SY Accessories 84%

S - XL Fantasmino anatomico realizzato in mix di filati attivi per la perfetta gestione del calore - lavorazione tridimensionale per la massima protezione del piede Calza corta anatomica realizzata in mix di filati attivi per la perfetta gestione del calore - lavorazione tridimensionale per la massima protezione del piede Anatomical inside socks made from yarns engineered to optimally manage warmth - three-dimensional weave to best protect the foot Anatomical ankle socks made from yarns engineered to optimally manage warmth - three-dimensional manufacture to best protect the foot Fabric:



ECoG revealed a striking anatomical and functional correspondence with fMRI data where a pair of face-selective electrodes, positioned 1 cm apart, overlapped mFus-faces and pFus-faces, respectively.


ankle spain 79%

For anatomical and pathophysiologi- cal reasons, risk of laxity, instability and recurrence.


Résumé conférence ulm 76%

Our approach consists in refusing to translate these concepts materially, that is to search for the current anatomical structure that corresponds to the anatomical structure of the time.


Primo W 76%

Primo W Full wireless Digital Imaging system with flat panel Système d’image numérique avec capteur sans-fil the forefront of innovation ...à l’avant-garde de l’innovation Primo W …..a smart transition to Digital Imaging in a blink … conversion de votre système analogue en un clin d’œil AUTONOMY no more integration needed, it fits perfectly in your standard bucky ULTRALIGHT flat panel without cable, thin and light that carrying and positioning becomes effortless FAST WORKFLOW immediate image display for busy environments, direct wireless image export EXCELLENT IMAGE QUALITY impressive high quality images across a wide range of anatomical settings AUTONOMIE aucune intégration nécessaire, le capteur est compatible avec tout potter standard ULTRA-LEGER capteur sans câble, tellement fin et léger que le transport et le positionnement sont sans effort FLUX D’INFORMATIONS ELEVE image immédiatement disponible même avec des charges de travail importantes, envoi de l'image en wifi EXCELLENTE QUALITE D'IMAGE images de très haute qualité avec un large choix de programmes anatomiques Flying Pix - Ultralight wireless detector Flying Pix - Détecteur sans fil ultra-léger FLYING PIX Wireless cassette sized detector  Cassette format 35 x 43 cm and/or 24 x 30 cm  Caesium Iodide scintillator or Gadox  Ultra Lightweight for easier operation  Fits in any standard Potter bucky Capteur plan sans fil en format cassette  Format cassette 35 x 43 cm et/ou 24 x 30 cm  Scintillateur à l’Iodure de Césium ou Gadolinium  Technologie ultra-légère pour une manipulation plus facile  Compatible avec tout Potter bucky standard AUTO-TRIGGERING Automatic X-ray detection No more generator interface Flying Pix detector automatically activates when hit by an X-ray beam Détection automatique des rayons X Aucune interface avec le générateur Le capteur s’active automatiquement l’irradiation par rayons X Interchangeable batteries Flying Pix is equipped with interchangeable Lithium ion batteries 600 exposures autonomy Flying Pix battery charger can simultaneously recharge up to 3 batteries Batteries interchangeables Flying Pix est équipé d’une batterie aux ions de Lithium interchangeable 600 expositions avec une charge Le chargeur Flying Pix peut accueillir jusqu’à 3 batteries simultanément avec The acquisition console always near the operator La console d'acquisition toujours près de l'opérateur Portable multi-touch acquisition console      Full functionality of Primo software 2Mpixels Full HD resolution display Full Dicom connectivity Remote maintenance from factory Long autonomy Lithium batteries Console d’acquisition portable à écran tactile « multi-touch »      Fonctionnalités complètes du système Primo Résolution de l’écran tactile 2Mpixels FULL HD Connectivité DICOM complète Fonctions de télémaintenance Batteries au Lithium de longue durée The new DR concept in the palm of your hand:


brain-5 69%

Figure 1A shows the anatomical architecture of the model.


jocn a 00459 68%

Using anatomical MRI and three-dimensional reconstruction of cortical folds, we investigated the effect that ACC sulcal pattern may have on the Stroop score, a classical behavioral index of CC efficiency, in 5-year-old preschoolers.



and b) Yoruba social institutions and practices do not make social distinctions in terms of anatomical difference.


Raper2016TrendsNeurosci 65%

Given that mice lacking meningeal lymphatic vessels show dysfunction in their ability to clear parenchymal macromolecules [13], studies will be required to address the anatomical and functional relation between ISF flow and meningeal lymphatic drainage.


KOHLER-KompositInstr-2011-Web2 2 03 65%

These matrices are actually very thin and curved to facilitate reconstruction of the anatomical tooth shape.





chocolat 65%

We addressed this issue by first using a high-resolution variant of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to map the precise site of age-related DG dysfunction and to develop a cognitive task whose function localized to this anatomical site.


doc1-1546 painting (1) 65%

First there are 2 drawings available and then the double images are developed in the Sistine ceiling in the form of a hidden anatomical lesson and then 25 years later in a giant profile in the Last judgement.



Here we explored this relationship further by examining whether political attitudes correlated not just with function but also with anatomical structure of these regions.



Here we explored this relationship further by examining whether political attitudes correlated not just with function but also with anatomical structure of these regions.


journal.pbio.1001684 58%

To complete our demonstration, we intended to establish a critical link with hippocampus anatomical structure, and not only a correlation with functional activation.


cocoona 58%

Body Enhancement Certain anatomical parts of the body can be enhanced if it is disproportionately smaller or ill defined as compared to rest of the body features.


Duffau 57%

anatomical dissection of white matter tracts;11,12 imaging modalities such as tractography using diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), resting-state functional MRI, task-evoked functional MRI, magnetoencephalography and EEG;13,14 lesion–symptom mapping;15 mapping of neurons organized into functional circuits;16 molecular properties of individual synapses;17 biomathematical models;


lire 56%

Shoja c a b c Department of Anatomical Sciences, St.