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100% - Wifi လႊင့္နည္းမ်ား

Wifi လႊင့္နည္းမ်ား Wi-Fi Wireless Router ( Access Point ) Wi-Fi Router Antenna Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Wireless Wi-Fi ၅ Antenna Wireless Router Antenna dBi Antenna Outdoor Antenna Indoor Antenna TP-Link Outdoor Antenna ANT-2421D Antenna Wireless Router ႕ Wi-Fi ႕ Specification Specification Gain dBi Antenna decibel isotropic ႕ Gain 15 dBi decibel ႕ dBi dBi dBi dBi Antenna dBi (dBi ) Beamwidth Beamwidth Antenna horizontal horizonal Antenna vertical ၉ ႕ vertical 9 Antenna Omini Antenna External Antenna Connector Antenna Connector Cable RP-SMA RP-SMA Wireless Router Access Point ႕ Connector Wireless Router Access Point ႕ Connector Pigtail Cable Pigtail Cable Antenna ႕ Cable Access Point Wireless Router ႕ Setting External Antenna Default Antenna External Antenna Browser Wireless Router Access Point ႕ IP (Wireless Antenna External Antenna Login ႕ Join External Save Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Laptop Laptop - Gain CPE USB Wireless Adapter Website Distance Calculator ႕ ႕ Offical Web Application Antenna Antenna Wireless Calculator device (Router Access Point) Cable TL-WR543G Wireless Router TL-ANT2412D Antenna Calculate Wireless ႕ 11b 11g 0.3 mile 0.5 mile b ( ) Speed Result 1 Mbps Receive WR543G Router Antenna CPE CPE CPE Wi-Fi Customer Provision Equipment ႕ Outdoor dbi Point to Point CPE CPE CPE Antenna Antenna Wi-Fi Signal Directional Wi-Fi CPE CPE CPE Router CAT 6 CPE Ethernet) Adapter Router POE Adaptor POE(Power Over POE Adapter ႕ LAN POE Setting AP Client Router Mode ႕ IP 192.168.1.x Subnet CPE admin CAT 6 Main Point AP Mode CPE Browser username CPE ႕ admin CPE Configuration Wireless mode AP mode AP Client Router mode (၁) Wireless Router WAN Cable Desktop Computer (၂) Internet Explore ( ) Box User = admin (၄) TP Link Password = admin Quick Start (၅) Static IP Next Next ( ) IP Address , Subnet Mask, Default Gateway , Primary DNS , Secondary DNS ( . 24/07/2012

99% - Sphinx Wireless accessories Catalogue November 2016

(MHz) Gain (dBi) Techno 660067 Ant-01 - Standard L-shape antenna SMA male 90° (or FME female 90°) 53mm x 9.65mm 900 / 2100 / 1800 / 1900 2.2 2G/3G 660068 Ant-02 - Standard straight antenna SMA male 53mm x 9.65mm 900 / 2100 / 1800 / 1900 2.2 2G/3G 150056 L-shape 2G/3G/4G Antenna Articulated SMA-m connector 163mmx41mmx13mm 698-960 / 1710-2170 / 2500-2700 2 2G/3G 4G/LTE Freq. 15/12/2016

99% - 07

07 CHAPTER 7 Receiving Antennas Tom, W8JI, is my antenna guru, my technical guru, and he’s a great friend to have. 21/04/2014

98% - Reseau IFA circular casi isotrope

Reseau IFA circular casi isotrope MINIATURE ANTENNA FOR CIRCULARLY POLARIZED QUASI ISOTROPIC COVERAGE Mathieu Huchard*, Christophe Delaveaud *, Smail Tedjini† * CEA-LETI MINATEC, 17 Avenue des Martyrs, 38054 Grenoble, France. 23/04/2014

98% - Full Catalog (2)

Forty Years of Progress in Serving Amateur Radio 1972 1982 Antenna Tuners 1990 Audio Filters 1992 1995 2000 Antenna Analyzers 1991 Packet and Multimode TNCs 1996 2002 Morse Code Tutors/Readers 2007 2012 2010 Remote Automatic Tuners For your nearest dealer or to order, call 800-647-1800 MFJ ENTERPRISES, INC. 26/12/2013

97% - Yaesu G 450XL Rotator

Yaesu G 450XL Rotator YAESU Antenna Rotator Model G-450XL - - - -: 22/12/2012

97% - ayeby9

ayeby9 BS2EL - Physique appliquée Module : 09/03/2013

97% - 04

04 CHAPTER 4 Antenna Design Software Pierre Cornelis, ON7PC, an electronic engineer by education, has worked in several engineering jobs for the Belgian National TV and broadcasting com­ pany. 21/04/2014

97% - 08

Klaus is an antenna expert and an excellent contester and CW operator. 21/04/2014

97% - 05

General, Terms, Definitions Lew Gordon, K4VX, needs no introduction to antenna designers and builders, nor to the contest community. 21/04/2014

97% - 09

His more-than-casual interest and in-depth knowledge of antenna matters and his eminent knowledge of the English language (Uli teaches English at a German “Gymnasium”) has made him one of the few persons who could success­ fully translate the Low Band DXing book into the German language without any assistance from the author. 21/04/2014

97% - Satcom part 1

Satcom part 1 Build this UHF omni Satcom Antenna Part 1 in this issue: 10/01/2015

97% - Antennes MaCo

MaCo Super Laser 500 ® • • • • • • Antennas Receive Amps Wattmeters Coaxial Switches Antenna Match Boxes Cable Assemblies Directional Dual Polarity, YAGI-Quad Base Station Antenna with DPE, the most powerful and directive beam antenna on the market has a gain of 18dB and develops an effective multiplied power level 60 times that of your normal transmitter! 12/05/2013

96% - 14

I asked my ‘friendly’ neighbor if I could run a wire up the back end of his property line and I was now in business with a 550 foot single wire, terminated Beverage antenna pointed to about 65 degrees. 21/04/2014

96% - flyer elliptika v12.03 GC AM

33 (0) 298 020 340 ELLIPTIKA 2, rue Charles Jourde 29200 Brest, France Group ( 33)2 98 02 03 40 THE RIGHT ANTENNA SOLUTION F O R Y O U R A P P L I C AT I O N Antenna design is complex and requires having the right development tools and experienced RF antenna design engineers. 15/03/2018

96% - DX5000 manual New

777 Multiple CLARIFIER Operating Modes 888 Flexible menu functions and PC programming software to meet various requirements 999 ECHO Function 1111SQ, ASQ Function (FM and AM mode only) 1111RF GAIN ADJUSTMENT 1111RF PWR ADJUSTMENT 1111SCAN FUNCTION 1111RB FUNCTION 1111NB/ANL FUNCTION 1111DW DUAL-WATCH FUNCTION 1111BEEP VOICE PROMPT 1111 10KHZ Function 1111SWR、S/RF、DC Voltage display function 2222TOT function 2222 HI-CUT FUNCTION 2222EMG CALL 2222SWR PROTECTION 2222POWER SUPPLIED VOLTAGE PROTECTION 2222Key-Lock Function WARNING To use the radio, please connect the antenna to the location "B" 27/09/2016

96% - [000077]

Ces liens se sont encore renforcés dans le cadre du réseau d'Excellence européen ACE (Antenna Centre of Excellence) et de l'organisation conjointe de la première Conférence Européenne sur les Antennes et la Propagation à Nice du 6 au 10 Novembre 2006. 13/10/2011

95% - ON4LEC Levy et boite d accord

Jetez donc un oeil dans une édition de The ARRL Antenna Book et vous comprendrez ce que je veux dire. 30/09/2016