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(1) rapid antigenic variation (Fig.


Peramivir 76%

drift = dérive shift = séisme, grand changement • Antigenic drift Modification ponctuelle dans la structure antigénique du virus.


10.1080@21645515.2017.1367463 74%

Twice yearly, the WHO Global Influenza Programme leads a consultation of experts to recommend the composition of influenza vaccines based on the antigenic characteristics of circulating influenza viruses tested within the WHO Global Influenza Surveillance and Response System (GISRS) [14].


First commercial serological tests for Zika virus 70%

Anti-Zika Virus IIFT (IgM or IgG) utilize Zika virus-infected cells as the antigenic substrate.


Chapitre 3 61%

(antigenic) E $ 8 9 5 &@ = ) % ).


Kipnis2016Science 60%

Further research on the effect of immunity on CNS function has yielded greater knowledge of the immune cell populations required for learning and memory (mainly CD4+ T cells) and provided some initial insights into their antigenic specificity and the location from which their beneficial effects are mediated (53–57).


Evaluation 56%

These results indicate that individuals are frequently sensitised to the pollen of oilseed rape-ie, the growing of this crop in large amounts has introduced a new antigenic hazard (which may be a greater hazard if sensitivity to moulds is confirmed).


Viral Bronchiolitis in Children 2016 (1) 49%

RSV reinfections occur throughout life, despite the induction of both antibody and T-cell responses after a primary infection and the absence of a detectable antigenic change in RSV surface glycoproteins.


liver 42%

This enables microscopic representation of specific antigenic proteins or molecules in a section or cell specimen (immunohistochemistry, immunocytochemistry).


Severe allergic asthma 41%

The absence of exposure to normal antigenic stimuli such as microbes and dirt at birth and early childhood may divert normal immune reactions towards asthma (as has been expressed in the hygiene hypothesis)[1] and in data from children born though Cesarean section and not exposed to birth canal antigens.[2,3] Patients with severe asthma or therapy-resistant asthma represent a minority of the total asthma population but account for a majority of the morbidity and healthcare costs.[4] Severe asthma may present with diverse clinical characteristics and be linked to many different pathophysiological pathways called phenotypes and endotypes.


Antibody and vaccine 37%

ORIGINAL ANTIGENIC SIN A phenomenon in which the antibody response that is elicted in an individual after secondary viral infection reacts more strongly to the viral variant that originally infected the individual.


LES panniculitis 31%

Thus, these data demonstrate that TCR specificity plays a crucial role in the process of peripheral conversion and in shaping the peripheral Treg cell population to the local antigenic landscape.


10.1080@14712598.2017.1378641 29%

In addition, single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), insertion sequences (IS6110), deletions and tandem duplications have also been described, with an associated loss of antigenic potential, modifying the protective efficacy of the strains [12].


immunosuppression in sepsis 26%

Additional work showed that cytokine production by splenocytes taken post mortem from patients who died of sepsis is profoundly suppressed, possibly because of so-called T-cell exhaustion—a newly recognised immunosuppressive mechanism that occurs with chronic antigenic stimulation.


Hum. Reprod. Update-1999-Kilpatrick-94-102 25%

There was no greater antigen sharing observed between the pre-eclampsia couples, but the increased homozygosity had the effect of decreasing the number of antigenic disparities between pre-eclamptic spouses compared to control spouses.


rapport OMS vaccin ROR et autisme 23%

Manufacturing changes according to the prevailing antigenic profile of the virus commonly happen in a short time interval.