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RASOANAIVO efficacity of herbal antimalarial 100%

RASOANAIVO efficacity of herbal antimalarial Philippe Rasoanaivo Head of malaria projects, IMRA Head of RITAM pre-clinical group There is a great potential of antimalarial treatments in different components of biodiversity BIODIVERSITY Ecosystem diversity Ecochemistry Species diversity Chemodiversity Antimalarial treatments Culture diversity Ethnobotany Critical evaluation of the present state of knowledge Lack of clinical observational studies on the effectiveness of reputed antimalarial treatments Insufficient work dedicated to the antiplasmodial screening of plants as well as bioassay-guided fractionations of active extracts Lack of antimalarial screening on the hepatic stage of malaria parasites The way forward Strengthening the search for active constituents of antimalarial plants in the erythrocytic stage Extending antiplasmodial screening to other endemic plants to encompass large structure diversity


RASOANAIVO Bioactive compounds to antimalarial plants 99%

RASOANAIVO Bioactive compounds to antimalarial plants Bioresources Towards Drug Discovery and Development University of Mauritius, Mauritius University of Delhi, India Bioactive compounds Based on an integrated approach to antimalarial plants South-North collaborative work Philippe Rasoanaivo Malaria Laboratory Institut Malgache de Recherches Appliquées Ethnomedical knowledge of plants:


RASOANAIVO Bioactive constituents to anti-malarial plants 95%

RASOANAIVO Bioactive constituents to anti malarial plants PHYTOCHEMICAL SOCIETY OF EUROPE International Symposium LEAD COMPOUNDS FROM HIGHER PLANTS September 12-14, 2001, Lausanne, Switzerland BIOACTIVE CONSTITUENTS FROM AN INTEGRATED APPROACH TO ANTIMALARIAL PLANTS Philippe Rasoanaivo Institut Malgache de Recherches Appliquées WORLD MALARIA SITUATION Integrated approach to antimalarial plants - Chemosensitizers - Prophylactic - Cytotoxic - Antiplasmodial Anticancer agents True antimalarials Direct effects on parasite viability ANTIMALARIAL PLANTS Effects on host-parasite relationships - Immunostimulants - Antipyretic - Unexpected mechanisms Rasoanaivo P, Oketch H, Willcox M, Bodeker G.


RASOANAIVO South-North Collaborative work 65%

RASOANAIVO South North Collaborative work Bioactive compounds from Malagasy medicinal plants South-North Collaborative work Rasoanaivo Philippe Institut Malgache de Recherches Appliquées Madagascar has a unique flora Takhtajania perrieri Catharanthus roseus Screening strategy developed by IMRA Antimalarial plants Random collecting Alcohol extracts Ethyl acetate fractions Biological screening Antiplasmodial Chemosensitizing Cytotoxicity Immunomodulating Bioassay-guided fractionation Erythroxylum pervillei Chemosensitizers in MDR CH3 OCH3