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100% - CfP JeanMonnetNetwork

CfP JeanMonnetNetwork Call  for  Papers   Public  and  Applied  History  on  the  Battlefield  of  Europe. 03/07/2017

94% - Microfocusing and polarization

Microfocusing and polarization JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS VOLUME 85, NUMBER 1 1 JANUARY 1999 Microfocusing and polarization effects in spherical neck ceramic microstructures during microwave processing A. 20/01/2012

93% - Applied Statistics Dehar Hamdaoui Lecocq Sitbon

Applied Statistics Dehar Hamdaoui Lecocq Sitbon Applied Statistics Sitbon Pascal Dehar Madjer Hamdaoui Amine Lecocq Thomas Machine learning algorithms applied to insult detection in online forums ENSAE Paris Tech 2013-2014 1 Sitbon Pascal Dehar Madjer Hamdaoui Amine Lecocq Thomas Applied Statistics MACHINE LEARNING ALGORITHMS APPLIED TO INSULT DETECTION IN ONLINE FORUMS Contents INTRODUCTION.........................................................................................................3 I) OPTIMIZATION IN LEARNING ...............................................................................3 A) Descriptive statistics ............................................................................................................................... 08/05/2014

93% - Study India Itinerary

Study India Itinerary Study India Temples and Architecture Program Itinerary 1 Directorate of Transferable Skills and Leadership Development ©Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences WEEK 1 Morning and Afternoon (till 2.00 PM) Arrival to the campus followed by introduction to the theme of the program followed by campus tour Morning (6.00-7.30) 10.00 AM - 12.30 AM Evening (3.00 PM - 7.00 PM) Screening of the movie "Anwar" 11/01/2017

92% - LGB Herbstneuheiten 2014

New features are flush fitting windows in the engineer‘s cabs and engine room, separately applied rear view mirrors on the right side of the locomotive, sockets on the end, and antennas on the roof. 18/10/2014

91% - math

Math Sciences Mathematics Mathematics Applied and Computational Mathematics BS 694432 Applied and Computational Mathematics is not your official Emphasis. 28/09/2015

90% - ZA EcoBb tomato spider mite 2005 2006

1 = untreated control 2 = Abemectin control 3 = Eco-Bb @ 0.5g/l applied with breakthru 4 = Eco-Bb @ 1g/l applied with breakthru 5 = Eco-Bb @ 2g/l applied with Breakthru Each treatment block consisted of 6 tomato plants and each treatment was replicated 4 times. 02/05/2015

90% - Mutable Instruments Braids v1.5

This knob controls the amount and polarity of modulation applied to frequency, from the FM CV input jack. 01/12/2014

89% - Reimagining space and the pilot wave

When energy is turned into work, gravity is applied to the front of the system during its acceleration and the energy is transformed or stored into momentum. 24/12/2017

89% - Introduction to Applied Linguistics

Introduction to Applied Linguistics Stephan Gramley / Vivian Gramley (eds.) Bielefeld Introduction to Applied Linguistics A Course Book © AISTHESIS VERLAG 2008 Bibliographische Information Der Deutschen Nationalbibliothek Die Deutsche Nationalbibliothek verzeichnet diese Publikation in der Deutschen Nationalbibliographie; 04/04/2012


Currently, professor at the School of Management Fribourg (University of Applied Research and Arts Western Switzerland) RESEARCH AREA 1992-2003: 16/10/2020

88% - Dr Mohamed Laoucet Ayari

          Referee, ASCE Journal of Applied Mechanics Referee, Journal of Engineering Mechanics Referee, International Journal of Solids and Structures Referee for the Canadian Journal of Geotechnical Engineering Referee, Grant Selection Committee of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada Referee, Paper Review Board of the 13 th Canadian Congress of Applied Mechanics External Examiner for the Association of Professional Engineers of the Province of Manitoba External Examiner for the Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Central Queensland, Australia Member of the Organizing Committee of the “Workshop on Matrix Computation and Applications,” Institute of Industrial Mathematical Sciences, Canada. 24/04/2011

88% - final book on interdiscilplinarity

final book on interdiscilplinarity Serial Cross-cultural Issues University of Jendouba Higher Institute of Applied Languages and Computer Science of Beja Interdisciplinarity beyond the Divide Proceedings of the English Department & 31/05/2016

87% - 1.107813

Applied Physics Letters 61, 657 (1992); 19/01/2014

87% - Corrigé Ratt Ang1 ST 2018 2019

cie n 2- When heat is applied to a solid, its particles begin to vibrate faster and tend to move de sS farther apart. 11/09/2019

87% - Lost at Sea FINAL.compressed

• The Lace Section is both written and charted, as is Edging #1, Applied Wave Edging. 02/11/2015

87% - Corrigé EF1 Anglais1 Sec1 3 ST 18 19

de sS When heat is applied to a solid, its particles begin to vibrate faster and tend to move farther apart. 14/11/2018

87% - Nicolas LAMBERT curriculum(2)

plant and environment-B General chemistry General mathematics (first part)-A General mathematics (first part)-B General physics (first part) Zoology (first part)-A Zoology Seminar sciences-society Credits 2 7 4 12 8 3 12 6,5 4,5 1 Nb h 27 95 40 144 104 31 126 86 49 18 Second candidature Code Learning activity AM101 BV102 CA101 CB101 CG102 EG101 LA101 MA102 ME101 PH102 PH103 SI101 SI102 ZZ101 ZZ107 ZZ108 Comparative animal anatomy and physiology Plant physiology Qualitative analytical chemistry Biological molecules chemistry Organic chemistry (first part) Social and political economy Mineralogy, geology and geomorphology General mathematics (second part) Mechanics General physics (second part) Physics of the environment Fundamental statistics Introduction to computer science English language (level 1 and level 2) Law Sociology Credits 4 4 4 2 6 6 8 3 3 4,5 2 4,5 2 3 2 2 Nb h 54 54 45 27 72 72 108 36 36 63 27 63 27 54 27 27 Bachelor of sciences engineering, bioengineer – Third year, chemistry and bioindustries specialization Code Learning activity AM201 BI203 Microbiology Food industrial engineering and agrifood engineering (first part) Concentration and separation techniques Quantitative analytical chemistry underpinning (second part) Quantitative analytical chemistry underpinning (first part) Biochemistry (second part) Theoretical and physical chemistry Molecular biology (first part) Molecular biology (second part) Strength of materials and elasticity Engines General genetics (first part) General genetics (second part) Applied statistics Computer science and algorithmics Food preparation and preservation techniques Cold and drying (first part) Cold and drying (second part) Biochemistry (first part) Nutrition and dietetics English language (level 3) BI204 CA203 CA206 CB202 CG204 KT202 KT204 LT201 MF 206 PC201 PC202 SI201 SI204 TA202 TA209 TA210 WB201 ZT202 ZZ202 Credits Nb h 4 4 48 48 2 6 24 72 2 24 2 7 2 2 2 2 2 1,5 5 2 2 2 2 2 2 4 24 84 24 24 24 24 24 18 60 24 24 24 24 24 24 48 Master in bioengineering: 24/11/2011

86% - m1 eco psycho V2014 email

students with a Licence or Bachelor degree in economics, psychology, applied maths, and « grandes écoles » class size: 03/05/2015

86% - CV

CV RAFRAFI Youssef § Phone § 0021650455586 Address § Bizerte Ras Jebal 05 rue route el Aliaa E-mail EDUCATION Student September 2014 — Currently The Higher School of Applied Sciences and Management in Tunisia (SESAME) 3rd year Software Engineering, National Software Engineering Diploma Applied Degree September 2011 — June 2014 Superior Institute of technological Studies of Bizerte Applied computing degree: 15/10/2016

86% - BA GermansPG

After assembling a squad of five models, we applied a layer of fine basing grit and let the glue dry. 25/01/2016

85% - Internship report

Guestlist, London, United Kingdom University of Western Brittany – Brest Department of Applied Modern Languages LEA Degree in Applied Languages Internship report – Pauline Abaléa 2 Internship report – Pauline Abaléa Introduction In order to graduate and to get my degree in Applied Modern Languages, the internship abroad is a compulsory step. 09/05/2014

85% - cisem EN

Monastir and the Applied Economics and Simulation Research The original contributions are requested to cover the topics listed Unit in Mahdia. 10/02/2017