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Tg201500774 100%

Karim Mahdi is appointed as a chargé of mission.


lokpalbill2 2-hindi 86%

(6) “Government Servant” means any person who is or was any time appointed to a civil service or post in connection with the affairs of the Central Government or High Courts or Supreme Court either on deputation or permanent or temporary or on contractual employment but would not include the judges.


Dictionary of Islamic Terms 85%

>+ $ ;$I' 5 criminality one of the two fixed the appointed time &$!


Private Banking Newsletter - September 2016 85%

Wealth Management Private Banking Newsletter September 2016 Table of Contents Feature Jersey The Royal Court provides guidance on the ratification of acts done by invalidly appointed trustees ................................................................................................................................................


SpeakerAouridFINAL(lowRes)[1] 78%

Aourid was appointed the official spokesman of the Royal Palace.


rapport AG 2012 76%

“Who really is the faithful and discreet slave whom his master appointed over his domestics, to give them their food at the proper time?


undt-2015-088 (1) 75%

He wrote again, on 23 January 2012, informing the Applicant that he had transmitted her complaint to the newly appointed Chief of Staff, UNAMA, to avoid any conflict of interest between the two functions he was discharging.


Surviving Sepsis Campaign 70%

Co-chairs were appointed by the SCCM and ESICM governing bodies.


THE PREVENTION OF cruelty to animals act 69%

, (3) It shall come into force on such date as the Central Government may, by notification in the official Gazette, appoint, and different dates may be appointed for different States and for the different provisions comained in this Act.



On 7 May 1990, Piebalgs was appointed as Minister of Education in the new Latvian Government, and one year later, in August 1991, Latvia regained full independence.


shrinivasrao 69%

The facts very briefly are that the appellant, a general candidate not belonging to any reserved category, took the Civil Services Examination, 1998 conducted by the Union Public Service Commission and he secured 95 th rank and was appointed to the IPS and was allocated to the ManipurTripura Joint Cadre on 27.10.1999.


Crestech - 8th June, 2010 66%

Franck Pliya be and is hereby appointed Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Company in replacement of Mr.


FINAL 9-11 Review Commission Report -Unclassified 65%

The enabling legislation also required the FBI Director to report to the Congressional committees of jurisdiction on the findings and recommendations resulting from this review.4 (U) In late November 2013, the FBI Director, in consultation with Congress, appointed three commissioners to what became known as the 9/11 Review Commission:


The Savoy Hotel.PDF 64%

The hotel's 268 rooms and suites, with Art Deco and Edwardian touches throughout, are elegantly appointed yet offer an extensive array of modern amenities.


NATO 63%

This historian improvised but inspired none other than General StÄphane Abrial, former Chief of Staff of the Air Force and French first ever appointed to a key from the integrated command of NATO.


Francis Drake 63%

Francis Drake was appointed Vice Admiral of the navy that destroyed the spanish Armada.


assange-025 63%

□ Court Appointed Name: Counsel Conflicts:


undt-2016-009 (1) 63%

In 2009, a new Chief, RTPU, was appointed.


Call for Papers Canada 150 Budapest 28 June 63%

He was appointed a Fellow of the Trudeau Foundation in 2009 and a Fellow of Royal Society of Canada in 2016.


NPC Diagnostic Overview 62%

Foreword President Jacob Zuma appointed the National Planning Commission (NPC) in April 2010.


summer courses info 2017 62%

By decision of the City Council of Delphi she was appointed as the Chairman of the Scientific Committee for Education and Culture issues Municipality of Delphi and was awarded the modeling and implementation of reviving the Delphic Idea.


Uniting the Eagle and Condor- Keynote Panel Flyer 62%

He is currently the appointed official and president of the San Hipólito Banks in the state of Durango.


University of Macerata - International office 62%

The trainee will be located on ground floor and will be also appointed of welcoming students &


Open Call for 2016 Fellowship Applications 61%

The appointed Fellow will take up the post on 1 January 2016 or at a date to be agreed.


NWTO Statement Martinique 61%

Because I would not be able to be constantly present at the Caribbean I have appointed my instructor-student Yvon Limmois to be my official WingTsun representative of the EWTO.