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HFEA approval for new 100%

HFEA approval for new HFEA approval for new “gene editing” techniques 01 February 2016 The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) has approved a research application from the Francis Crick Institute to use new "gene editing"


Compressor approval Performax V2 2015 97%

Compressor approval Performax V2 2015 OEM Qualification - JUIN 2015 COMPRESSOR APPROVAL for Performax LT Compressor Manufacturers Update on Qualification for R407F October 2012 Model Application* ZB30KCE-TFD ZB38KCE-TFD ZB45KCE-TFD ZBD30KCE-TFD ZBD38KCE-TFD ZBD45KCE-TFD ZF13K4E-TFD ZF15K4E-TFD ZF18K4E-TFD All other ZB/ZF MT MT MT MT - Digital MT - Digital MT - Digital LT - Liq Inj LT - Liq Inj LT - Liq Inj MT / LT New Stream SemiHermetic 4 &


Final agenda PRIME Plenary meeting Sopron 97%

Approval of the summary of the 9th meeting 4.


122768036vvzn 91%

122768036vvzn TUE NoM1Numéro de AUT TSz99ÀZ'GMZ ADO NoM1Numéro d:ADO TUE 13y::2 CERTIFICATE OF APPROVAL FOR THERAPEUTIC USE CERTIFICAT D’AUTORISATION D’USAGE À DES FINS THÉRAPEUTIQUES Athlete Details/Renseignements sur l’athlète Surname1Nom de famille Betancur Gomez Date of Birth1Date de naissance zMSOctSz5'5 Competition Name 1Nom de la compétition Given Name1Prénom Carlos Alberto Sport1Sport Cycling Registered Testing Pool 1Groupe cible Gender1Sexe male Discipline1Discipline Road Medical Information/Renseignements médicaux The Athlete has received approval for the use of the prohibited substancesqsy listed below under the conditions stipulated in this documentM 1 L’athlète a reçu l’autorisation d’utiliser la vlesF substancevsF interditevsF citéevsF ciEdessous selon la vlesF conditionvsF stipuléevsF dans ce documentC Diagnosis1Diagnostic:


01.16.12 ASA Comments - 8130.21H 90%

01.16.12 ASA Comments 8130.21H FAA Draft Order 8130.21H Procedures for Completion and Use of the Authorized Release Certificate, FAA Form 8130-3, Airworthiness Approval Tag Comments on the Draft Order published online for public comment Submitted to the FAA via email at Submitted by the Aviation Suppliers Association 2233 Wisconsin Ave, NW, Suite 503 Washington, DC 20007 For more information, please contact:


001209 89%



807060r3 88%

Installation of the system at the installed site is subject to the approval of the Local Inspection Authorities (LIA).


FAA 8130-9 4-11 86%

By the type certificate holder or licensee manufacturing products under a type certificate only, upon the initial transfer by him of the ownership of each product or upon application for the original issue of an aircraft airworthiness certificate, or an Airworthiness Approval Tag (FAA Form 8130-3) This form should be completed as follows:


financial umayyad sc4 84%

 We are waiting for the approval of the interim report from the JTS.


DHS-FutureOperationsISIL 80%

It is to be controlled, stored, handled, transmitted, distributed, and disposed of in accordance with DHS policy relating to FOUO information and is not to be released to the public, the media, or other personnel who do not have a valid need to know without prior approval of an authorized DHS official.


Ordre du jour Parlement 76%

Approval of minutes of meeting of:


delta light 76%

delta light DELTALIGHT JETI PLANO H 160 C 271 54 160 Description - Luminaire type Pendant light Style Modern Light - direction direct / indirect Light - allocation/distribution symmetrical Shape / Form Square Switching function On / Off on site Form of protection DIN 40050 IP20 Certification (approval mark / CE test symbol) Safety class I Net weight in kilogram (kg)


2016-06-03-PRIME 8 draft agenda 76%

Approval of the summary of the 7th meeting 08:45 4.


REVISED Timing TRAN 2016-06-15 76%

REVISED Timing TRAN 2016 06 15 COMMITTEE ON TRANSPORT AND TOURISM THE SECRETARIAT 31.05.2016 REVISED PROVISIONAL TIMING Meeting of 15 June 2016, Brussels JAN 6Q2 15.06.2016 Chairman/WG 1 Adoption of draft agenda 2 Approval of minutes of 25-26 April, 12 and 23-24 May meetings 3 Announcement by the Chair 4 Exchange of views on professional qualification in inland navigation 09.10-10.30 Meissner/DRJ 5 Scrutiny of Commission implementing powers:


RASCOP meeting draft agenda 9 Feb 76%

Rue De Mot 28, 1040 Brussels Draft AGENDA 1 Opening of the meeting and adoption of the agenda Chair 14:00 Timing 15' 2 Revised ToRs – approval Chair 14:15 15' 3 Development of the mapping and roadmap:


FS SATELIS 125CC M3A-01B 76%

M3A GB SPECIFICITY: Official type-approval code:


PTW Manual 76%

Corporate PTW Committee Document Approval:


HSE Management System(1) 76%

Q4 Q1-Q4 FY07/08 FY08/09 • Small group discussion • Line reviews 1996 2000 • HSEMS First Pilot Implementation • HSEMS 1st revision Roll out sessions Ongoing • CHSEC endorsement • MD/CEO approval • Roll out • Key stakeholders review • Update TPs/HSE Mgrs Forum • Legal review


AZIZ N° 75%

Sept 2016/TD REQUEST FORM - STAFF/STAFF EXAMS To be sent to TD HQ, Division Mentor at least 7 days before the exam Reference - Training Staff circular #23 Rev 2 We hereby request an approval number for the follow staff/staff exam:


GIPS Evaluation, Recommendation & Approval Forms 75%

GIPS Evaluation, Recommendation & Approval Forms H.


contacteur-fein 75%

Approval obtained for standards including UL, CSA, and VDE.


SW-EotE-Reference-Sheets 75%

Determine type either with a random roll or choose one (with GM approval).



35 GB SPECIFICITY: Official type-approval code:


AGM Bordeaux planning V3 au 16-03-2016 74%

1:00 Approval of changes in Constitution.


Handbook of Formulae and Constants 72%

Handbook of Formulae and Constants Handbook of Formulae and Physical Constants For The Use Of Students And Examination Candidates Duplication of this material for student in-class use or for examination purposes is permitted without written approval.