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Newsletter AA24 DEC15 100%

From without, from within, we must help our country improve on Armenians look forward and find way to foster the development of Armenia!


Newsletter 04 16 Final 98%

Armenians are fleeing the country for want of jobs, we are at war, the roads to historical and touristic sites are a disaster, tourists are getting ripped off by restaurants and hotels owners, service is a to golden Lake Sevan, shambles, parents have no hope for their children and yet, Armenia has everything to make the change.


AfterApril24th2015 Newsletter 09 17 98%

Newsletter AfterApril24th2015 30/09/2017 18th Edition/Monthly/Bilingual Once upon a time there were 4 Magic Armenians!


After April 24th 2015 Year in Review 2017 97%

Being born in Japan, what an enchanting way to go back to the land of my roots… I am so impatient to fly back to Armenia in the next months, for on February 11th, just on Saint Sarkis Day, we will be releasing our full Album “The Magic Armenians!” with 10 fantastic songs!


Newsletters JAN DEC2016 97%

Հայոց լեզվին, իրենց զավակներին language coaching for all Armenians Those sacred drawings are the pride and joy _Composing, singing, filming &


AfterApril24th2015 Newsletter 05 16 97%

Magic Armenians look forward and find ways to foster the development սրտով, որն արդեն ներել է:


AfterApril24th2015 Letter 240417 96%

The first genocide of the past century took place from 1914 to 1923, where 1’500’000 Armenians were systematically exterminated.


AfterApril24th2015 Newsletter 01 19 95%

Orhnyal e 32nd Edition/Monthly/Bilingual The Magic Armenians!


AfterApril24th2015 Newsletter 11 17 95%

Our iPhone e scoprirai come riusciremo a creare movement’s Singing Coaches have united musica pura e armoniosa grazie alla tua as a music Band ‘The Magic Armenians’.


201705-Statement 25th anniversary occupation ofShusha 94%

It is noteworthy that the Parliaments of fourteen States have already recognized Khojaly genocide committed by the Armenians on February 26, 1992, from the perspective of the international legal norms.


AfterApril24th2015 Newsletter 10 18 93%

31/10/2018 to The Magic Armenians sang in Artsakh … Dear all, Before we start telling you all about our unforgettable journey to Artsakh, our hearts go out to honor and remember the great Charles Aznavour who left us on October 1st 2018.


AfterApril24th2015 Newsletter 04 17 93%

April 24th, Armenians commemorated the 102nd remembrance day of the Armenian Genocide of 1915.


AfterApril24th2015 Newsletter 06 17 92%

Newsletter AfterApril24th2015 30/06/2017 17th Edition/Monthly/Bilingual The Magic Armenians soon to return on blessed soil!


AfterApril24th2015 Newsletter 02 19 90%

33rd Edition/Monthly/Bilingual The Magic Armenians!