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19864-88894-2-PB 100%

To test the effect of misinformation outside of the laboratory and to explore correlates of the effect, including arousal, cognitive ability, and neuroticism.


dmn ca 92%



fear 91%

Selective inhibition of a subset of neurons in CeA led to decreased conditioned freezing behavior and increased cortical arousal as visualized by fMRI.


PSYCHOPATHE gMRI 76% While it is well established that individuals with psychopathy have a marked deficit in affective arousal, emotional empathy, and caring for the well-being of others, the extent to which perspective taking can elicit an emotional response has not yet been


Delannoy - ISAN2015 - PosterDownload 73%

• Emotional arousal during wake → higher frequency of electrodermal responses (EDRf) for aroused states.


Age et goût des bonheurs ordinaires 72%

"While younger people tend to define happiness in terms of excitement, enthusiasm, and high states of arousal, older people define happiness in terms of calm, peacefulness, and low states of arousal,"


Guidelines for the Perioperative Management SAOS 64%

This, in turn, causes repetitive arousal from sleep to restore airway patency, which may result in daytime hypersomnolence or other daytime manifestations of disrupted sleep such as aggressive or distractible behavior in children.


Tamborini et al-2011-Journal of Communication 60%

Both studies find support for a needsatisfaction model showing that hedonic (arousal and affect) and nonhedonic (competence and autonomy) need satisfaction account for unique variance in enjoyment experienced during video game play.


Effets de la nicotine ou du tabac sur les processus cognitifs 56%

Les études sur les performances humaines ont montré que la performance dans des tâches simples est améliorée par un haut niveau d’éveil (arousal), mais que la performance dans des tâches complexes 161 Tabac – Comprendre la dépendance pour agir


wpa010003 (1) 49%

This broader perspective has important implications for developing treatments that address the underlying dysregulation of cortical arousal and neurohormonal abnormalities following exposure to traumatic stress.