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anatomy MCQ-BDS-2007 100%

a) A major artery passing near the bone.


Lung resection 80%

LUNG B 4312 Region Volume View Artery 101.1 ml Vein 128.9 ml Bronchus Tumor 73.5 ml 0.6 ml Right upper 746.5 ml (16.5 %) lobe Right middle 389.6 ml (8.6 %) lobe Right lobe lower 1181.4 ml (26.1 %)


Liv pdf2 80%

2727 Region Total liver Liver Volume View 1092 ml 714 ml (65.3 %) IVC —- Portal —- Vein —- Artery —- High tumor 3 ml (0.3 %) Low tumor 2 ml (0.1 %) PV region1


01406 80%

01406 MYOCARDiAL Amlodipine Reduces Transient Myocardial Ischemia 1% 3IZMIA in Patients With Coronary Artery Disease:


APB WSB Ringside Physicians Course - Day 2 78%

APB WSB Ringside Physicians Course Day 2 INJURIES MANAGEMENT AND THERAPY IN AIBA APB/WSB COMPETITIONS CUTS Box - Stop Box Tarsal Plate Tear duct – InfraOrbital Nerve SupraOrbital Nerve / Artery Vermillion Border Lips Bridge of nose Cheekbone Eyebrows Cuts impairs vision Eyelid Therapy – Stitches – SteriStrips – Topical Skin Adhesive APB / WSB Certification Workshop - 3 NOSEBLEEDS Anatomy Moderate Bleeding Epistaxis Bridge of nose (fracture) Acute Nasal fracture How to stop bleeding Septal Hematoma Drainage - Therapy APB / WSB Certification Workshop - 4 EYES Anatomy Black eye Swollen eye When to stop a bout Double vision



Continuous Ribbon Positioned at the edge of the web of train tracks, on the platform partially covering the rail corridors for train storage, the site is inserted between this opening facing the wider landscape and what is becoming a densely built up new urban artery on the other.


Glycémie et Complications en chirurgie cardiaque 66%

Glycémie et Complications en chirurgie cardiaque Increased Glycemic Variability in Patients with Elevated Preoperative HbA1C Predicts Adverse Outcomes Following Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting Surgery Balachundhar Subramaniam, MD, MPH,* Adam Lerner, MD,* Victor Novack, MD, PhD,†‡ Kamal Khabbaz, MD,§ Maya Paryente-Wiesmann, MD,† Philip Hess, MD, PhD,* and Daniel Talmor, MD, MPH* BACKGROUND:


An Uncommon Cause of 63%

Herein, we report the case of a young man with unknown mediastinal sarcoidosis and massive lymphadenopathy, which caused external compression of the pulmonary artery and led to rapidly fatal acute heart failure secondary to a massive pulmonary embolism.


AVC 63%

Psychological stress and the progression of carotid artery disease.


nejmra1206531 54%

M ore than 6 million patients in the United States receive long-term anticoagulation therapy for the prevention of thromboembolism due to atrial fibrillation, placement of a mechanical heart-valve prosthesis, or venous thromboembolism.1 In addition, dual antiplatelet therapy (combination treatment with aspirin and a thienopyridine) after the placement of a coronary-artery stent has dramatically increased.


ECMO and IABP CCM 2014 53%

A prospective, single-center, observational study where macrocirculation and microcirculation were assessed with clinical-, Doppler echocardiography–, and pulmonary artery–derived hemodynamic variables and also cerebral and thenar eminence tissue oxygenation and side-stream dark-field imaging of sublingual microcirculation.



On close examination, borders in the painting correlate with sulci in the inner and outer surface of the brain, the brain stem, the basilar artery, the pituitary gland and the optic chiasm.


Un système de mesure à l'aide de nouveaux Pulse L 51%

This paper presents a novel, non-invasive, non-contact system to measure pulse waveforms of artery via applying laser triangulation method to detect skin surface vibration.


author informations 51%

(2008) ‘An oxidative stress score as a combined measure of the prooxidant and anti-oxidant counterparts in patients with coronary artery disease’, Clinical Biochemistry.


les sources 49%

(2015) A plant-based diet, atherogenesis, and coronary artery disease prevention.


periop heart failure cardiac surgery 46%

Assess heart function first by echocardiography, then using a pulmonary artery catheter (especially in right heart dysfunction).


un test pour prédire le mal montagnes 42%

their O2 saturation was significantly lower and the systolic function of the right ventricle, evaluated by means of cardiac ultrasound (tricuspid annular plane systolic excursion, TAPSE), decreased – all in the presence of a similar increase in pulmonary artery pressure compared to subjects without AMS symptoms.


Dompéridone - Réponse Dr Newman - mars 2012 38%

Many of the patients in the studies had pre-existing health problems such as high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, and congestive heart failure.