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98% - Programme 1chateau1artiste 2012

the architecture and the landscapes –making it more accessible 1 chateau pour 1 artiste (one Château for one Artist) is an and promoting what we can offer. 25/05/2012

97% - CV Joren Sozedde 10 2020 Expériences professionnelles 2020 Character Layout Posing Artist Bionic Max - Gaumont Animattion 2019 Character Layout Posing Artist Pre-production Brain Derp - Amuse Character Artist Pré-developpement Nombrils - Monkey Eggs 2018 Character Artist Pré-production Mr.Magoo -Xilam - Dreamworks Character & 18/11/2020

97% - Apresentaçao

Apresentaçao Arte para todos ! 25/08/2012

96% - Regulation and Application Form converted (2)

Article-7 The symposium artists will be selected from the evaluations by the selection committee, among the artists whose sculpture is applied with a project and artist’s personal files suggested for the symposium. 16/03/2020

96% - [ENG] YATOO AiR 2020

82-(0)41-856-4336 / 2020 야투자연미술국제레지던스 프로그램 YATOO International Artist in Residence Program 2020 YATOO International Artist in Residence Program, operated by the Korean Artists’ Association-YATOO, provides an environment in which artists are able to concentrate on their artwork while surrounded by beautiful, tranquil nature in order for artists from all over the world to mutually interact and exchange artstic views. 09/02/2020

96% - Oeuvres jouées

Oeuvres jouées Oeuvres jouées Artiste : 05/06/2013

96% - BISO Call for applications 2021

The selected candidates will be invited to create a dialogue between the personal adventure of the artist in his trajectory, diverse by nature and made up of dreams, obstacles and paradoxes - and the very ambiguity of the concept of « African contemporary art », to which he is sometimes exhorted to assimilate. 19/09/2020

96% - Open Call Artists

A research workshop dedicated to young artists (in Recife) will be then developed through a crosscutting workshop (in Stockholm) focused on an artist/professional dialogue. 21/06/2016