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100% - Womens Résults

Womens Résults Artistic Gymnastic RESULTS WOMEN'S BEAM QUALIFICATION Rank 1. 29/05/2013

98% - 2013 12 Communique Special Coupe Caraibes(1)

Compétition par catégorie d’âge SOMMAIRE Coupe Caraïbes Solo 1 bâton Junior Niveau B 1ère Monika JACQUET Guadeloupe Solo 1 bâton Junior Niveau A 1ère Stacie THETIS Guadeloupe 2ème Lindslay JACQUIN Guadeloupe 4ème Anne Sophie THICOT Guadeloupe 5ème Raphaël DURON Guadeloupe Artistic Twirl Cadet Niveau C 1er Mendrick SYVIUS Martinique Artistic Twirl Junior Niveau C 1ère Anaïs BERNARD 2ème Chrislène JACQUES Guadeloupe 2ème Laura FAILLOT 3ème Jennifer AQUIN Martinique 5ème Deborah ABON 4ème Eleanora FELICITE Martinique 10ème Bernadette MIATH 5ème Koralyne REINE DITE REINETTE Martinique 12ème Killyan POMMIER AGENDA FEDERAL Bureau Fédéral 11 et 12 janvier 2013 à Iteuil Comité Directeur 25 et 26 janvier 2013 à Bordeaux Artistic Twirl Junior Niveau B 1ère Anaïs LOCATIN Martinique 2ème Sarahna VESPUCE Guadeloupe 3ème Belinda ROCHE Guadeloupe 5ème Angélina CHEVRON Martinique 7ème Nahémy CERIAC Guadeloupe 8ème Cassandra FELICITE Martinique 9ème Cyrielle GRAIGNON Guadeloupe 10ème Sunjay JACK-ROCH Guadeloupe Artistic Twirl Junior Niveau A 1ère Laurie DORVILLE Guadeloupe Artistic Twirl Senior Niveau A 1ère Sandy JALIGNY Guadeloupe Artistic Pair Junior Niveau C 1er WILLIAM /LUDOP Martinique 2ème Chloé CHOMEREAU-LAMOTTE Guadeloupe 3ème Christie FRAIR Guadeloupe Artistic Pair Junior Niveau B 1er LOCATIN / CHEVRON Martinique Artistic Pair Senior Niveau B 1er JOSEPH ROSE / DIJEONT Martinique 2ème CERIAC / GENELAN Guadeloupe 3ème ROCHE / DURON Guadeloupe Préliminaires Equipes : 21/01/2014

97% - english version

english version Les Phonies Bergères 2020 CALL FOR ARTISTIC PROJECTS OBJECT “In the modern conception of the world, nature is considered as separate from human activities, whereas in many societies this is not the case. 01/05/2020

96% - Open Call Artists

The aim of this project is to experiment a new model of international incubator for young circus artists who would like to develop their projects in an artistic and entrepreneurial approach. 21/06/2016

95% - Open Call Prog

Lots of young people are interested in the opportunities for personal achievement offered by artistic paths, values of contemporary circus. 21/06/2016

94% - artistic residencies


93% - Lab #1 Vilnius Reporting

Lab #1 Vilnius Reporting CIRCollaborative Tools project ARTISTIC EXPERIMENT ARTISTIC RESEARCH LAB #1 · VILNIUS (LT) · 23-27 JULY 2019 SCHEDULE & 15/10/2019

92% - applicationresidency(1)

tick the statement « submit artistic individual profile » 1 or « submit non artistic individual or company profile »   . 30/11/2016

90% - CV S.BRETTv3

I am as ambitious as enthusiastic and looking forward to work and progress with Directors of creation, Copywriter or artistic Directors who are as passionate as I am, who enjoy taking up challenges in an international context. 18/08/2015

88% - LAPSO CIRK Report residency

creative, task We needed an instant way to share Social network and application for and document the residency and uploading photos and videos, with the artistic activities of the team the possibility of a basic editing. 15/10/2019

87% - Appel dossier Catalunya

Appel dossier Catalunya Catalunya Residency Call for applications/ Hangar - Darling Foundry / 2017 Live in studio of the Residency of the Americas with artworks of Javier Gonzales At the Darling Foundry, artists and curators have the opportunity to devote themselves entirely to their artistic practice while living in a new country. 21/06/2017

87% - Flyer english Tintinnabule

(Arvo Pärt) Together learning to hear the art today, and the art of today Artistic tour in Provence 1st to 9th of August 2018 Departure of the tour : 06/04/2018

87% - Flyer englishTintinnabule

Artistic and philosophical sharing, Talks on artistic themes, Concerts BILINGUAL : 07/04/2018

86% - Lab #2 Prague Reporting

Lab #2 Prague Reporting CIRCollaborative Tools project ARTISTIC EXPERIMENT ARTISTIC RESEARCH LAB #2 · PRAGUE (CZ) · 20-24 AUGUST 2019 SCHEDULE & 15/10/2019

86% - UEMEnglish

  Lieven  De  Cauter  (KUL-­‐Leuven)   IEE        Monday,  August  4       "Cultural  and  artistic  dynamics  of  the  revolution" 03/08/2014

85% - Call for artistic project GB 2020 Sentiers d'Art

Call for artistic project GB 2020 Sentiers d'Art Sentiers d’Art en Condroz-Famenne CALL FOR ARTISTIC PROJECTS Published in the framework of a 4-year project led by the Maison du Tourisme Condroz-Famenne. 29/10/2019


Through this second call launched on 12 August 2019 and closed on 12 October 2019, the Fund plans to finance projects in two artistic fields, in particular activities and projects for the creation, production and dissemination of works and capacity-building in the performing arts (music, dance and theatre, etc.) and activities and projects for the creation, production and dissemination of works and capacity-building in the visual arts (traditional visual arts, photography, digital art, decorative arts, cinema and audiovisual, digital arts, video arts, etc.). 24/12/2019

85% - MontrealDanse WORKSHOP2021

THE WORKSHOP Four choreographers will be selected to experience and contribute to an intensive week of research, discussion and artistic process development from December 13-17, 2021. 23/08/2021


ENGLISH CALLFORPROJECT PATCHWORKS (1) CALL FOR PROJECT COLLECTIVE EXHIBITION 31st of March to 10th of April 2017 “P A T C H W O R K S” TAVERNE GUTENBERG Artistic residency, artist’s studios & 08/02/2017

83% - artistic ideas

artistic ideas SAY ENTERTAINEMENT CO, LTD 365/691 Thanon Puttaboochaa Khwang Bangmod,  THONBURI BANGKOK 10140­ PUTTABOOCHA SOI 47­THAILANDE TELEPHONE   668.86.514.92 REGISTRATION NUMBER 0105557057365 ARTISTIC IDEAS For  OUR TEAM SAY SANDRINE THE RAMIREZ- the S of SAY GLAM Sandrine Ramirez is the GLAM ambassador for SAY. 07/07/2014

83% - ART EMERGENCY EXIT The Fair Arts Social Network 11 08 2020

Artists Art Emergency Exit is a multifunctional collaborative platform designed to enable visual artists from Togo and Africa to adapt Collectors Curators their methods of creation, dissemination and financing of their artistic projects to the complexity of the current constraints imposed by the widespread health crisis. 14/10/2020

83% - appel candidature mai2015 ENG

ELEMENTS TO PROVIDE • Completed information sheet (attached below) • CV/ Biography • Motivation letter • Proof of artistic activities and artistic statement (not mandatory but strongly suggested) • Links to images-videos or pictures (not mandatory but strongly suggested) DUE DATE Please send application by April 10th 2015 at FOR FURTHER INFORMATION GnagamiX Company | | | 00223 72 99 17 63 WORKSHOP ORGANIZED WITH THE SUPPORT OF WORKSHOP X2 GREGORY MAQOMA & 03/03/2015

82% - ContemplArt Call for application

until January 31st, 2021 CONTEMPL’ART TERMS AND CONDITIONS Object The exhibition project Les Balkannes in Paris aims to promote artistic expressions on women portrayals and representations in the Balkans through photography. 25/12/2020

80% - 2020

Valloire has decided to organize, since summer 2012, an artistic event in connection with our mountains. 25/02/2020