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Job Description temp Kymab Assay team 100%

• Developing, setting-up, executing and analysing various supporting assays and antibody discovery screening assays such as binding and receptor neutralisation assays Requirements:


rapport 1 modif pdf 85%

Limitations The genotyping rates of these assays are greater than 99%.


TIH 57%


Menon postdoc position 53%

Menon postdoc position PROF. ANANT K.


cocas papier 48%

High-density tiling microarrays are increasingly used in combination with ChIP assays to study transcriptional regulation.


tr interessant avec copier coller 47%

Application of both the assays to sewage samples has been little reported.


First commercial serological tests for Zika virus 47%

The assays are suitable for diagnosing acute infections as well as for disease surveillance.


Postdoc eq Soler Chromatin Looping1 46%

The successful candidate will set-up high-throughput genetic screens (Crispr/Cas9) and assays to fulfill these tasks.


PhD position in Glycochemistry (Grenoble) 46%

Cytotoxicity assays will be finally performed in vitro to determine whether these multimodal constructions can activate complement cascade and cytolysis.


3-Sora-PNAS-98 44%

3 Sora PNAS 98 Proc.


Huang 2004 42%

Huang 2004 Anal. Chem.


protozoaires 41%

Specimens to be used for EIA or rapid cartridge assays should NOT be concentrated because antigens are lost during the procedure!


PhD2018 38%

These pathways have been identified through experimental evolution assays using parental strains that showed strong initial growth defects due to alterations in their cell cycle regulatory network.