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pros23141 100%

Prognostic factors associated with clinical outcomes in patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC) treated with a novel androgen receptor-directed therapies (ARDT) in the second line setting has not been formally evaluated.


liver function heart failure 98%

online publish-ahead-of-print 22 October 2012 See page 711 for the editorial comment on this article (doi:10.1093/eurheartj/ehs440) Aims The aim of this study was to assess the prevalence of abnormal liver function tests (LFTs) and the associated clinical profile and outcome(s) in acute decompensated heart failure (ADHF) patients.


end-tidal CO2 and low cardiac output 98%

BMC Anesthesiology 2013, 13:20 RESEARCH ARTICLE Open Access In emergently ventilated trauma patients, low end-tidal CO2 and low cardiac output are associated and correlate with hemodynamic instability, hemorrhage, abnormal pupils, and death C Michael Dunham*, Thomas J Chirichella, Brian S Gruber, Jonathan P Ferrari, Joseph A Martin, Brenda A Luchs, Barbara M Hileman and Renee Merrell Abstract Background:


Am. J. Epidemiol.-1996-Ferrini-642-4 97%

Associations in humans may be further confounded because caffeine consumption is negatively associated with age and positively associated with cigarette smoking and alcohol intake (7, 11).


B44review 97%

B44review rrci feature 4 X 4 Associated B44 best r a f y b Associated B44 World Beater T r e v y o c or st All sprayed up and ready to hit the track 26 WWW.RADIORACECAR.COM 03/08 eam Associated has won more IFMAR World Championships than all other manufacturers and for many a year rumours circulated they were to release a 4WD off-road buggy.


histone modification 96%

Since global chromatin changes have been shown to occur in tumours and regions of tumour-associated genes are affected by epigenetic modifications, these may constitute important regulatory mechanisms for the pathogenesis of malignant transformation.


tildren axial 96%

tildren axial Efficacy of tiludronate in the treatment of horses with signs of pain associated with osteoarthritic lesions of the thoracolumbar vertebral column Virginie Coudry, DVM;


genetique et sommeil 95%

10.1038/ncomms10448 OPEN GWAS of 89,283 individuals identifies genetic variants associated with self-reporting of being a morning person Youna Hu1,w, Alena Shmygelska1, David Tran1,2, Nicholas Eriksson1, Joyce Y.


Identification of factors associated with good 94%

Identification of factors associated with good Lee et al.


anglaisdiapo 94%

anglaisdiapo INTRODUCTION It’s personal experiences associated with impending death .


NMBA in ARDS a systematic review 93%

Uncertainty also exists about the associated risk of ICU-acquired weakness.


10.1007@s11199-008-9535-y 92%

13 September 2008 # Springer Science + Business Media, LLC 2008 Abstract Body dissatisfaction in females, and to a lesser extent males, is associated with low self-esteem, depression, and eating disorders.


journal.pone.0063441 90%

Here, we investigated the modulations of cerebral connectivity associated with different laughter types as well as the effects of attention shifts between implicit and explicit processing of social information conveyed by laughter using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI).


free-Pre-K-and-K-sequencing 89%

free Pre K and K sequencing ©2013Carolyn Wilhelm, Wise Owl Factory, Artist Credits on Page 2, This is a legal copy only if it is from a Wise Owl Factory associated site, which includes Pre K and K Sharing Credits Scrappin’ Doodles Lettering Delights Teacher’s Clip Art Digiscrap Kits Graphic Leftovers Photos Carrie’s Clips Charlotte’s Clips Creative Clips ©2013 Wise Owl Factory LLC, Carolyn Wilhelm ©2013Carolyn Wilhelm, Wise Owl Factory, Artist Credits on Page 2, This is a legal copy only if it is from a Wise Owl Factory associated site, which includes Pre K and K Sharing Table of Contents Page 2 Artist Credits Page 3 Table of Contents Page 4 Teacher information Page 5 Center sign Pages 6-20 Sets of four cards to sequence on each page.


joi150012 89%

Huttner, MD IMPORTANCE Although use of oral anticoagulants (OACs) is increasing, there is a substantial Supplemental content at lack of data on how to treat OAC-associated intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH).


Nutrition for critically ill patients 88%

Unless such patients are provided with macronutrients in the form of enteral or parenteral nutrition, they accumulate an energy deficit that rapidly reaches proportions that contribute to lean-tissue wasting and that are associated with adverse outcomes.1 The catabolic response to acute critical illness is much more pronounced than that evoked by fasting in healthy persons, since the energy deficit in acutely ill patients is often superimposed on immobilization and pronounced inflammatory and endocrine stress responses.


iv medical fees 88%

This list covers most of the charges associated with the medical examination process.



AGE METHYLATION Article Age-Associated Methylation Suppresses SPRY1, Leading to a Failure of Re-quiescence and Loss of the Reserve Stem Cell Pool in Elderly Muscle Graphical Abstract Authors Anne Bigot, William J.


Umbro Golaco Terms and Conditions 87%

2.1 The competition is open to everyone except employees (or their family or household members) of any business involved or associated with the competition (including Umbro and Umbro associated companies).


Zeng.etal2015 87%

The majority of disease-associated variants identified in genome-wide association studies reside in noncoding regions of the genome with regulatory roles.


Hospital Stay and Mortality Are Increased in Patients 87%

Manberg, Ph.D.,储 Leif Saager, M.D.,# Andrea Kurz, M.D.,** Scott Greenwald, Ph.D.†† ABSTRACT What We Already Know about This Topic • Anesthesiologists continue to refine factors associated with morbidity and mortality after surgery.


Pathophysiology of microcirculatory dysfunction 2014 86%

The severity of microvascular alterations is associated with organ dysfunction and mortality.


1505.full 86%

1505.full The Journal of Neuroscience, January 28, 2015 • 35(4):1505–1512 • 1505 Neurobiology of Disease Daily Marijuana Use Is Not Associated with Brain Morphometric Measures in Adolescents or Adults X Barbara J.


Prevalence of Subclinical Hypothyroidism 86%

We aimed to study the prevalence of SCH in ESRD patients and assessed its associated risk factors.


anger 85%

accepted 20 January 2014 Short-term psychological stress is associated with an immediate physiological response and may be associated with a transiently higher risk of cardiovascular events.