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100% - Elicityl TACAs February 2021

Elicityl TACAs February 2021 Tumor-associated carbohydrate antigens - TACAs Tumor-associated carbohydrate antigens Pancreas Neurogenic GLY052 Ley       1,4 GLY127 GLY123 Globo H       1,2 GLY094 GD2 GLY091 GD3  GLY103 Fucosyl GM1  GLY093 GM2  GLY090 GM3  GLY133 GLY132 Forssman antigen GLY120 Globotriaose /Gb3/CD77  GLY122 SSEA-3  GLY130 GLY131 SSEA-4  Testis  Skin  Prostate sLex * Ovary Breast GLY053 Lung Glycan name Kidney Code Blood Gastrointestinal Tumor tissues References Common expression patterns of carbohydrate antigens on tumor tissues      1   1,2,3,4 1    1,4      1,3  2,4  5 6        7  The loss of normal AB blood group antigen expression (accompanied by increased expression of H and Le y structures) is associated with a poorer clinical prognosis of carcinomas in several studies 8,9 10 ABH antigens also available This table is not exhaustive. 04/02/2021

97% - carte des émotions

Although emotions are associated with a broad range of physiological changes (1, 7), it is still hotly debated whether the bodily changes associated with different emotions are specific enough to serve as the basis for discrete emotional feelings, such as anger, fear, or happiness (8, 9), and the topographical distribution of the emotion-related bodily sensations has remained unknown. 07/01/2014

96% - LES panniculitis

The important histological findings were lobular panniculitis associated with mucin deposition (32 cases) and a tendency to be associated with damage to the basal cell layer. 31/03/2012

94% - thyristorRadiator Summary en

thyristorRadiator Summary en Flux Example Creation date Thermal behaviour of a thyristor associated to a radiator 2009 Author : 04/10/2014

94% - Am. J. Epidemiol. 1996 Ferrini 642 4

Associations in humans may be further confounded because caffeine consumption is negatively associated with age and positively associated with cigarette smoking and alcohol intake (7, 11). 26/11/2010

93% - free Pre K and K sequencing

free Pre K and K sequencing ©2013Carolyn Wilhelm, Wise Owl Factory, Artist Credits on Page 2, This is a legal copy only if it is from a Wise Owl Factory associated site, which includes Pre K and K Sharing Credits Scrappin’ Doodles Lettering Delights Teacher’s Clip Art Digiscrap Kits Graphic Leftovers Photos Carrie’s Clips Charlotte’s Clips Creative Clips ©2013 Wise Owl Factory LLC, Carolyn Wilhelm ©2013Carolyn Wilhelm, Wise Owl Factory, Artist Credits on Page 2, This is a legal copy only if it is from a Wise Owl Factory associated site, which includes Pre K and K Sharing Table of Contents Page 2 Artist Credits Page 3 Table of Contents Page 4 Teacher information Page 5 Center sign Pages 6-20 Sets of four cards to sequence on each page. 22/02/2014

93% - Article PUGG AVK Drugs and Aging Octobre 2013

C50 %) was associated with being hospitalized in rehabilitation care [odds ratio (OR)rehab. 03/08/2017



93% - Pierre Hemon Poster Master Project Gedabek 2013

Ore mineralisation is associated with a flat silicified body named “quartz-porphyry body”, laying horizontally at the contact between the tuffs and the diorite. 08/07/2014

92% - reférences

(2004) Common polymorphisms of the PPAR-gamma2 (Pro12Ala) and PGC-1alpha (Gly482Ser) genes are associated with the conversion from impaired glucose tolerance to type 2 diabetes in the STOP-NIDDM trial. 23/10/2014

91% - proximité de trafic et hta

Our findings suggest that BC from combustion emissions is more strongly associated with blood pressure than PM mass, and that BC’s health effects may be larger among women living near a highway and with greater exposure to motor vehicle emissions. 27/08/2014

90% - B44review

B44review rrci feature 4 X 4 Associated B44 best r a f y b Associated B44 World Beater T r e v y o c or st All sprayed up and ready to hit the track 26 WWW.RADIORACECAR.COM 03/08 eam Associated has won more IFMAR World Championships than all other manufacturers and for many a year rumours circulated they were to release a 4WD off-road buggy. 27/12/2009

90% - hyperthyroidism and pulmonary (4)

In conclusion, hyperthyroidism is associated with increased risk of venous thromboembolism, including PE. 03/08/2013

90% - hyperthyroidism and pulmonary 4

In conclusion, hyperthyroidism is associated with increased risk of venous thromboembolism, including PE. 05/09/2013

89% - 01509721

However, while limited recent research suggests that technology incubators provide beneficial support to NTBVs [26], there is no clear consensus on what factors associated with technology incubators provide beneficial support to NTBVs [17]. 28/08/2014

89% - Correspondance de la viscosité des huiles

This WT or W rating is a non world standard and is introduced by Associated and not comparable between brands using this W or WT rating. 07/05/2012

89% - Automorphic Forms on GL(2) H. Jacquet, R. Langlands

267 294 304 320 Chapter 1 ii Introduction Two of the best known of Hecke’s achievements are his theory of L-functions with gr¨ossencharakter, which are Dirichlet series which can be represented by Euler products, and his theory of the Euler products, associated to automorphic forms on GL(2). 03/06/2015

89% - 10.1007@s11199 008 9535 y

13 September 2008 # Springer Science Business Media, LLC 2008 Abstract Body dissatisfaction in females, and to a lesser extent males, is associated with low self-esteem, depression, and eating disorders. 18/01/2016

89% - genetique et sommeil

10.1038/ncomms10448 OPEN GWAS of 89,283 individuals identifies genetic variants associated with self-reporting of being a morning person Youna Hu1,w, Alena Shmygelska1, David Tran1,2, Nicholas Eriksson1, Joyce Y. 08/02/2016

88% - BMJintensification precoce

No difference in risk of the outcome was seen between systolic intensification thresholds of 130–150 mm Hg, whereas systolic intensification thresholds greater than 150 mm Hg were associated with progressively greater risk (hazard ratio 1.21, 95% confidence interval 1.13 to 1.30; 17/06/2015


Thus, the field needs a better anatomical/network/whole-brain model to help translate scientific knowledge from lab bench to clinical models and ultimately to the patients suffering from disorders associated with love and couple relationships. 25/07/2014

88% - ifrs12

© IFRS Foundation A443 IFRS 12 CONTENTS from paragraph IINTRODUCTION IN1 INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL REPORTING STANDARD 12 DISCLOSURE OF INTERESTS IN OTHER ENTITIES OBJECTIVE 1 Meeting the objective 2 SCOPE 5 SIGNIFICANT JUDGEMENTS AND ASSUMPTIONS 7 INTERESTS IN SUBSIDIARIES 10 The interest that non-controlling interests have in the group’s activities and cash flows 12 The nature and extent of significant restrictions 13 Nature of the risks associated with an entity’s interests in consolidated structured entities 14 Consequences of changes in a parent’s ownership interest in a subsidiary that do not result in a loss of control 18 Consequences of losing control of a subsidiary during the reporting period 19 INTERESTS IN JOINT ARRANGEMENTS AND ASSOCIATES 20 Nature, extent and financial effects of an entity’s interests in joint arrangements and associates 21 Risks associated with an entity’s interests in joint ventures and associates 23 INTERESTS IN UNCONSOLIDATED STRUCTURED ENTITIES 24 Nature of interests 26 Nature of risks 29 APPENDICES A Defined terms B Application guidance C Effective date and transition D Amendments to other IFRSs FOR THE ACCOMPANYING DOCUMENTS LISTED BELOW, SEE PART B OF THIS EDITION APPROVAL BY THE BOARD OF IFRS 12 ISSUED IN MAY 2011 BASIS FOR CONCLUSIONS ON IFRS 12 A444 © IFRS Foundation IFRS 12 International Financial Reporting Standard 12 Disclosure of Interests in Other Entities (IFRS 12) is set out in paragraphs 1–31 and Appendices A–D. 21/05/2012

88% - Distress and pain

We employed a cross-sectional cohort design in which 67 selected female veterans completed self-administered questionnaires to assess history of sexual violence and experiences of distress and pain associated with the pelvic examination. 15/04/2015

87% - QUALIPLANTE Catalogue 2014

V Method Nested End-Point PCR I Assays Code 25 PCR.Botr-25Liq 100 PCR.Botr-100Liq VIRUSES GRAPEVINE KITS Pathogen ArMV, GFLV Arabis mosaic virus Grapevine fanleaf virus Method Assays Triplex End-Point PCR 25 PCR.wrt.CN-25Liq (reverse transcriptase not included) with IC 100 PCR.wrt.CN-100Liq Triplex End-Point PCR 25 PCR.CN-25Liq (reverse transcriptase included) with IC 100 PCR.CN-100Liq 3 Code Qualiplante catalogue - Molecular phytodiagnostic all-inclusive kits GRAPEVINE KITS VIRUSES Pathogen ArMV, GFLV, GFkV, GLRaV-1, V-2, V-3, GVA Arabis mosaic virus, Grapevine fanleaf virus, Grapevine fleck virus, Grapevine leafroll-associated virus -1, -2 and -3, Grapevine virus A GFkV Grapevine fleck virus GFLV Grapevine fanleaf virus GLRaV-1, V-2, V-3 Grapevine leafroll-associated virus -1, -2 and -3 GLRaV-1 Grapevine leafroll-associated virus -1 GLRaV-3 Grapevine leafroll-associated virus -3 GRBaV Red Blotch-associated virus GVA Grapevine virus A GVB Grapevine virus B Method Assays Multiplex End-Point PCR 25 PCR.wrt.7VV-25Liq (reverse transcriptase not included) with IC 100 PCR.wrt.7VV-100Liq Multiplex End-Point PCR 25 PCR.7VV-25Liq (reverse transcriptase included) with IC 100 PCR.7VV-100Liq One-Step Real-Time ® RT-PCR (Taq-Man )* Code 25 qPCR.GFkV-25Liq 100 qPCR.GFkV-100Liq One-Step Real-Time ® RT-PCR (Taq-Man )* 25 qPCR.GFLV-25Liq 100 qPCR.GFLV-100Liq Triplex End-Point PCR 25 PCR.wrt.V123-25Liq (reverse transcriptase not included) with IC 100 PCR.wrt.V123-100Liq Triplex End-Point PCR 25 PCR.V123-25Liq (reverse transcriptase included) with IC 100 PCR.V123-100Liq One-Step Real-Time ® RT-PCR (Taq-Man )* Real-Time PCR (SYBR-Green) One-Step Real-Time ® RT-PCR (Taq-Man )* Real-Time PCR (SYBR-Green) End-Point PCR One-Step Real-Time ® RT-PCR (Taq-Man )* One-Step Real-Time ® RT-PCR (Taq-Man )* GRAPEVINE KITS * Please contact us for the fluorochromes comptatibility / IC: 03/07/2014

87% - neurobilolgoy of love love addiction

Thus, love is an emotion often associated with consensual sexual activity, or the willing, and even eager, participation of the individuals involved [31]. 07/09/2014