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Atrocities against civilians had featured in the American Civil War and in the Franco-Prussian War.


Sans nom 1 94% Atrocities against Peaceful Worshippers


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What are known as ʺGodʹs evil versesʺ in the Bible, the lists of atrocities and admissions of evil behaviour by God, in the Old Testament in particular, also deserve to be widely publicized.


Gaudeamus Igitur le mag 74%

Mai 2008 Bitardbourg, 5’ d’arrêt!


Manifeste Anders Behring Breivik 66%

486 2.40 Muslim atrocities committed against Western Europeans 1960-2010 (2020) ...........................................................


Trance Formation of America 63%

What we don't know, as evidenced by mindcontrol atrocities, is quickly destroying society as we have known it The answer to this problem is glaringly apparent.


git295rev dano 56%

If you want to hear a Danelectro in action on record then, sickly sixties atrocities like Sugar, Sugar by The Archies aside, there are plenty of more credible examples including The Sound Of Silence by Simon &


Ritual Abuse 55%

the survivor wonders, as they share the atrocities.


sarin 53%

UN inspectors had been in the country for three days, on a mission to investigate allegations of earlier atrocities.


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His one-party regime, backed by the United States (US)1 and France as a bulwark against Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi, was marked by widespread atrocities, including waves of ethnic cleansing.


CaseStudyWestworld ZEGHLOUL 47%

Taking into consideration that the artificial hosts present such a perfect human-likeliness make it hard to conceive the atrocities done against them.


14 Middle East and North Africa 2017 (1) 41%

In 2017, UN Human Rights stepped up its role as facilitator and convenor of consultations with civil society to explore options for transitional justice and dealing with past atrocities in the Syrian context.


crdf0705aurey 30%

« The atrocities of World War II gave birth to the human rights movement, in the recognition of human rigths as a fundamental principle in the UN Charter, in the insistence on individual criminal responsibility, in the judgment of the Nuremberg Tribunal, in the promulgation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948).



Today, Flanders Fields offer a unique experience that not only reflects the atrocities of the war but also inspires with a message of peace.