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100% - neural plasticity of speech processing before birth

In infancy, auditory learning implicates the formation and strengthening of neural long-term memory traces, improving discrimination skills, in particular those forming the prerequisites for speech perception and understanding. 19/05/2014

92% - akwei

RNM can send encoded signals to the brain's auditory cortex thus allowing audio communication direct to the brain (bypassing the ears). 04/08/2014

90% - light therary

Here we used functional MRI (fMRI) and a validated (nonvisual) auditory emotional task to characterize such a direct effect of ambient light exposure on brain responses to emotional stimuli. 16/09/2014


Auditory Steady State Response) DU DEPISTAGE A L’EXPERTISE ORL ZUVERLÄSSIGKEIT VON OBJEKTIVER AUDIOMETRIE (A.S.S.R.) Von der Früherkennung zum Ärztliches Gutachten B. 07/11/2014

79% - cri de nn

Friederici,2 Anne Christophe,3 and Kathleen Wermke1,* 1Center for Prespeech Development and Developmental Disorders, Department of Orthodontics, University of Wu¨rzburg, 97070 Wu¨rzburg, Germany 2Max-Planck-Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, 04103 Leipzig, Germany 3Laboratoire de Sciences Cognitives et Psycholinguistique, Ecole Normale Supe´rieure/CNRS, 75005 Paris, France Summary Human fetuses are able to memorize auditory stimuli from the external world by the last trimester of pregnancy, with a particular sensitivity to melody contour in both music and language [1–3]. 09/08/2015

78% - Obstetrics by ear

Repeated examination of the narrative data resulted in the identification of the examples that are included in the lotions of the discussionof behavioral/auditory cues that caregivers can use during labor. 15/04/2015

75% - CV Stephanie Piazza

Short communication presented at the VIIth International French-speaking congress on wild and exotic animals (Yaboumba) 2010 - Paris (France) Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response (BAER) measurement in pet ferrets: 28/07/2013

72% - journal.pone.0063441

Connectivity changes, presumably related to the higher acoustic complexity of tickling laughter, occurred between areas in the prefrontal cortex and the auditory association cortex, potentially reflecting higher demands on acoustic analysis associated with increased information load on auditory attention, working memory, evaluation and response selection processes. 09/12/2013

71% - humour3

Verbal stimuli comprise either written or auditory information and can be further differentiated into phonological versus semantic jokes, funny versus nonsense or ‘garden path’ punchlines, and (non)funny versus (un)ambiguous sentences versus noise. 16/01/2014

66% - ASSR

J.Y BEJOT CHG Saint-Dié Les potentiels auditifs en régime permanent ASSR ( Auditory Steady Stade Response) 1981 GALAMBOS PEA obtenus en réponse à des stimuli modulés en amplitude et en fréquence Méthode attractive pour estimer objectivement l’audiogramme tonal liminaire ASSR et fréquence de modulation Stimuli modulés à 40 Hz: 07/11/2014


ou ASSR ( Auditory Steady Stade Response) 1981 GALAMBOS PEA obtenus en réponse à des stimuli modulés en amplitude et en fréquence Méthode attractive pour estimer objectivement l’audiogramme tonal liminaire PEARS et fréquence de modulation Stimuli modulés à 40 Hz: 07/11/2014

66% - guide tque fr fr en gb C

aims to provide a reliable, descriptive and objective of the accessibility of sites and tourist equipments by considering the 4 types of disabilities (auditory, mental, physical and visual) and to develop a suitable tourist offer. 18/08/2016


The first, or labyrinthine segment, is horizontal, is directed in an anterior direction, extends from the internal auditory canal, and is located perpendicular to the axis of the pyramid; 08/01/2014

65% - MicrowaveCongruenceSchiz

16 Auditory hallucination is most prevalent in schizophrenia, which features in 60% of cases. 29/03/2012

63% - wizardspells

spell check as applicable Manifestation Varies General As wizards learn their craft, they practice many minor incantations that produce simple visual or auditory effects. 06/11/2011

61% - Remote neuronal monitoring

RNM can send encoded signals to the auditory cortex of the brain directly bypassing the ear. 02/05/2017

59% - Psychotic and mystical states of being

delusions of persecution and auditory hallucinations are also prominent in psychotic but not mystical experiences (Greenberg et al. 08/11/2013

59% - Brevets

A method and apparatus for simulation of hearing in mammals by introduction of a plurality of microwaves into the region of the auditory cortex is shown and described. 29/09/2011

58% - Brain Development Singapore

Brain Training Strengthens Individual Learning Skills Information becomes knowledge through a path that relies on individual cognitive skills such as auditory and visual processing and memory. 24/01/2017

57% - Herbsttagung CH EM Book of abstracts FERTIG

  Auditory   Knowledge   and   Sonic   Symbolism   amongst   the   Geraizeiros  of  Central  Brazil     17.15–17.40   Andrin   Uetz   (Universität   Bern): 25/10/2017


We demonstrate that neuromodulating the spinal circuitry with epidural stimulation, enables completely paralysed individuals to process conceptual, auditory and visual input to regain relatively fine voluntary control of paralysed muscles. 08/04/2014

55% - Burghardt 2003

Their skills have also been found to be useful to assist persons with motor, visual, auditory, and other physical disabilities, however, and these dogs have become quite popular for tasks involving specialized substance detection tasks, especially in situations where public contact requires identification and acceptance of a working dog and an animal with a good temperament and tractability. 17/06/2012

52% - Match rules KO2M KO1M EN

Hits will be indicated by an auditory signal, nothing will be said for misses. 08/02/2022

51% - Balthazart & Court 2017

In doing so, he critically reviews some of the data that have been collected over the years to support this idea, but finds most of the data inconclusive with the exception of the masculinization in 2D:4D digit ratios, otoacoustic emissions, and auditory evoked potentials in women that suggest a hyper-andro- & 04/06/2017