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100% - Master thesis Stacked gender prediction from tweet texts and images Arthur Sultan (1)

This master thesis studies how we can use twitter texts and images posted by an author in order to predict the gender of this author. 30/09/2019

99% - Contrat Edition UK SUBCONSCIOUS INC

( music composer ) here after referred to as globally AUTHOR , on the one hand , and : 13/09/2013

95% - global problem of child abuse

global problem of child abuse HHS Public Access Author manuscript Author Manuscript Int J Cult Ment Health. 03/02/2018

95% - 20160418 Conditions LetsRaceTogetherContest EN

The Organiser reserves the right to select another selected author when an initial selected author is not able to produce sufficient proof of the said authorisation. 20/04/2016

93% - The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

-- Warren Bennis, author of On Becoming a Leader I've never known any teacher or mentor on improving personal effectiveness to generate such an overwhelmingly positive reaction.... 11/08/2015

93% - nihms139287

nihms139287 NIH Public Access Author Manuscript J Midwifery Womens Health. 15/04/2015

93% - Manuscript Preparation Guidelines

Paper containing more than 30 pages will be returned to the author(s) to abridge. 21/11/2016

93% - lancet impact

lancet impact NIH Public Access Author Manuscript Lancet. 26/12/2017

93% - Does the Surgical Apgar Score Measure Intraoperative

Does the Surgical Apgar Score Measure Intraoperative NIH Public Access Author Manuscript Ann Surg. 06/09/2013

92% - En YourFamilyName YourFirstName Abstract JIBioinfo2019 UMBB

En YourFamilyName YourFirstName Abstract JIBioinfo2019 UMBB Abstract title First Author (1), Second Author (2), Third Author (3) (1) Affiliation of the first author Affiliation of second author (3) Affiliation of the third author (2) Abstract The submitted abstract must not exceed one page and must be written in "Time New Roman", font 12 and line spacing 1.15. 20/02/2019

92% - Gaechter Schulz NottinghamEprints

Gaechter Schulz NottinghamEprints Europe PMC Funders Group Author Manuscript Nature. 18/01/2019

91% - ICC commentary technical requirments

a short biographical notice of the author(s) (current position and recent publications): 29/10/2009

90% - man boobs rebranded

The author and publisher are not healthcare nor fitness professionals and do not intend to play any role relating to such a profession. 03/04/2016

90% - mayan fakes

mayan fakes PATRICIO VILLARROEL mayan fakes WORKS ON IPHONE AND IPAD ©P.VILLARROEL  iBooks Author  iBooks Author  iBooks Author  iBooks Author  iBooks Author 20/01/2012

90% - XOsquelette PaulGUILBERT detailed project

XOsquelette PaulGUILBERT detailed project 1 XOsquelette 2013 - Paul GUILBERT 2 3 Sommaire -#4 -#9-11 -#12-13 -#14-15 ˟° Global presentation ˟° Schemes ˟° Installation views ˟° Heuristic tree -#16-23 -#19-20 -#21 ˟° Narrative overview ˟° Introduction to the fiction ˟° Media Packing List <XOsquelette is the fiction of an author trying to keep his scheme of thoughts from any kind of perenity> 13/08/2013

90% - SimpleQuestionAnswer

SimpleQuestionAnswer Simple Question Post Please read this content brief until the end, every detail is important and we will  be checking against this brief when approving or refusing the content.    Title: ​ [post title here]  Word Count:​  ​ 800 ­ 1100 words    Description of the post: ​ The goal of this post is to answer the question in the title as  well as we can giving the reader a practical solution to a question they have. We should  be as exhaustive as possible and not shy away from linking out to useful resources  when needed. We should also not be afraid to recommend products if those truly help  with solving the problem in the title. If you refer products, please refer to them on and include a link in the body of the article.    Examples of articles similar to the final article we want:  ●­let­dog­sleep­bed­2304.html   ●­canonical.htm  ●­in­bentonite­clay/    Site info  ● Market: ​ [input market here]  ● Philosophy: ​ [write an elevator pitch about what your site is about and  defends]    About the Author ​ (if you do ghost writing)    Name: ​ [name of the author]  Gender: ​ [gender of the author]  Age: ​ [age of the author]  Bio: ​ [short 2­3 sentence bio explaining who the author is]    General Editorial Rules & Writing Style  ● Tone: Entertaining & Informative BUT Actionable  ● Use first and second person: "I," "we," and "you"  o Use the word “you” frequently to help the reader connect with the story  ● No filler language.  o Every sentence should ​ add information​ .   o No BS’ing  ▪ Wrong: “If your dog is acting up, you might need a dog trainer”  (…duh).   ▪ Wrong: “This company teaches your dog to walk politely. They also  offer leash training.” ​ (…says the same thing twice)  ▪ Wrong: Anything else that doesn’t ​ add information to the article.   o Only facts & sources backed arguments.  Instructions  ● Answer the question/topic with GOOD information from CREDIBLE sources  ● Break the article into natural headings/sections to make it easier to read (a  500­700 word article should have 3­5 sections)  ● No more than 3 lines per paragraph  ● Include 3­5 links to your sources at the bottom of the article (sources should be  very high quality)      >> Article Template To Follow (​ Important)​ <<    Section 1: Introduction ­ Empathize with the reader’s pain and explain why the  question is important with facts  50 ­ 100 words  ● please include the exact keyword somewhere in here as naturally as possible  ● start the article asking questions to qualify the reader.  ● talk as the author and explain why the topic is important for you and why you  put it together  Section 2: Answer the question  600 ­ 900 words    ● Break the answer down into several sub headings for readability  ● Research what other sites have to say about the problem and link out to them  when referencing them  ● Look for products on that could help solve the problem and link out  to them in content if there is any  ● Look for relevant Youtube videos (1 to 3) that answer specific parts of the article  itself.    Section 3: Conclusion  50 ­ 100 words   ● summarise the body of the content and if you recommend a product link to it one  more time.  ● Ask them to comment if they have any question.  ● finish with a very actionable bulleted action steps that the reader needs to take to  solve the problem if there is such thing. 04/03/2016

89% - CERVIM 1 EN

Name(s) of the author(s) preceded by the initials (no title(s)); 08/04/2014

89% - Call for papers TUNISIE MEDICALE • All papers must adhere to “La TunisieMedicale” author guidelines: 17/12/2018