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Vidalia - Sammy KERSHAW - BPM 136 Badly bent - The TRACTORS - BPM 160 Traduit et préparé par Irène COUSIN, Professeur de Danse - 7 / 2011 Chorégraphies en français, site :


EDENROC appel à projet video 2011 76%

• • • • • • • • Villes invisibles / Invisible cities Echantillonnages / Samplings Bien fait, mal fait, pas fait*/ Well done, badly done, not done * Expérimentir / Experiments and lies « Vidac » :


Un mois de pillage - Janvier 2015 75%

JANVIER 2015 UN MOIS DE PILLAGE DANS LE MONDE et d’actions contre… Sélection d’articles 31 Janvier 2015 ESPAGNE Gang of 'antique smugglers who sold looted treasures to fund ISIS' busted in Spain 30 Janvier 2015 EGYPTE Al-Arish Museum badly damaged by Sinai violence sh-Museum-badly-damaged-by-Sinai-violence.aspx 30 Janvier 2015 BULGARIE Bulgaria busts international antiquities trafficking ring Un mois de pillage dans le monde et d’actions contre… 1 28 Janvier 2015 SALVADOR Secretario de Cultura pide cárcel para saqueadores de sitios arqueológicos 28 Janvier 2015 ÉGYPTE – EUROPE Pillage du patrimoine:


German-Swine-Flu-Vaccine-Trial-Participant-Coughs-Up-Blood 73%

This vaccine is not just badly developped:


Bonfire 72%

h) Catholics were treated badly under Queen Elizabeth I.


10 Powerpoint Tips for Preparing a Professional Presentation 71%

Badly designed slides with too much text or bad graphics can distract or worse, irritate the audience.


Insultes NEW YORK TIMES 64%

Allen RETIRED UNITED STATES MARINE GENERAL failed badly in his fight against ISIS, his record = BAD The American delegate system rigged, RIGGED, totally rigged!, totally rigged, the system is rigged, rigged, rigged!, rigged, the books are cooked, totally rigged, rigged!, Don't let the bosses take your vote!, The rules DID CHANGE in Colorado shortly after I entered the race in June because the pols and their bosses knew I would win with the voters, great people being disenfranchised by politicians.



RESPONSABILITIES Trainee for 45 days in a Movie Distribution society screening unknown and badly distribute movies.


Dogs ostheoarthritis 64%

My 13-year old dog suffered very badly from osteo-arthritis and when he stood up his joints cracked so much it was painful to hear.


25 I learn English quickly - Mardi 5 Mai 64%

_I can swim badly. __________ Julia can swim well.


Gege Blog 14.1 - Disassembly of Gearbox A (f) 63%

The clutch housing starts badly, one nut is missing and the other two are loose ....


POF 62%

I had some badly reworded questions unfortunately and as a French man, I could not deal with them.


Texting worksheets 61%

Some people think that young people who don’t send / send a lot of text messages, write badly.


Gege Blog 10.1 -Starter Engine A (f).PDF 58%

The armature must be removed to unscrew the small (badly placed) nut coming from the winding on the casing!


sophieanouportfolioEN 57%

He has to resign himself to it, even if he judges that this pain smells the herring, whom the hard-taskmasters are there really too numerous and whom, besides, the cape is badly taken.


Being an Aspie - my opinion 56%

I experienced obsessions which might have ended badly, but how could I have prevented them?


Lettre - comportement asperger (anglais) 55%

I will not take it badly if someone is honest with me by saying that I should try modifying some behaviours or reworking a homework assignment.



In our African societies, particularly Beninese, it is noted that some of these «people» suffering from alienation roam the streets badly dressed, well dressed, naked or half naked.


Unit 5 OK 55%

Music Instruments and Musicians Bass guitar Bass guitarist Guitare basse Cello Cellist Violoncelle Drums Drummer Batterie Keyboard Keyboard player Clavier Organ Organist Orgue Piano Pianist Piano Saxophone Saxophonist Saxophone Trumpet Trumpeter Trompette Violin Violinist Violon Words and Definitions Man with quite high-pitched voice Man with low-pitched voice Woman with high-pitched voice Large group of musicians with different instruments Group of people singing together Someone who writes and sings his own songs Someone who speaks the words of a song Somebody who sings and plays instrument on their own The main singer in a band The person who directs an orchestra Somebody who write music Person who chooses, introduces, and plays music on radios or clubs Incomprehensible Catchy Moving Beat Monotonous Tune To blow one's own trumpet To face the music To have a good ear To be music to someone's ears To be out of tune Can’t understand what it’s about Can’t get it out of my head It makes me want to cry Makes you want to tap your feet It sends me to sleep Air, mélodie Chanter ses propres louanges Affronter les conséquences Avoir l’oreille musicale Ravir quelqu’un Désaccordé Tenor Bass Soprano Orchestra Choir /kwaɪə/ Singer-songwriter Rapper Soloist Lead singer Conductor Composer Disc jockey Incompréhensible Qui trotte dans la tête Émouvant Rythme Monotone The Media Commentator Critic Editor Freelance journalist Newsreader Paparazzi Presenter Press photographer Commentateur Critique Éditeur Journaliste indépendant Lecteur de nouvelles Paparazzi Présentateur Photographe de presse Reporter Advertisement Weather forecast Crossword Front page Horoscope Review Small ads Reporter Publicité Météo Mots croisés Page de couverture Horoscope Revue Petites publicités Sensational Biased Objective Accurate Censored À sensation Partial Objectif Précis Censuré Row Wed Quit Tipped Back Quiz Hit Axed Argument Is going to marry Is going to leave Is predicted successful Support Interrogate Has been badly affected Have been cut Sleep Alarm Blankets Dreams Duvet Fall Keep you awake Insomnia Jet-lagged To sleep like a log Nap Nightmares Oversleep Pillow Set Sheets Siesta Sleeping tablets Sleepy Snore Yawn Alarme Couverture Rêves Couette Tomber Garder éveillé Insomnie Fatiguer par le décalage horaire Dormir comme un loir Somme Cauchemars Se réveiller trop tard Oreiller Mettre Draps Sieste Somnifères Qui a envie de dormir Ronfler Bâiller


An Open Letter to Madam Le Pen 53%

However, with regard to your embrace of Vladimir Putin, I believe you are badly mistaken, and I would like to point out some facts about Eastern Europe and Ukraine of which you may be unaware.


HK GONCALVES Versions vacances 2020 53%

Books are well written, or badly written.


Corrigé 51%

She looked strange and was badly dressed.


Daredevil short movie 51%

Some fighting scenes from the “Avengers” movie where New York is badly damaged.



to run ultras in being diabetic! It starts badly: