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2020-03-29 FR Mobility Report en 100%

recreation +80% -88% compared to baseline Mobility trends for places like restaurants, cafes, shopping centers, theme parks, museums, libraries, and movie theaters.


Identification of factors associated with good 96%

Using a longitudinal statistical approach, predictive factors were identified in patients with GHD for change from baseline in height standard deviation score (ΔHSDS) following 2 years of treatment.


iid 2013 hsc final 92%

HSC Significantly Increases Hair Growth A Phase I/II 56 patient trial conducted at two clinical sites, with a similar protocol but with 8 injections of HSC and control at baseline, and a repeat dose at week 6, has passed the 12 week primary safety and efficacy time point and has reached the final 48 week efficacy point.


coxit1 89%

Changes in clinical variables and radiological findings in 213 weight-bearing joints (69 hip joints, 63 knee joints, and 81 ankle joints) of 42 consecutive patients were investigated at baseline and at 1 year of TNF-blocking therapies.


Olanow et al 2009 adagio 89%

superiority to placebo in the rate of change in the UPDRS score between weeks 12 and 36, superiority to delayed-start treatment in the change in the score between baseline and week 72, and noninferiority to delayed-start treatment in the rate of change in the score between weeks 48 and 72.


topiramateCocaine 88%

MAIN OUTCOMES AND MEASURES For the efficacy period, weeks 6 to 12, the primary outcome was the weekly difference from baseline in the proportion of cocaine nonuse days;


Plan d action sécurité vues Gant et autres 2015-2016 86%

Plan d_action sécurité 2 Centre de Formation X[50%];Responsable formation;Responsable HSE[50%] Name Finish Document Standard de formation HSE validé 09 March 2015 17:00 Document référentiel JSA validé 19 June 2015 08:00 Référentiel procédure de gestion des sous‐ traitant validé 10 August 2015 08:00 Procédure de gestion des déhets validé 31 August 2015 08:00 Guide de management du système  environnementale validé 07 October 2015 08:00 Fin 10 November 2015 17:00 Task Summary Inactive Milestone Duration-only Start-only External Milestone Critical Split Baseline Summary Split Project Summary Inactive Summary Manual Summary Rollup Finish-only Deadline Baseline Progress Milestone Inactive Task Manual Task Manual Summary External Tasks Critical Baseline Milestone Manual Progress Page 1 Slack RESOURCE OVERVIEW WORK STATUS % work done by all the work resources.


pleine concscience et suivi post-chir baria 86%

After attendance at the run-in session, participants underwent baseline testing at the BIDMC Harvard Catalyst Clinical Research Center (CRC) and were then randomly assigned to receive either the MBI or the standard intervention consisting of a 1-h nutritional counseling session with a registered dietician.


NAC addiction THC 86%

If an initial telephone screen suggested potential eligibility, adolescents were scheduled for an informed consent and baseline assessment visit.


[2] 86%

Assessment procedures Participants were assessed immediately before starting active treatment (baseline) and 16 weeks after baseline (follow-up).


[3] 85%

The primary efficacy measure was difference in change in Unified Parkinson’s Disease Rating Scale (UPDRS) motor score from baseline to fol- low-up at 16 weeks between groups.


pone.0037887 85%

The values reported here are from the repeated measurements obtained at baseline (N = 779) and after (N = 624) the exercise program in HERITAGE (Information S1).


MoU for signatures 84%

Considerable progress has been achieved since the signature of these agreements, the adoption of the System Requirement Specification 2.3.0d in 2008 and the first release of Baseline 3 in 2012.



Group 1 consisted of 70 patients with relapsing–remitting MS according to the McDonald criteria10 who were seen at the MS clinic at the Raúl Carrea Institute for Neurological Research and were consecutively invited to participate in a longitudinal cohort study in which an MRI was required at baseline and clinical, radiological and sodium intake data were collected throughout the follow-up period (from September 2010 until November 2012).


Miguetetal.Appettite 2019 83%

Dietary restraint score at baseline was inversely correlated with the percentage of weight loss (r = −0.44, p = 0.010).


01406 83%

The ambulatory ECG data obtained during phase I saved as baseline.



Participants were assessed at 1992 baseline and follow-up cognitive assessments were conducted biannually from 1996 through 2010.


No correlation between serum testosterone levels and state-level anger intensity in transgender people: Results from the European Network for the Investigation of Gender Incongruence 81%

Data from only 708 participants was entered into the database in Amsterdam (of which 74 participants did not fill in the STAXI-2 S-Anger at baseline), whereas in Ghent, data was entered from all participants who completed the survey.


Chapitre 2 Units 81%

2.54 cm o 1 foot = 12 inches o 1 yard = 3 feet o 1 fathom = 6 feet o 1 knot =15.43m o 1cable = 1/10 nm = 100 fathoms o 1 nautical mile = 1852 m o Shackle = 15 fathom = unit used to express the length of chain to be used when anchoring Baselines, international and national waters Baseline à partir d’où the territorial seas are measured (low water line :


Interactions Documents PMI v1.3 81%

Liens entre les documents d’un projet (PMI) - hors contrôles - hors modifications - Pièces du Plan de Management de projet en bleu Charte du Projet 4.1 PM Projet 4.2 Registre des modifications 4.5 PM exigences 5.1 Matrice de traçabilité des exigences 5.2 PM Contenu 5.1 Documentation des exigences 5.3 Enoncé du contenu 5.3 Attributs des activités 6.2 PM Echéancier 6.1 Liste des activités 6.2 Estimation de la durée des activités 6.5 Liste des jalons 6.2 Diagramme de réseau 6.3 RBS 6.4 Calendrier des ressources 9.2 – 12.2 Baseline Contenu 5.4 - WBS - Dictionnaire WBS - Enoncé du contenu Calendrier du projet 6.6 Données de l’échéancier 6.6 Baseline Echéancier 6.6 Prévisions d’échéancier 6.7 Besoin en ressources 6.4 Estimation du coût des activités 7.2 PM Coûts 7.1 Base des estimations 7.2 Exigences de financement 7.3 Baseline des coûts 7.3 Prévisions des coûts 7.4 PM des ressources humaines 9.1 Affectations du personnel 9.2 Evaluation des performances de l’équipe 9.3 Communications du projet 10.2 PM Communication 10.1 Registre des problèmes majeurs 13.3 PM Qualité 8.1 Plan d’améliorations 8.1 Liste des contrôles 8.1 Mesures des contrôles de la qualité 8.3 Métriques de la qualité 8.1 PM Risques 11.1 Registre des risques 11.2 PM Approvisionnements 12.1 Enoncé des travaux d’approvisionnement 12.1 Vendeurs sélectionnés 12.2 Critères de sélection 12.1 Propositions des vendeurs 12.2 Accords avec les vendeurs 12.2 Documents d’approvisionnement 12.1 Registre des parties prenantes 13.1 PM des parties prenantes 13.2 Camille Bloyet


joi150028 80%

These findings are consistent with benefits from folate use among adults with hypertension and low baseline folate levels.


8127-8134 4.15 Siew Yim Loh 79%

Measurement taken at baseline and postintervention included QoL, distress and fatigue.


BJNN 8 2 xxx MS cannabis (1) 78%

They were asked to complete a urinary diary recording the number of UIEs at baseline and at completion on week 13;


Dual Yellow JAMA Derm 78%

MAVIG) was used to evaluate the evolution of the lesions that were treated between the baseline visit and 6 months after the end of the treatment.


Manual 77%

Baseline Survey Trainer’s Guide ______________________________________________ __ For Use by DTF Framework Consultants and CUs at inception of DTF Water and Sanitation Projects.