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Plastic became the modern clay.


civi américaine 98%

But at the beginning of the war he turned to foreign policy and became involved in WWII.


hribal animals working class 98%

Those revolutions that historians love to speak of, the agricultural, industrial, and urban revolutions, became much clearer and more comprehensive.


hateymail2 97%

Rapidly climbing the greasy pole of party politics, he became leader in 2001, and went on quietly to persuade noone whatsoever that he was anything but a useless tosser.


Wuthering Heights 03-05-10 96%

All the other members of the household were opposed to the introduction of a strange boy, except for Catherine, who was a little younger than Heathcliff and became fast friends with him.


The East India Company cours 94%

• 1815 The French lost the battle of Waterloo and Britain became the most powerful army in the world.


Non-self Motto 1-2011 (english) ebook copy 93%

After completing, his degree B.A (English, Honours) at Yangon University, he started his business and he became succeeding greatly in his business within a short period till 1999.


الجسر المعلق دير الزور ...2 92%

Then it went through the Assyrians, .Chaldeans, and Persians After the defeat of the Persians it became part of the Hellenistic empire under Alexander the Great then it became part of the Seleucid empire.



Wong became a Lumpinee Boxing Stadium promoter and Fairtex Promotions was established.


wrisberg 91%

He became medical director of the clinic for gynecology and midwifery at the University of Go ¨ttingen from 1765 to 1785.


Document anglais 89%

- The Statute of Wesminster of 1931, created the dominions South Africa borned in 1910, became dominions in 1931 In 1948, National Party won elections, Malan’s created the Apartheid In 1956, Strijdom governement break the franchise of voting rights for the “Coloured” The year of this speech, gouvernement banned ANC and Sharpeville massacre took place South Africa really want to cut links with Great Britain, so coming for the “golden wedding” is a complicate situation Harold Macmillan - borned in february 10, 1894 in Chelsea and Died in December 29, 1986 in Chelwood place He was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1957 to 1963 Famous for this speech, but the polity of Harold was not only a politics of decolonization He make a strong policy in the Middle-East against Nasser and all arabic nationalism.


Ghana at a glance 89%

In 1951, the Gold Coast became the first British colony in Africa to achieve self-government and upon attaining political independence in 1957, it became known as Ghana.


BIOGRAFY lane ang 89%

After she finished the National Conservatory of danse in Ljubljana she became a solist dancer.


Trillion Digital Novel 04 89%

3 “Sister, do you speak with Brother very often?” I spend a lot more time with Zebo-chin now, ever since he graduated and became an Overlord.



The 8 became a B &


Barack Obama 88%

Son of a Kenyan black and a white American from Kansas native Irish, it is the first African-American who became president of the United States.


Presskit Jeremie Naulet 2017 88%

He discovered the Techno movement in the German clubs at the age of 17 and quickly became passionate about DJing.


MICRO TRAIN 20108 87%

This enclosed autorack design became the universal standard for most railroads by the mid-1970s, as it prevented vandalism and pilferage and helped to protect vehicles from the elements.


110111-lionel messi 87%

He became famous when he was Chelsea’s coach for calling himself the “Special One”.


sten mk2 complete machine instructions 87%

The STEN MKII Complete machine plans STEN SUBMACHINE GUN, 9-millimetre submachine gun that became the standard such weapon in the British Commonwealth armed forces during World War II.


Stengunplans 87%

The STEN MKII Complete machine plans STEN SUBMACHINE GUN, 9-millimetre submachine gun that became the standard such weapon in the British Commonwealth armed forces during World War II.


Guide patrimoine & loisirs 86%

The town grew up on both sides of the Rhône and became one of the largest towns in Gaul.


QR - Chapelle du Groseau ENG 86%

The pagan cult devoted to Groselos was replaced by an early Christian community which later became absorbed in the diocese of the Bishop of Vaison.


I didn't save Cookie 85%

People were tested and being told they had something called ARC, that quickly became medically non-relevant.


MINITRIX 2019 85%

MHI Exclusiv 1/2019 2 – 11 So for example, the express service car that became famous beyond Minitrix Club Model for 2019 8–  9 Cologne.