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VTUONL-20160921150148025 100%

VTUONL 20160921150148025 Please be aware that, because we use natural materials, the colours and patterns on your personalised Vertu may be slightly different to those shown here.


Homophobia and you 98%

I am the girl kicked out of her home because I confided in my mother that I am a lesbian.


2015.Lettre N°8-E 98%

Because they feared reprisals from their confederations having issued "recommendations".


Report of North Bank 97%

We traveled by car and by boat because we had to cross the river.


quetions partie 2 CCF Anglais 97%

I chose this topic/subject because we studied it in class / I like this topic / Why do you like this topic/subject?


Qualitative questionnaire Eurielle 96%

 I think it’s good because there is a lot of body products for everyone, every skin tone, some lighter creams, some heavier creams so it’s good!


essai argumentatif 94%

The death penalty didn't exist, because there was no penalties.


AngellierTimes April 2013 94%

Some others are not that much in a hurry to see it ending, not because they like the classes although some classes are pretty much fun - nor because they don’t know what they could possibly do during their five-month-long holidays.



My firsts days in Sofia was very exciting, and stressing because there was a lot of new and different things for me, specially the language, which is completely different for me, and at the beginning I didn't understand anything, and I had great difficulties to communicate, even in english because I never used this language before.


Anglais - Protect the environment 93%

It is very important for us to protect the environment because if we don’t act, there will be natural disasters in the future!


dialogue 93%

  Alexis  femme  I’m  crying  because  you  deceive  me,  We  have  to  talk  .


correction 4am last terl exam3 92%

All kinds of people, young and old, rich and poor, loved her because she always had a pleasant word for everybody.


sales1 92%

Always in great conditions or if not they are here because they are rare or pretty unusual.


Trigonometry-QuickStudy 91%

When evaluating the trig functions for angle A in this right triangle, leg y is the opposite leg y z for angle A because it does not touch point A;


SBriand - Nuxe International Markets 89%

Nuxe Reve De Miel Foaming Bath And Shower Gel answers this tendency because it is formulated with a high concentration of nature-derived soothing and softening ingredients.


Because-It-s-Country 89%

Because It s Country Because It’s Country Musique :


- مزوار محمد سعيد 89%

This is a great honor to him, because the philosophy is a good food to human spirit.


kaiser written by Mr. Mezouar Mohammed Said 88%

This is a great honor to him, because the philosophy is a good food to human spirit.


Best Online Institutes for Fake Certificates 87%

Best Online Institutes for Fake Certificates Choose the Best Online Institutes for Fake Certificates Are you school dropout and now you want to pursue your career where you left then don’t worry .There are many schools whom are providing facilities to enroll in online .There are many reasons because of which some people have to drop out of the college or may be from the schools because of different reasons whether it is related to money or it can be because of Family problems.


Page 7 - EWIPA updated 87%

because they have a large destructive radius, i.e.


Fanbook-Sachin Space-Walkers-2016-Paris-2 (1) (1) 87%

#LaFamille Hi Sachin, I don't know where to start because I have so much things to say but first of all thank you so much for coming to the convention in Paris, thank you for giving us a chance to meet you.


2016-marketing-trends (1) 87%

This year, our trends selection process became even more difficult, not just because marketing continues to evolve at such a fast pace, but because marketing evolution is so different by company and by industry.


File five all sessions 87%

Because I think if I Stay here, I will get bored .


début histoire 86%

début histoire It was winter on the farm and Mr Cokudoo was bored because the days were long and cold.


le secret de la pierre 86%

If one mass of stone is different not just because of the smooth or rough texture, but also because of their natural magnetism and emit a field of their own natures so called dead and also some more than like other stones have Propertie so that in particular desired applications and can interact with known organisms.