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Diabète et atteinte cardiovasculaire Session d’experts Session d’experts La cellule musculaire lisse Imagerie du remodelage dans tous ses états pathologique du myocarde, from bedside to bench Flash Nouvelles technologies Cardiologie sous simulateur Pause-café – Visite de l’exposition Table ronde Table ronde Table ronde avec le soutien d’AstraZeneca Cardio-oncologie, from bench Développement to bedside cardiovasculaire normal et De la thrombose coronaire à la bithérapie antiplaquettaire pathologique Table ronde Postranslational proteins modifications Assemblée Générale du GRRC Soirée du Congrès – Salon du Montpellier Hérault Rugby V e n d r e d i Hrs 08:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:15 12:45 12:45 14:00 14:30 15:00 15:00 16:00 16:00 16:30 6 a v r i l Rythmologie Vaisseaux Insuffisance Cardiaque Table ronde Table ronde Table ronde Dysplasie et LPa et HDL :


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I’ve already listened to the ________ on my bedside table, but I haven’t listened to the _______ next to the CD-player.


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KEYWORDS le salon le séjour la salle à manger la cuisine la chambre (à coucher) la salle de bain le canapé le fauteuil le buffet le four l’évier le plan de travail le placard le torchon la table de nuit la table de chevet une armoire un dessus-de-lit une couverture le potager le portail Meeting the French 23 living room/lounge living room/lounge dining room kitchen bedroom bathroom sofa/settee armchair sideboard oven sink worktop/countertop cupboard tea towel/dish towel bedside table/night stand bedside table/night stand wardrobe/closet bedspread blanket kitchen/vegetable garden gate MF_1 invitations_Mise en page 1 29/10/12 12:04 Page30 INVITATIONS Un mariage CULTURAL TIPS For the civil wedding, both the bride and groom must each have a witness, un témoin.


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    Near  pa(ent  tes(ng  =  bedside  tes(ng  =  Point  of  Care  Tes(ng.



Experiments were performed at the bedside, using Synamps2 amplifiers (Neuroscan, El Paso, TX) in parallel with clinical recording.



25 2 Abbreviations AC ratio BMI CEN CV DCCT EDTA FPG FPLC GADA GDM GFR HPLC = = = = = = = = = = = = albumin/creatinine ratio body mass index Comité Européen de Normatisation coefficient of variation Diabetes Control and Complication Trial ethylenediamine tetra acetic acid fasting plasma glucose fast high pressure liquid chromatography glutamic acid decarboxylase auto-antibodies gestational diabetes mellitus glomerular filtration rate high pressure liquid chromatography IA-2, IA-2b ICA IFG IGT ISO LADA MODY OGTT POCT RIA SMBG UAE WHO = = = = = = = = = = = = = protein-tyrosine phosphatase auto-antibodies islet cell auto-antibodies impaired fasting glycaemia impaired glucose tolerance International Organization for Standardisation latent autoimmune diabetes in adults maturity onset diabetes of the young oral glucose tolerance test point of care testing (= testing near to the patient, bedside testing) radioimmunoassay self monitoring of blood glucose urinary albumin excretion World Health Organization


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    The  bedroom  has  a  real  200x140cm  double  bed,  a  dressing  room  for  your  personal   belongings  and  two  bedside  tables.


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“Hum, yes… my book is in the drawer of my bedside table…” “I’ll be back within a minute.” He watched her as she walked away, started to panic almost immediately.


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He was very impatient at the long wait, although after being summoned I had come immediately to his bedside.


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The development of valid and reliable bedside assessment tools to measure pain, sedation, agitation, and delirium in ICU patients has allowed clinicians to manage patients better and to evaluate outcomes associated with both nonpharmacologic and pharmacologic interventions (2, 3).


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·4· ·5· Ankara Chevet | Bedside table Page 31 Ankara Table basse | Low table Page 30


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Their position at the bedside or in the laboratory is a matter of discussion between clinicians and biologists.



Moreover, Srivastava (2005) found that smart phone users use their smart phone as an alarm clock and even sleep with their phone under their pillow or on their bedside table.



These cases should not deter the advancement of stem cell research and bench-to-bedside clinical trials.


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Having made a series of arguments in Part I of this article to justify a fairly clear (practical and pragmatic) content for rehabilitators and health care personnel in general, this second part will directly address the bedside clinic.


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A bedside glucose measurement may have been useful in determining whether poor feeding with resultant hypoglycemia contributed to his unwell appearance.


Inhaled Foreign Bodies In Pediatric Patients 31%

In these circumstances, Magill forceps should be available at the bedside in case the foreign body is visualized and removal is feasible.