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Verbes irréguliers 100%

Base verbale − Prétérit − Participe Passé − Traduction be − was/were − been − être bear − bore − born − supporter become − became − become − devenir begin − began − begun − commencer bet − bet − bet − parier bite − bit − bitten − mordre blow − blew − blown − souffler break − broke − broken − casser bring − brought − brought − apporter build − built − built − construire burn − burnt − burnt − brûler buy − bought − bought − acheter catch − caught − caught − attraper choose − chose − chosen − choisir come − came − come − venir cost − cost − cost − coûter cut − cut − cut − couper do − did − done − faire draw − drew − drawn − dessiner dream − dreamt − dreamt − rêver drink − drank − drunk − boire drive − drove − driven − conduire eat − ate − eaten − manger fall − fell − fallen − tomber feel − felt − felt − ressentir fight − fought − fought − se battre find − found − found − trouver fly − flew − flown − voler forget − forgot − forgotten − oublier forgive − forgave − forgiven − pardoner get − got − got − obtenir, recevoir give − gave − given − donner go − went − gone − aller have −had − had − avoir hear − heard − heard − entendre keep − kept − kept − garder leave − left − left − quitter know − knew − known − savoir lose − lost − lost − perdre make − made − made − fabriquer meet − met − met − rencontrer read − read − read − lire ring − rang − rung − sonner say − said − said − dire see − saw − seen − voir sit − sat − sat − être assis sleep − slept − slept − dormir swim − swam − swum − nager take − took − taken − prendre think − thought − thought − penser write − wrote − written − écrire EXERCISE:


correction series 96%

1)-had already begun / turned 2)-had paid /left 3)-had talked /seemed 4)-hadn’t snowed /arrived 5)-had they just waken up /called 6)-met/ had already made 7)-had you ever used/ got 8)-had taken / relased 9)-had never been 10)-had just begun / rung Ex 2:


ch15 91%

Chapter 15 Analysis of Crowded Scenes in Video In this chapter, we first review the recent studies that have begun to address the various challenges associated with the analysis of crowded scenes.


HDA-Bloody Sunday 87%

'Cause tonight, we can be as one Tonight Broken bottles under children's feet Bodies strewn across the dead end street But I won't heed the battle call It puts my back up Puts my back up against the wall Sunday, Bloody Sunday Sunday, Bloody Sunday Sunday, Bloody Sunday And the battle's just begun There's many lost, but tell me who has won The trench is dug within our hearts And mothers, children, brothers, sisters Torn apart Sunday, Bloody Sunday Sunday, Bloody Sunday How long?


goetia 1er livre du roi sallomon 76%

Aleister Crowley, a poet, and skilled student of Magical Lore, and an expert Kabbalist, to complete openly that which had been begun in secret.3 This is that which is written:


os 73%

‫ إن‬/QIk‫وا‬ The journey to the target has begun, and the noble person has begun the march with determination.


EBC 72%

Awareness of SDR had begun… TeamBrooke had come to the table back in September 2012 after learning about a young girl but not truly knowing enough at that time about CP and SDR but as time had passed they learnt more every day and had got very involved with the Tree of Hope and discover many more children all needing or already trying to raise money to have this life changing operation.


Laurent Cardot 2012 72%

1 Self-Service as Superior Service Forward-thinking hoteliers have recognized this trend and have recently begun leading the charge to introduce self-service options that are streamlining the travel experience for the new mobile generation of guests.


Kings And Queens2 71%

Kings And Queens The age of man is over A darkness comes at dawn These lessons that we've learned here Have only just begun Les ténèbres arrivent Et toutes les leçons que nous avons apprises ici Rois et Reines L'âge de l’Homme est révolu Ne font que commencer IPNS 30 Seconds To Mars –


TSG 71%

•  We have begun the process of securing guest artists who will accompany Lulu Gainsbourg as featured on his tribute album as well as others who will capture the magic of Serge’s music such as:


05. Verbe Irregulier 71%

Base verbale be bear become begin bite blow break bring build buy catch choose come cost do draw dream drive eat fall feel fight find fly forget forgive get give go have hear leave know lose make meet ring say See Sit Sleep Swim Take Think Write Prétérit was/were bore became began bit blew broke brought built bought caught chose came cost did drew dreamt drove ate fell felt fought found flew forgot forgave got gave went had heard left knew lost made met rang said Saw Sat Slept Swam Took Thought Wrote Participe Passé been borne become begun bitten blown broken brought built bought caught chosen come cost done drawn dreamt driven eaten fallen felt fought found flown forgotten forgiven got given gone had heard left known lost made met rung said Seen Sat Slept Swum Taken Thought Written Traduction être supporter devenir commencer Mordre souffler casser apporter construire Acheter attraper choisir venir coûter faire dessiner rêver conduire manger tomber ressentir Se battre Trouver voler oublier pardonner obtenir, recevoir donner aller avoir Entendre quitter Savoir perdre fabriquer rencontrer sonner Dire Voir Etre assis Dormir Nager Prendre Penser Ecrire


Packt.Learning.Network.Forensics.1782174907 69%

At last it is done, A journey that long ago was begun, Many lights there are that have helped on the way, To everyone of them, my thanks I would say.


community-leaders-brief 68%

We are anticipating broadcasts over the emergency broadcast network to explain the situation very soon if they have not begun by the time you have received this document.


InophisMusicOct2009 66%

He has begun to play guitar in 1995, he was 15 years old.


Virtua Quest - Manual - GC 65%

Control Stick Choose (menu) Move Sei Control Pad Choose (menu) a Button Select (menu) Examine / Speak / General Attack b Button Cancel (menu) Jump c Stick Wire Action l Button Position camera behind Sei r Button Synapse Break z Button Talk to Bit y Button Guard Run along walls x Button Attack using Virtua Soul technique r + y Button 4 View Control Panel Skip previously viewed movies Synapse Bomber 5 In the not-so-distant future, mankind has begun to live in places other than just the surface of the Earth.


recruiting-trends-global-linkedin-2015 65%

Broader technology advancements have also begun to disrupt the talent industry, setting the stage for a dynamic and exciting future for recruiting.


Res populi n°3 english 64%

This intervening period underestimated by the general public sees nevertheless two Far from metamorphosing all of a sudden, the male and feminine silhouettes continue their slow evolution begun at the beginning of the XIVth century.


General Contractor Los Angeles 64%

One of the distinctions of our project management is our implementation of progress billing, in which - after an initial labor deposit - you pay for our services only as they're completed, rather than weeks or months before they've even begun.


infinitif 63%

past Abide Abided \Abode Abided ‫التزم‬ Demeurer Arise Arose Arisen ‫نشأ‬ Survenir Awake Awoke Awoken ‫استيقظ‬ Réveiller Be Was\ were Been ‫يكون‬ être Bear Bore Borne\ Born ‫تحمل‬ Porter Beat Beat Beaten ‫فاز‬ Battre Become Became Become ‫أصبح‬ Devenir Befall Befell Befallen ‫مس‬ Arriver à Beget Begot Begotten ‫نجب‬ Engendrer Began Begun ‫بدأ‬ Commenc er Behold Beheld Beheld ‫لمح‬ Voir Bend Bent Bent ‫انحنى‬ Plier Bereav Bereft Bereft ‫ثكل‬ Déposséd er Beset Beset Beset ‫هاجم‬ Assaillie Bid Bid\ Bide Bid\ Bidden ‫عرض‬ Parier Begin Writing from From Young English club infinitif French Arabic participle translatio translation n Bind Bound Bound ‫ربط‬ Lier Break Broke Broken ‫كسر‬ Briser Blow Blew Blown ‫هجوم‬ Buy Bought Bought Cast Cast Cast ‫استرى‬ ‫ألقى‬ Faire sauter Acheter Come Came Come ‫جاء‬ Venir Cost Cost Cost ‫كلف‬ Couter Cut Cu Cut ‫قطع‬ Couper Deal Dealt Dealt ‫تعامل‬ Traiter Dig Dug Dug ‫حفر‬ Creuser Do Did Done ‫فعل‬ Faire Draw Drew Drawn ‫رسم‬ Dessiner Dream Dreamt Dreamt ‫حلم‬ Rêver Drink Drank Drunk ‫شرب‬ Boire Dwell Dwelt Dwelt ‫سكن‬ Habiter Drive Drove Driven ‫دفع‬ Conduire Eat Ate Eaten ‫أكل‬ Manger Fall Fell Fallen ‫سقط‬ Tomber Feed Fed Fed Nourrir Feel Felt ‫أطعم‬ ‫شعر‬ Fight Fought Fought ‫تقاتل‬ Find Flee Forget Found Fled Forgot Found Fled Forgotten Forgive Forgave Forgiven ‫وجد‬ ‫هرب‬ ‫تنسي‬ ‫غفر‬ Combattr e Trouver Fuir Oublier Pardonner Get Got \Gotten ‫يحصل‬ Obtenir Felt Sentir From Young English club Jeter Donner Gone ‫منح‬ ‫تذهب‬ Ground Ground ‫طحن‬ Moudre Grow Grew Grown ‫زرع‬ Croître Have Had Had ‫سحب‬ Avoir Hear Hew Heard Hewed Heard \Hewn ‫سمح‬ ‫حطب‬ Entendre Tailler Hide Hid Hidden ‫جلد‬ Cacher Hit Hit Hit ‫ضرب‬ Frapper Hold Held Held ‫عقد‬ Tenir Hurt Hurt Hurt ‫جرح‬ Blesser Keep Kept Kept ‫احتفظ‬ Garder Kneel Knelt Knelt ‫ركع‬ S’agenouil ler Know Knew Known ‫علم‬ Savoir Lay Laid Laid ‫وضع‬ Poser Lead Led Led ‫قاد‬ Conduire Lean Leant Leant ‫هزيل‬ Penchez Leap Leapt Leapt ‫قفز‬ Sauter Learn Learnt Learnt ‫تعلم‬ Apprendr e Leave Left Left Laisser Let Let Let ‫ترك‬ ‫ودع‬ Lie Lay Lain ‫كذب‬ Mentir Lose Lost Lost ‫فقد‬ Perdre Make Made Made ‫جعل‬ Faire Mean Meant Meant ‫عني‬ Signifier Give Gave Given Go Went Grind Aller Laisser Meet Met Met ‫تقابل‬ Rencontre r Mislay Mislaid Mislaid ‫أضاع‬ Egarer Mistake Mistook Mistaken ‫أخطأ‬ Se tromper Mow Mowed mown ‫جز‬ Tondre Outdo Outdid outdone ‫تغلب‬ Surpasser Overdo Overdid Overdone ‫تطرف‬ Exagérer Outrun Outran Outrun ‫تجاوز‬ Envahir Pay Paid Paid Payer Prove Proved Proven ‫دفع‬ ‫ثبت‬ Prouver Put Put Put ‫وضع‬ Mettre Read Read Read ‫قرأ‬ Lire Rebuild Rebuilt Rebuilt ‫اعاد البناء‬ Redo Redid Redone Remake Remade Remade ‫فعل ثانية‬ ‫صنع ثانية‬ Reconstru ire Refaire Rend Rent Rent ‫مزق‬ Déchirer Refaire Repay Repaid Repaid ‫رد‬ Rembours er Reset Reset Reset ‫تجبر‬ Remettre Ride Rode Ridden ‫ركب‬ Montre Say Said Said ‫قال‬ Dire See Saw Seen ‫شاهد‬ Voir Seek Sought Sought ‫طلب‬ Chercher Sell Sold Sold ‫باع‬ Vendre Send sent sent ‫ارسل‬ Envoyer Set Set Set ‫وضع‬ Fixer Shake Shook Shaken ‫هز‬ Secouer Sewed \sewn ‫خاط‬ Coudre Shoot Shot Shot ‫اطلق النار‬ Tourner Show Showed Shown ‫عرض‬ Montrer Sit Sat Sat ‫جلس‬ S’Asseoir Slay Slew Slain ‫ذبح‬ Tuer sleep Slept Slept ‫نام‬ Dormir Sling Slang Slung ‫رمى‬ élinguer Smell Smelt Smelt ‫شم‬ Humer Sow Sowed Sown Semer Spend Spent Spent ‫زرع‬ ‫أنفق‬ Passer Split Split Split ‫انقسم‬ Scinder Spread Spread Spread ‫نشر‬ Diffuser Spring Sprang Sprung ‫وثب‬ Naitre Stand Stood Stood ‫تحمل‬ Se tenir debout Steal Stole Stolen Voler Swear Swore Sworn Take Took Taken ‫سرق‬ ‫أقسم‬ ‫أخذ‬ Prendre Teach Taught Taught ‫علم‬ Enseigner Tear Tore Torn ‫قطع‬ Déchirer Tell Told Told ‫أخبر‬ Dire Think Thought Thought ‫اعتقد‬ Penser Tread Trod Trodden ‫داس‬ Fil Undo Undid Undone ‫فك‬ Annuler Upset Upset Upset ‫قلب‬ Wake Woke Woken ‫استيقظ‬ Boulevers er Réveiller Jurer From young English club Sew


verb list irregular 63%

PRESENT PAST PRESENT/PAST PERFECT (with has, had, have) arise awake bear become arose awakened bore became arisen awakened borne become begin bend bid bite blow break bring burst buy build can catch choose cling come cost creep dig do drag drug draw drink drive eat fall feel fight find` fit forget forgive forsake freeze get give go grow hang (execute) hang (picture) have hear hide hold hurt keep know lay (put or place) began bent bade bit blew broke brought burst bought built could caught chose clung came cost crept dug did dragged drugged drew drank drove ate fell felt fought found fit forgot forgave forsook froze got gave went grew hanged hung had heard hid held hurt kept knew laid begun bent bidden bitten blown broken brought burst bought built could caught chosen clung come cost crept dug done dragged drugged drawn drunk driven eaten fallen felt fought found fit forgotten forgiven forsaken frozen gotten, got given gone grown hanged hung had heard hidden held hurt kept known laid lead learn leave lend let lie (recline) lose mean meet pay raise (lift) read ride ring rise (move upward) run say see sell set shake shine (give light) shine (polish) shoot show shrink sing sink sit slay sleep sneak speak spend spin stand steal sting strew strike strive swear swim swing take teach tear tell led learned left lent let lay lost meant met paid raised read rode rang rose ran said saw sold set shook shone shined shot showed shrank sang sank sat slew slept sneaked spoke spent spun stood stole stung strewed struck strove swore swam swung took taught tore told led learned left lent let lain lost meant met paid raised read ridden rung risen run said seen sold set shaken shone shined shot shown shrunk sung sunk sat slain slept sneaked spoken spent spun stood stolen stung strewed struck striven sworn swum swung taken taught torn told think throw tread wake wear weave win wring write thought threw trod waked wore wove won wrung wrote Revised May 2005 at Meramec thought thrown trodden waked worn woven won wrung written


Global Luxury Real Estate 2013 62%

gest, although prized resort areas have begun to see effects of the luxury residential market’s recovery.


SAYIT Liste verbes chansons 62%

PASSÉ être acheter faire boire manger trouver donner aller avoir faire (fabriquer) lire voir dormir parler prendre porter (vêtement) écrire devenir be buy do drink eat find give go have make read see sleep speak take wear write become was bought did drank ate found gave went had made read saw slept spoke took wore wrote became been bought done drunk eaten found given gone had made read seen slept spoken taken worn written become A1 step 2 (5e) commencer tenir venir dessiner brûler construire casser choisir tomber ressentir / sentir oublier entendre couper conduire garder rêver begin hold come draw burn build break choose fall feel forget hear cut drive keep dream began held came drew burnt built broke chose fell felt forgot heard cut drove kept dreamt begun held come drawn burnt built broken chosen fallen felt forgotten heard cut driven kept dreamt A1 step 1 (6e) FRANÇAIS VERBE PRÉTÉRIT PART.


Danse elargie - Dai Jian Short Bio 62%

Dai Jian has begun creating his own work alongside a professional dance performance career since 18 year old.


Verbes irréguliers anglais 62%

  Infinitif Prétérit Participe passé Traduction   to be was / were been être   to beat beat beaten battre   to become became become devenir   to begin began begun commencer   to blow blew blown souffler   to break broke broken casser   to bring brought brought amener   to build built built construire   to burn burnt burnt brûler   to buy bought bought acheter   to catch caught caught attrapper   to choose chose chosen choisir   to come came come venir   to cost cost cost coûter   to cut cut cut couper   to dig dug dug creuser   to do did done faire   to draw drew drawn tracer, dessiner   to dream dreamt dreamt rêver   to drink drank drunk boire   to drive drove driven conduire   to eat ate eaten manger   to fall fell fallen tomber   to feed fed fed donner a manger, nourir   to feel felt felt sentir, éprouver   to fight fought fought battre, combattre 1/3 23/04/2017 Verbes irréguliers anglais ­ 85 verbes irréguliers à connaître ­ Grammaire anglaise ­ BabelCoach   to find found found trouver   to fly flew flown voler   to forget forgot forgotten oublier   to freeze froze frozen geler   to get got got obtenir   to give gave given donner   to go went gone aller   to grow grew grown cultiver, grandir   to have had had avoir   to hide hid hidden (se) cacher   to hit hit hit frapper, atteindre   to hold held held tenir   to hurt hurt hurt blesser   to keep kept kept garder   to know knew known connaître, savoir   to learn learnt learnt apprendre (aussi "learned / learned")   to leave left left quitter, laisser   to lend lent lent prêter   to let let let laisser, louer   to lose lost lost perdre   to make made made fabriquer   to mean meant meant vouloir dire   to meet met met rencontrer   to pay paid paid payer   to put put put mettre   to read read /rɛd/ read /rɛd/ lire   to ride rode ridden monter, chevaucher   to ring rang rung sonner   to rise rose risen élever, se lever   to run ran run courir   to say said said dire   to see saw seen voir   to sell sold sold vendre   to send sent sent envoyer   to set set set poser, fixer   to shake shook shaken secouer   to show showed shown montrer   to sing sang sung chanter   to sit sat sat s'assoir, être assis   to sleep slept slept dormir   to smell smelt smelt sentir   to speak spoke spoken parler   to spend spent spent dépenser 2/3 23/04/2017 Verbes irréguliers anglais ­ 85 verbes irréguliers à connaître ­ Grammaire anglaise ­ BabelCoach   to spring sprang sprung jaillir, bondir   to stand stood stood être debout   to steal stole stolen voler, dérober   to swear swore sworn jurer   to sweep swept swept balayer   to swim swam swum nager   to take took taken prendre   to teach taught taught enseigner   to tell told told dire, raconter   to think thought thought penser   to throw threw thrown lancer   to understand understood understood comprendre   to wake woke woken (se) réveiller   to wear wore worn porter (habit)   to win won won gagner   to write wrote written écrire Sources: