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100% - Foster and McVey Neufeld 2013 TINS

We also discuss the relation between stress and microbiota, and how alterations in microbiota influence stress-related behaviors. 01/10/2013

98% - sdarticle 003ffffffffffffffffffffff

In addition, there is growing evidence that other behaviors that show sex differences, including sexual orientation, core gender identity, personality characteristics and motor performance are similarly influenced, and the neural underpinnings of these hormonal influences on behavior are being identified. 12/07/2012

97% - CBS S pdf

Athletes completed the CBS-S and established questionnaires of coaching behaviors (LSS), self-confidence (CSAI-2R), and coach–athlete relationship (CART-Q). 14/02/2016

96% - beerda spatial restriction behaviour colangeli

Behaviors were recorded on line by using the Observer software package (Noldus Information Technology, 6702 EA Wageningen, The Netherlands), and were recorded in terms of the frequency of occurrence or in terms of the duration of occurrence. 17/06/2012

95% - neurobilolgoy of love love addiction

Naturally rewarding or pleasurable activities are necessary for survival and appetitive motivation, usually governing beneficial biological behaviors like eating, sex, and reproduction. 07/09/2014

95% - Unilever Case Flora Group 2

The research concludes that health and ecological welfare benefits have a positive affect on consumer attitudes to healthy and environmentally friendly spreadables and going further, these attitudes leads to loyal behaviors’. 13/04/2016

94% - TSI Sloth Observation Guide

Behavioral Ethogram Sloths express a variety of behaviors and some behaviors may seem very similar and can initially be difficult to distinguish. 20/05/2019

94% - cognition

cognition Emergence de la psy. 04/12/2014

94% - 10826084.2011.592432

Buffering the Relationship Between Stressful Life Events and Risky Behaviors in American Indian Youth Subst Use Misuse Downloaded from by University of Montreal on 09/24/11 For personal use only. 24/09/2011

93% - Burghardt 2003

therefore, it should be true that ‘‘canine behavior is canine behavior.’’ It is readily apparent even from casual observation of canine behavior that a great degree of variation exists in what are considered normal and abnormal behaviors as compared between different breeds and even between individual animals of the same breed [1]. 17/06/2012


2), we tested each network’s associations with parenting behaviors and oxytocin. 10/06/2014

93% - Balthazart & Court 2017

Another gene located in Xq28 and expressed in the brain is the cyclic nucleotide gated channel alpha 2 (CNGA2) that is critical in mice for the control of odor-evoked sociosexual behaviors(Mandiyan,Coats,&Shah,2005;Spehretal.,2006).Although the contribution of olfaction to human sexual behavior seems restricted when compared to rodents, the differential hypothalamic responses of gay and straight men to olfactory compounds with presumed pheromonal activity (Savic, Berglund, & 04/06/2017

92% - Helbing SocialForceModel PedDynamics 1998

The corresponding force concept is discussed in more detail and can be also applied to the description of other behaviors. 24/05/2011

92% - ch15

First, we present a crowd analysis algorithm powered by prior probability distributions over behaviors that are learned on a large database of crowd videos gathered from the Internet. 10/10/2013

91% - ACER Tattoo piercing OH copie

Contrary to Koziel and colleagues (2010) statement that tattoos and piercings could serve as signals of biological quality, several studies have concluded that tattoos and body piercings are indicators of risk-taking behaviors. 26/04/2012

91% - pleine lune et sommeil

Full Moon and Its Association with Sleep and Activity Behaviors in an International Sample of Children. 21/04/2016

90% - 5 Tips to a balanced dog

Show him one enclosed fist with the treat inside, and say, “Leave it.” Let him lick, sniff, mouth, paw, and bark, and ignore the behaviors. 03/09/2019