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Buddhism and GNH 100%

The primary purpose or the essence of Buddhism is that the attainment of wisdom or enlightenment is within the power of every individual, not just humans, but all sentient beings.


EPS Consultants (4) 94%

EPS Consultants (4) EPS MALAYSIA Recruitment &


TheScienceofBeingWell 90%

TheScienceofBeingWell The Science of Being Well Wallace D.


Insultes NEW YORK TIMES 86%

Insultes NEW YORK TIMES ..


Facebook 85%


In Grid You Promised me Youre screwed 83%

In Grid You Promised me Youre screwed In-Grid - You Promised me (You're screwed) Indication and therefore threatens to torture in satellite grid in a song Seventeen boats heights buoys The headlights in the plane of the camera centered at the level of light highlight the headlights designate beings or unified or common up passages plan is not mobile and fixed on the fixture it is he who limits the volume of individual passages we see the woman who looks aside seas but being the beginning of the film that remains very significant one can see also that it is dressed in blue is a color identification by propaganda the car continues the camera remains on the side of the luminaire height then the other the ridge with the city and then the lights which directs beings in union the blades of grass to the same number a reflection of the windshield takes up the luminaire but also the houses behind exit plan from start to blow "rays in the mouth"


Paper-NL10 80%

Paper NL10 Bérut T. Bensassi Nour K.