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Ever since 1998, Positive Planet has led over 500 initiatives in 35 different countries, trained 1.5 million beneficiaries, and supported 9.5 million children and institutions.


Free Movement of Persons 91%

service providers and beneficiaries of services benefit from this freedom What is a service ?


PDF final Flyer 3 85%

Jabal Tareq – Al Zarqa Governorate Numbers of beneficiaries:


i&a-E-translation 84%

• • • • Access to care and free schooling for children from disadvantaged families Access to care and free education for street children and illiterate adults A strong representation of girls and young women among students A philosophy that conveys civic and democratic values through which children of different religions and ethnicities coexist Education and care for all members of a family help combat neglect and exploitation of the weakest, offering beneficiaries the opportunity to build a future.


Joint audit cost recovery concept paper 81%

Purpose and background To ensure continued effectiveness and efficiency in the delivery of results to our partners and, ultimately, to beneficiaries, audit has an essential role to assume.


Legea nr. 195 (Legea voluntariatului 77%

Legea nr. 195 (Legea voluntariatului Legea nr.


EOI - Côte d’Ivoire - Social Media Consultant - PCER 73%

The Bank recognizes the huge reach and potential of social media in communicating its High 5 development priorities – Light up and power Africa, Feed Africa, Industrialize Africa, Integrate Africa, and Improve the quality of life for the people of Africa – and aims to improve its presence on social media to engage with its partners, stakeholders, media, beneficiaries and the general public.


Imperial Blobal Brigades 2017 67%

Knowing children are the first beneficiaries from these projects further motivated us to work harder as we knew improvements made on their lives will help their education and have a huge impact on the future of the communities.


Workshop SKIN - RMT SAURB 14 March 65%

The functioning of the deliveries is based on students’ participation, through both volunteering of the beneficiaries of the AMAP and the implication of members of the association.



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