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Research Engineer Postdoc Human cell biology CEA Saclay 2017 100%

Research Engineer / Post-doctoral Position – Human cell biology New mechanisms of nucleotide excision DNA repair coupled with transcription activation in human cells A 30-month research engineer position funded by the Fondation ARC is open from November 2017 to work in the group “Genome Transcriptional Regulation” headed by Dr.


2018-Annonce Post-doc ANRS 98%

We are looking for a resourceful post-doc to join our research team that will move to the Institute for Integrative Biology of the Cell (I2BC), in 2019.


Giannone-PostDoc 2013 96%

Post-Doctoral Position Available In cell biology and biophysics General environment:


NER-specificity PhD-project 96%

Timmins’ team (biochemistry and structural biology of D.


PhD position Le Clainche I2BC 96%

Study of mechanosensitive protein complexes associated to the actomyosin cytoskeleton The Institute for Integrative Biology of the Cell (I2BC) is a new vibrant environment for research in all disciplines of life sciences located in the south Paris area (Gif-sur-Yvette).


Programme of ethic debate1 96%

 Ethical Debate Issues of synthetic biology :


PostDoc offers Navarro 94%

JOB OFFERS The Epigenetics of Stem Cells lab ( is using a combination of chromatin biology, cell biology and computational sciences to understand how mitosis impacts gene regulatory processes in pluripotent cells.


Postdoc InstitutCurie BioCell 2017 93%



postdoc ad duharcourt 93%

  Experimental   approaches   include   molecular   biology,   biochemistry,   genomics   and   cell   biology,   as   well   as   bioinformatics.


effetsdutabac 93%

the biology and behavioural basis for smoking-attributable disease:


Nicolas LAMBERT curriculum(2) 93%

First candidature Code Learning activity AM102 BV101 BV103P CG101 MA101 MA103P PH101 ZG101 ZG102P ZZ102P Cell biology Botany :


Ad 93%

3-year Post-doctoral fellowship in Molecular Biology We are inviting applications for a post-doctoral scientist to join the Waltzer team in the “Genetic Development and Reproduction” (GReD) research unit in Clermont-Ferrand (France).


JCRreport2019-2020 92%

1 CA-A CANCER JOURNAL FOR CLINICIANS Journal Impact Factor 292.278 2 NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE 74.699 Q1 3 Nature Reviews Materials 71.189 Q1 4 NATURE REVIEWS DRUG DISCOVERY 64.797 Q1 5 LANCET 60.392 Q1 6 WHO Technical Report Series 59.000 Q1 7 NATURE REVIEWS MOLECULAR CELL BIOLOGY 55.470 Q1 8 Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology 53.276 Q1 9 NATURE REVIEWS CANCER 53.030 Q1 10 CHEMICAL REVIEWS 52.758 Q1 11 Nature Energy 46.495 Q1 12 JAMA-JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION 45.540 Q1 13 REVIEWS OF MODERN PHYSICS 45.037 Q1 14 CHEMICAL SOCIETY REVIEWS 42.846 Q1 15 NATURE 42.778 Q1 16 SCIENCE 41.845 Q1 17 Nature Reviews Disease Primers 40.689 Q1 18 World Psychiatry 40.595 Q1 20 NATURE REVIEWS IMMUNOLOGY 40.358 Q1 21 NATURE MATERIALS 38.663 Q1 22 CELL 38.637 Q1 23 NATURE BIOTECHNOLOGY 36.558 Q1 24 NATURE MEDICINE 36.130 Q1 25 Living Reviews in Relativity 35.429 Q1 26 Nature Reviews Chemistry 34.953 Q1 27 NATURE REVIEWS MICROBIOLOGY 34.209 Q1 28 LANCET ONCOLOGY 33.752 Q1 29 NATURE REVIEWS NEUROSCIENCE 33.654 Q1 30 NATURE REVIEWS GENETICS 33.133 Q1 31 Annual Review of Astronomy and Astrophysics 32.963 Q1 32 JOURNAL OF CLINICAL ONCOLOGY 32.956 Q1 33 PROGRESS IN MATERIALS SCIENCE 31.560 Q1 34 Nature Nanotechnology 31.538 Q1 35 Nature Photonics 31.241 Q1 36 NATURE METHODS 30.822 Q1 37 Nature Catalysis 30.471 Q1 38 Energy &


offre-emploi PD IBEID v2018 91%

application to antiviral drug discovery through image-based high throughput analyses.” A postdoctoral position, funded by the Laboratory of Excellence Integrative Biology of Emerging Infectious Diseases (LabEx IBEID:


Crystallography position (CDI) Institut Pasteur 91%

June 30th, 2017 The Institut Pasteur in Paris is one of the leading institutes worldwide in fundamental biology and biomedical research.


Post-Doc-Cryo-EM-InstitutCurie-2017 90%

Antonny, IPMC, Valbonne) and combines approaches of cell biology, membrane biochemistry and structural biology.


Genetic Master Fellowships 90%

A top research program in Paris, France All classes are taught exclusively in English Our Master’s degree offers a choice of 28 one-week modules to create a personalized study program, covering 12 disciplines Human Genetics, Genomics, Cancer Genetics, Evolution, Epigenetics, Cell biology, Neurosciences, Immunology, Developmental Biology, Microbiology, Aging, Stem cells 7 advanced classes at the Pasteur Institute 2 to 6-weeks selective theoretical and practical training in Immunology, Molecular Biology of the Cell, Development of the Nervous System , Genomics, Genome Analysis, Molecular and Cellular Genetics, Multiple roles of RNAs Erasmus exchange program with one-week module in Europe Visit and attend lectures in partner universities:


EM Préparation 89%

Andres Kaech Physical demands of electron microscopy Biology Aqueous/hydrated Soft Light elements (C, O, H, N, S, P etc.) “Large” Electron microscope Not suitable for EM High vacuum Electron beam Sensitive to vibration (High magnifications) Physical demands of electron microscopy Biology Aqueous/hydrated Electron microscope Not suitable for EM High vacuum Soft Electron beam Light elements (C, O, H, N, S, P etc.) Sensitive to vibration (High magnifications) “Large” Biological samples need to be transferred into a solid state...


Plant signaling network 89%



Open position Flower development .Postdoc. 2017 89%

Postdoctoral position on Flower development and plant molecular biology:


BIOINFO Curie intronic polyadenylation 88%

Vagner’s lab is a biology research lab focusing on RNA biology (post-transcriptional regulation, noncoding RNAs and RNA-binding proteins) in cancer.


Post doc EMBL Rome RM 00067 88%

Rome, Italy Postdoctoral fellow 2 years N/A 20 May 2018 RM_00067 Job Description The Boulard group at EMBL Rome is recruiting a postdoctoral researcher with expertise in chromatin biology or biochemistry to lead an exciting interdisciplinary project focused on the molecular basis of epigenetic silencing in mammals.


BioISI, Biosystems and Integrative Sciences Institute 88%

CALL FOR 4 RESEARCH POST-DOCTORAL FELLOWSHIPS AT AN R&D INSTITUTION 4 Post-Doctoral Fellowships (BPD) – Systems Biology Four post-doctoral fellowships (Bolsas de pós-doutoramento) for PhD holders are open at the Fundação da Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa F.P.


Postdoc 88%

Our team investigates the mechanisms of cell proliferation and cell-cell communication using fission yeast as a model system, taking advantage of state-of-the-art approaches including synthetic biology, high-resolution live-cell imaging, microfluidics, and experimental evolution (for more information, see


PhD2018 87%

Our team investigates the mechanisms and evolution of cell proliferation, taking advantage of state-of-the-art approaches including synthetic biology, high-resolution live-cell imaging, microfluidics, and experimental evolution (for more information, see