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POSTER SEUD 2018 100%

ENDOSEARCH A European and North American International Clinical Trial testing a cluster of biomarkers for the diagnosis and prognosis of endometriosis Afshin FAZEL, MD, PhD (1), Hervé FERNANDEZ MD, PhD (2), Eric SAUVANET MD (3), Jean BOUQUET (4) (5) (1) MD,PhD , Patrick YEUNG MD , Jean louis BENIFLA MD and the ENDOSEARCH team 1- Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Hôpital Lariboisière, APHP, Paris, FRANCE;


201700000916 Gilquin B 96%

Proteomics Selected reaction monitoring Quantification Protein standard absolute quantification Biomarker Kidney There is a need for multiplex, specific and quantitative methods to speed-up the development of acute kidney injury biomarkers and allow a more specific diagnosis.


Rash diagnostics 87%

Biomarkers to define endotypes of atopic dermatitis are needed to predict which patients will benefit from evolving targeted therapies.


Sajatovic et al-2015-Bipolar Disorders 78%

This task force report addresses the unique aspects of OABD including epidemiology and clinical features, neuropathology and biomarkers, physical health, cognition, and care approaches.


FlyerWebCancerEnvironnement 28-29 11 2013 Lyon 76%

Manolis KOGEVINAS, CREAL - Joëlle LE MOAL, InVS • NewGeneris ‘Development and Application of Biomarkers of Dietary Exposure to Genotoxic and Immunotoxic Chemicals and of Biomarkers of Early Effects’ Jos KLEINJANS, University of Maastricht, Pays-Bas • The Impact of Endocrine Disruption:


McLellan-2017-EVJ- safety biphosphonates in racehorses 73%

From this equine research, it is clear that serum biomarkers (CTX-1) of bone resorption are significantly reduced following treatment with tiludronate.


pleine concscience et suivi post-chir baria 71%

Secondary outcomes included changes in weight, eating behaviors, psychosocial outcomes, and metabolic and inflammatory biomarkers.


CAH 68%

-- Reimbursement support -- Health Physics Services -- Continuing Education • Dedicated team of in-house engineers with extensive cyclotron production and maintenance experience help ensure your reliable access to the critical doses your patients need • PET Quality and Regulatory team ensures PET biomarkers have the high levels of consistency, quality and purity required by the FDA PET manufacturing and distribution network • Actionable patient management tools from proven best demonstrated practices to help increase patient satisfaction and reduce no-shows What our customers are saying— “As a mobile PET provider in Michigan, Cardinal Health has helped us grow since 2005.


Febrile infant update 64%

This review serves as an update on the care of febrile infants less than 90 days of age with a focus on the changing epidemiology of serious bacterial infection (SBI), refinement of management strategies based on biomarkers, and the development of novel diagnostics.


Compte Rendu FAST France Webinar Roche Juin 2020 63%

ABOM (Angelman Biomarkers and Outcome Measures) pour identifier à travers un consortium des biomarqueurs et des mesures.


Call for papers TUNISIE MEDICALE 62%

v) Biological biomarkers (oxidative stress);


The Fondation de France 61%

La#Fondation#de#France# The$mission$of$the$Fondation$de$France$is$to$connect$donators$to$the$best$ projects$ of$ solidarity$ and$ medical$ research.$ Thanks$ to$ its$ 21$ programmes$ and$ the$ 775$ foundations$ under$ the$ auspices$ of$ the$ Fondation$ de$ France,$ 9000$projects$were$funded$in$2014$in$all$fields$of$general$interest:$the$fight$ against$ social$ precariousness,$ medical$ research,$ aid$ to$ children,$ culture,$ environment$and$others.$$$ Our$voluntary$committees$of$experts$consisting$of$400$of$the$bestGknown$specialists$in$each$field$of$ action$recognize,$select$and$follow$up$the$most$useful$and$innovating$projects.$ Pervasive$ Developmental$ Disorders$ (PDD)$ which$ include$ autism,$ affects$ between$ 300$000$ and$ 500$000$ people$ in$ France$ and$ one$ out$ of$ 150$ births.$ In$ spite$ of$ important$ progress$ in$ the$ comprehension$ of$ these$ disorders$ there$ still$ remains$ a$ lot$ to$ discover$ about$ typical$ cognitive$ development.$$ It$ is$ this$ observation$ that$ leads$ the$ Fondation$ de$ France$ in$ 1999$ to$ engage$ in$ support$ for$ Fundamental$ and$ Clinical$ Research$ on$ PDD.$ The$ primary$ aim$ was$ to$ help$ interdisciplinary$ research$ and$ enable$ all$ those$ interested$ in$ the$ study$ and$ treatment$ of$ the$ disorder$ (psychiatrists,$ psychoanalysts,$ geneticists,$ epidemiologists,$ neuroscientists)$ to$ share$ their$ experience$ and$ their$ research.$ Ten$ years$ on$ a$ component$ on$ the$ typical$ cognitive$ development$ in$ children$ was$ added$ to$ analyse$ typical$ situations$ and$ establish$ standards$ of$ reference$ to$ permit$ better$ understanding$ of$ these$ disorders.$$ In$ 2015$ the$ FdF$ confirms$ its$ support$ to$ research$ for$ autism$ by$ funding$ important$ collaborative$ research$projects$that$will$contribute$to$better$knowledge$of$pathological$and$typical$development$ and$the$mechanism$of$learning$observed$in$children$from$the$fœtus$to$adolescence.$$ The$ aim$ is$ to$ develop$ original$ and$ innovating$ research$ concerned$ with$ all$ aspects$ of$ cognitive$ development$ in$ children$ and$ adolescents$ to$ improve$ the$ diagnostic$ and$ treatment$ of$ autism$ disorders.$ The#Fondation#de#France$projects#cover#five#subjects#:# G G G G G The$ mechanisms$ of$ normal$ and$ pathological$neuroGdevelopment$ The$modelisation$of$cognitive$and$ learning$development$ The$ identification$ of$ biomarkers$ permitting$ early$ diagnosis$ of$ autism,$ the$ evaluation$ of$ the$ effectiveness$ of$ treatment$ and$ strategies$for$prevention$ Longitudinal$ studies$ and$ the$ follow$up$of$groups$ New$ strategies$ for$ therapy$ and$ /or$innovating$treatment$for$autism$ $ ©F.$Albert$ Our$ multidisciplinary$ committee,$ composed$ of$ 12$ $ specialists$ $ known$ for$ their$ work$ in$ the$ field$ of$ Autism$Spectrum$Disorder$(ASD)$and$cognitive$development$in$children$and$adolescents,$selects$the$ most$promising$and$innovating$projects.$ $ Members#of#the#Autism#Committee# The$ committee$ is$ presided$ by$ Prof$ Catherine$ Barthélemy,$ university$ professor,$ hospital$ practitioner,$ pedopsychiatrist$ and$ physiologist.$ Responsible$ for$ team$ 1,$ Inserm$ U$ 930$ «$Brain$ and$ Imagery$»$ CHU$ Bretonneau,$Tours.$ $ $ Members$:$ G G G G G G G G G G G Dr#Alexis#Arzimanglou,$associate$professor,$hospital$pratitioner,$Head$of$$Department$at$the$ Institute$ of$ Epilepsy$ in$ Children$ and$ adolescents,$ hospital$ WomenGMotherGChild,$ Civil$ hospices$of$Lyon,$Bron$ Dr# Christine# Cans,$ hospital$ practitioner,$ Head$ of$ the$ Department$ of$ Medical$ Information,$ Pôle$Santé$Publique,$CHU$Grenoble.$ Prof# David# Cohen,$ university$ professor,$ hospital$ practitioner$:$ Head$ of$ the$ Department$ of$ Psychiatry$for$children$and$adolescents,$hospital$group$PitiéGSalpêtrière,$Paris$ Prof# Christine# Deruelle,$ Director$ of$ Research$ CNRS,$ Timone$ Institute$ of$ Neuroscience,$ Marseille$ Dr#Jessica#Dubois,#in$charge$of$research,$unit$of$cognitive$neuroGimagery,$Inserm$U$992,$CEA$ Neurospin,$GifGsurGYvette$ Prof#Nicolas#Georgieff,#university$professor,$hospital$practitioner,$Head$of$the$Department$of$ Psychiatry$for$children$and$adolescents,$specialised$hospital$centre$le$Vinatier,$Villeurbanne$ Prof#Stéphane#Marret,university$professor,$hospital$practitioner,$Head$of$the$Department$of$ Reanimation$and$Neonatal$Pediatrics,$CharlesGNicolle$Hospital,$member$of$the$Inserm$ERI$28$ «$Neovasc$»$team,$Rouen$ Dr# Angela# Sirigu,# Director$ of$ Research,$ Director$ of$ the$ Neuropsychology$ team$ CNRS$ UMR$ 5229,$Centre$of$Cognitive$Neuroscience,$Bron$ Dr# Sylviane# Valdois,$ Director$ of$ Research,$ Director$ of$ the$ Laboratory$ for$ Psychology$ and$ Neurocognition$–$CNRS$UMR$5105,$Pierre$MendesGFrance$University,$Grenoble$ Dr# Laurent# Villard,# Director$ of$ Research,$ responsible$ for$ the$ human$ neurogenetic$ team,$ Inserm$UMR$S$910,$team$1,$Timone$Faculty$of$Medecine$,$Marseille$ Pr# Monica# Zilbovicius,$ $ Director$ of$ Research,$ Inserm$ U$ 797,$ CEA$ of$ Orsay,$ responsible$ for$ research$ in$ cerebral$ imagery$ of$ infantile$ development$ disorders,$ Necker$ Hospital$ –$ sick$ children,$Paris.$


biblio 15 travail 1 61%

The effects of reducing SFA intakes depend on which nutrients replace them and on which biomarkers or endpoints are assessed, Ronald Mensink observed.


ResumeEquipe 59%

COMPETENCES Genomics as a heuristic motor - WGS/WES, RNAseq - RNAi, CRISPR screen - ChIP-seq, methylome Specific modeling - Fetal NSC - Glioma stem-like cells - PDOX, CDOX - Brain clarification - DNA barcoding and lineage tracing Efficient Collaborations - Histology (Ste Anne) - Neurosurgery (Necker) - Imaging (Necker and Neurospin, CEA) - International Network (DKFZ, DFCI, ICR, STANFORD, VUMC) Trials cohorts - BIOMEDE (DIPG) - HERBY (HGG) - NIVOGLIO (HGG) - VINILO (LGG) OTHERS GLIAL NEOPLASMS We characterized also the biology of other brain tumors with other colleagues such as angiocentric gliomas (Bandopadhayay et al., Nat Genet 2016) or embryonal tumors (Sturm et al., Cell 2016) and identified prognostic biomarkers such as in ependymomas (Andreiuolo et al., PLoS ONE 2017).


LPN-rubrique-Asthme-severe4-29-11 56%

Biomarkers in the management of difficult asthma.


Concepts SH 53%

comparative effectivness research → clinical effectivness et cost effectivness, mesuré par des biomarkers (objectifs) et PRO (patient report outcome, subjectif) – Impact de la maladie sur la qualité de vie :


BOU5611 51%

ecophysiology – Phaseolus vulgaris – salinity– biomarkers – DNA – RNA - molybdenum – technetium – radioisotopes.


pros23141 51%

Prognostic Factors for Patients With mCRPC Treated With Sequential Novel ARDT 513 ARTD should include the identification of predictive biomarkers to facilitate treatment selection.


After asthma airways diseases need a new name 50%

As we gain more and more insights into pathophysiology with relevant biomarkers, a one-size-fits-all approach to diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment is no longer appropriate.


Perte Odorat et Mortalité 49%

McClintock3,4 1 Section of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, Department of Surgery, The University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, United States of America, 2 Department of Health Studies, The University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, United States of America, 3 Department of Comparative Human Development and The Institute for Mind and Biology, The University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, United States of America, 4 The Center on the Demography and Economics of Aging, National Opinion Research Center, The University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, United States of America Abstract Prediction of mortality has focused on disease and frailty, although antecedent biomarkers may herald broad physiological decline.


Statement Brussels EN 44%

 that new approaches are emerging for clinical and biological diagnosis and for monitoring of EHS and MCS including the use of reliable biomarkers;


PCT Peritonite Crit Care 43%

Septic focus cure was evaluated as defined above. Biomarkers:


Asthma Management for children 40%

The addition of other biomarkers of disease may lead to an improved ability to predict long-term outcomes using early wheezing phenotypes [15].


10.1080@02640414.2015.1064155 33%

In terms of soccer, the seasonal effects of match-play have resulted in significant adjustments to biomarkers of physiological strain during the season whilst a return to normal has been documented during the Correspondence: