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93% - Resume Perrine Chabance

2016 -2018 Interior Designer - ARCHITECTURE D’INTERIEUR PERRINE CHABANCE - Renovation of a 130 sqm house in the south of France - Full mission - Completed - Refurbishment of a bathroom in Normandy - Blueprints, tender documents - Completed - Refurbishment of a record shop in Lyon, Chez Emile Records - Full mission - Completed 2017 -2018 Interior designer - SOUCHKO ARCHITECTURE - Freelance (Lyon, FR) - Renovation of a 140 sqm apartment - Measures, blueprints, tender documents, 3D- In construction - Interior design and refusrbishment for a toy store - Blueprints for project - Aborted - Refurbishment of a 70 sqm apartment - Blueprint, furniture design - Completed - House extension for a 180 sqm house - Blueprints for project - In construction - Renovation of a 140 sqm lot in Paris - Blueprints, tender documents - Completed 2017 -2018 Interior designer - ATELIER D’ARCHITECTURE MARINE FAVENNEC - Freelance (Lyon, FR) - Renovation of a 35 sqm apartment - Tender documents, construction site supervision - Completed - Renovation of a 70 sqm apartment - Blueprints, construction site supervision - Completed 2016 -2018 Interior designer - LA MANUFACTURE DES TAPIS DE BOURGOGNE - Freelance (Moroges, FR) - Production of drawings and technical documents for the fabrication of handmade carpets for architectural projects. 11/09/2018

86% - Tuto CameraThirdPerson

X=0 Y=50 Z=0 3- Copy the blueprints from the file blueprint in the content browser (Th: 19/09/2016

72% - Joan of arc1

- Comme d'habitude, on utilise des blueprints et on met la taille des textures affichables sur 512 pixels dans Preferences/Viewport/Configure Drivers Voici les blueprints - Le retour du cube de base :). 12/12/2013

65% - Condensateurs les nouveaux (Laurentides)

Condensateurs les nouveaux (Laurentides) GMPH-v1_douglas – Plasma Laurentides Vous trouvez les blueprints hybrid_magrav_generator_v1 publiés par la Fondation Keshe en cliquant le lien (pdf à 2 pages en anglais). 10/07/2017

61% - role et organisation PLDN

- FACTORY MANAGER Can view corporation blueprints through the S&I interface, this will require the factory manager to have at least view access to the hangars. 06/11/2009

57% - cotes

cotes 1:1 Scale Side Panel Blueprints use the letter references to easily get the sheets in the right order A 1. 05/02/2016

57% - plans

Refer to the accompanying PDF for side panel blueprints and instructions N.B. 05/02/2016

57% - boutons

boutons 1:1 Control Panel Blueprints 1. 17/02/2016

57% - cveng

Conversational level E XPERIENCE May-Nov 2012 GEPH (domestic plumbing, Templemars, France) – Supply chain reorganization ◦ Enforced a new supply process for the small parts, availability raised from 72% to 96% ◦ Optimized the functioning of the wharehouse, saved 1/3 of the space ◦ Handled the purchase of equipment for 4 construction sites (total amount of 40,000C) 2010-2012 E-Car 2 Project Team, in partnership with Renault ◦ Creation of an electronic device linking a solar panel set on a car’s roof to its motor ◦ Awarded by a professional jury Jan-Feb 2011 Thibaut (stone processing machines, Vire, France) – Introduction to professional work ◦ Updated blueprints with TopSolid ◦ Translated technical documentation (English and Spanish) 2012-2014 L2EP, LML, CETUC (laboratories) – Various projects Dimensioning of a wind turbines field Computer simulation of an electrical grid Inquiry into the causes of cracks appearing in galvanized steel Simulation and feasibility study of a cheap radar gun ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ 2010-2011 Centrale Lille Projets (Junior–Enterprise) ◦ In charge of the company-student relations; 20/01/2015

57% - 182 191 Cult Blu 3 4 Thinkers and Doers conference

‫آفاق ثقافية‬ Words Anna Somers-Cocks | ‫كوكس‬-‫بقلم آنا سومرز‬ 183 Afaaq Thaqafiyya – Cultural Blueprints Shawati’ 30 184 ‫على‬ ‫الضفة اليســرى لنهر الســين في وسط باريس‬ ‫هنــاك بنــاء حديث أملــس ذو ســتائر فوالذية‬ ِّ ‫مصمم هذا البناء‬ .‫مســتوحاة من المشــربيات‬ ‫شــأن بالنســبة إلى أبوظبي ألنه‬ ‫ الذي بات ذا‬،‫هو جان نوﭬــــيل‬ ٍ .‫هو مهندس متحفها المستقبلي اللوﭬـــر‬ ً ‫معرضــا في‬ ‫ والهــدف منــه أن يكــون‬،‫إنــه معهــد العالــم العربــي‬ ً ‫ومكانــا للنقــاش وتبــادل األفــكار حــول‬ ،‫العاصمــة الفرنســية‬ ‫ ويأتــي جزء من تمويله من الدولة الفرنســية‬،‫البلــدان العربيــة‬ ُ .‫وجــزؤه اآلخــر من تبرعــات آتية من تلــك البلــدان‬ ‫افتتِ ح عام‬ َ ‫مشــروع وزيــر الثقافــة ذو الكاريزمــا الطاغية‬ ‫ وقــد كان‬،1987 ً ‫ لقد أحبه بعض الناس وســخر‬.‫سياســيا جــاك النــغ‬ ‫والحصيــف‬ ً ‫واحــدا مــن قلــة أنــاس في ذلــك الوقت‬ ‫منــه آخــرون ألنــه كان‬ ‫ممــن قالــوا إن الثقافة الشــعبية –فــن الغرافيتــي [الكتابة على‬ ‫الجــدران] وموســيقى الــروك– جــزءان مــن المشــهد الثقافــي‬ .‫مثلهمــا مثــل األوبــرا والمســرح الراقي‬ 30 ‫شواطئ‬ O n the Left Bank of the river Seine, in the middle of Paris, there is a sleek modern building with steel screens inspired by mashrabiyya. 24/03/2015

52% - SamRacing

Le personnage Le joueurs aura la possibilité d'augmenter l'aptitude à la mécanique de son personnages en le faisant bricoler des voitures, l'ensemble des blueprints seront détaillés ci-dessous. 16/01/2013