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My WORK 100%

Tablet PC Based Accounting system for SHGs This is a web cum tablet enabled SHG bookkeeping solution being piloted in 100 SHGs in Maharastra state.


CV 69%

• Assist with bookkeeping and accounting.


Finance assistant internship 69%

Checking and processing of linguist bills Purchase ledger processing General bookkeeping Payment file preparation Filing of post Confirmation of banking details If interested, please apply by emailing your CV.


Internship - Marketing Administrator Researcher 1.3 65%

Skills and Areas An intern will gain practical experience in marketing using their creative ideas, raising the company's recognition, awareness and visibility both online and offline, reaching out to potential customers, maintaining customer relationship and records, drafting special offers and running promotional campaigns, sending newsletters, utilising social media networks, doing pricing and quotation, using SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) tools and techniques, generating website traffic, localising websites, working with CRM and e-Commerce solutions, performing market research, analysing competitors, preparing reports and statistical data, managing orders, coordinating a team of translators/interpreters, handling customers queries and phone calls, telesales, project management, basic bookkeeping, and various Internet related tasks:


Internship Description - Office Administrator 1.3 65%

Skills and Areas An Intern will gain practical experience in office administration, handling customers queries and phone calls, handling urgent tasks, managing orders, coordinating a team of translators and interpreters, project management, translating and proofreading text, interpreting, basic bookkeeping, records keeping, reporting, working with language memory systems, localising websites, and various Internet related tasks:


CanadaSenate 61%

Outstanding Service to the Bookkeeping Profession in Canada Award On Saturday night at the Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada annual conference in Niagara Falls JCI Canada Past President 1974/1975 and Senator Alan D Salmon 12323 was awarded the Canadian Luca award.


h2020-mga-gga-multi en ANNEX5 40%

The Financial Statement(s) must be drawn up according to the [Beneficiary’s] [Linked Third Party’s] accounting and bookkeeping system and the underlying accounts and records;


1471985491839 29%

However, to our great regret, the more we studied, the more we convinced ourselves that Seezeran cannot be used as model.” The three workers from Vspolia then expose the fictitious bookkeeping that gave Seezeran its reputation.


Canada7116 28%

I was awarded the Luca award for my life long contribution to the bookkeeping profession.