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probleme opera 100%



Microstructure Degradation of LSM: YSZ Cathodes for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells after Long Operation Time Using 3D Reconstructions By FIB Tomography and X- Ray Fluorescence 69%

The 3D- tomography technique (FIB /SEM ) offers extensive data about the microstructures of various cathode aged during different operating times (2 500 h, 15 000 h and 20 000 h), which allows an exact quantification of particle size distribution, phase-connectivity, tortuosity factor and Triple Phase Boundary Length (TPBL ).


index.cfm 67%

index.cfm Pro-Aquifer Protecting Trans-boundary Groundwater Sources from Pollution:


article 64%

article A study of unsteady boundary-layer separation and vortex shedding Clement DAUBRENET December 11, 2011 Contents 1 Introduction 1.1 General context of the study .


rapport 64%

Fondements et Applications 2011-2012 Effects of Soot Formation on Shape of a Nonpremixed Laminar Flame Established in a Shear Boundary Layer in Microgravity Directeur du master :


PhysRevA.84.024701 61%

one which incorporates the proper boundary conditions so that both the wave function and its derivative are continuous at the boundary of the interior and exterior regions at all energies [15].


eq 58%

If 1 Introduction 1.1 Notations G = SOo (1, n + 1), this is direct isometries of the real (n + 1)-dimensional hyperbolic n+1 Its acts conformally on the boundary ∂H .


Kickboxing Manual White to Green.07 57%

Kickboxing Manual White to Green.07 Kickboxing Manual (Beginners-Intermediates) White singlet –Green Singlet All Stars Head Office 236-262 East Boundary Road Bentleigh East, Victoria 3165 Phone :(613) 9579 0800 Email:


Antonio Negri - The Savage Anomaly. The Power of Spinoza's Metaphysics and Politics 54%

The Dutch Anomaly 3 The Problem of a Single Image 3 Spinoza's Workshop 9 The Revolution and Its Boundary 15 2.


Dr Mohamed Laoucet Ayari 48%

Boundary Element Method, Bearing Analysis &


PhysRevA.84.023830 45%

Such a matrix is just a compact way of setting out the integration of the differential equations involved in the model with the pertinent boundary conditions;


Newsletter 9.7.12 45%

Some of the boundary fencing has also been stolen although fortunately the community spotted them at it and managed to recover the rolled up fencing back to the Great place.


9 AlkorachiO28101156 45%

this variety of scales makes the numerical simulation of the turbulent flow sensitive to the mesh size, the time step as well as the order of the discretization schemes, and also to the initial and boundary conditions.


Microfocusing and polarization 43%

flows with preferred directions ~will be referred to as the pondermotive model!.5,6 Field intensification could dramatically accelerate this process in the vicinity of boundary contact surfaces, pores, or microcracks.


Art 15 Booth Flyer 39%

Within this glass cocoon, one is forced to relinquish control for a few seconds and, guided by someone else's design, trust that the unnatural circular movement of the door is the best way to traverse the boundary.



this is in sharp contrast to an opposing view, which holds that the genus evolved much more recently, at the Miocene–Pliocene boundary, and that C.


slaviero 38%

The plateau is a wide waved plain with northern boundary made of mountains, in arch’s shape.


les 3 premiers mois 36%

Le quartier de West End dans lequel nous nous installons est assez plaisant, que ce soit notre backpack, Somewhere to stay et ses gros matous ou les différents bars situés sur Boundary St, la principale artère du quartier.