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evolutia literaturii de brand - 2011 foarte tare 100%

December 2011 Evaluate the Factors Affecting Brand Equity from the Perspective of Customers Using Aaker's Model Mohammad Taleghani1 , Meysam Almasi2 Department of Industrial Management, Rasht Branch, Islamic Azad University, Rasht, Iran M.A Student of Business management, Rasht Branch, Islamic Azad University, Rasht, Iran Abstract Customers and brands are the two most important intangible assets of any organization.


Best+Retail+Brands+2011 98%

Interbrand began in 1974 when the world thought of brands as just another word for logo.


2011 BrandZ Top100 Chart 97%

BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands 2011 # Brand Brand Value 2011 ($M) % Brand Value Change 2011 vs.


Red Bull - De la marque commerciale à la marque média 96%

In essence, it appears that red Bull understood before many brands that the digital media offer a wonderful sounding and allowed to engage consumers with a lasting relationship...


Monika Svobodova Brand Manager 95%

brands (25 brands) and designed brand architecture.


EN-Axians-Brand-book-LR 12667 95%

And successful brands are the ones that consistently deliver on their promises.


31668-34545-1-PB 95%

The multi-dimensional scaling (MDS) technique using factor analysis is employed for data analysis to draw a perceptual map that displays the relative position of twelve shampoo brands including Venus.


Flying-Concepts 94%

To create successful brands is the mission of FLYING CONCEPTS The world has changed ;


Flying-Concepts 94%

To create successful brands is the mission of FLYING CONCEPTS The world has changed ;


01 A True Story of Real Brand Engagement - Sept 2012 94%

__There was an overriding concern that if Nike adopted a top-­down media-­saturated “brand attack” in Rio, typical of big corporate brands, it would be widely rejected by Cariocas.


Market Leader UNIT 1 INTERMEDIATE 94%

brands are useful ways of conveying first information instantly and a brand is to enable customers to choose one thing form another;


Dossier de candidature 2013 94%

DOSSIER DE CANDIDATURE 2013 Présentez vos meilleures réalisations.


Bachelor Thesis - Florian Pollet 94%

Viral Marketing, Brand Awareness, Social Media, SME Abstract The purpose of this thesis is to prove that small and medium enterprises now have the ability to leverage social media to raise brand awareness, increase sales and compete at a fairer level against global brands than ever before.


Global Brand Toolkit 94%

The development of several sub-brands to better position our value proposition towards different stakeholders also requires us to start defining a more strict brand architecture, making sure that AIESEC’s main brand keeps on being carried forward while empowering more specific programme-based marketing.


11- Programme du weekend (08-09-10 Mai) v1. 93%

Non-qualifying practice 1 10h25 11h25 Manche 2 - Brands Hatch :


Dissertation Masstige final 93%

Promising marketing tactic or dangerous technique for luxury brands?


Unilever Case - Flora - Group 2 93%

Consumers of FMCG-products easily switch between brands and creating and maintaining loyal consumers is a constant challenge for FMCG-brands.


2009 Pricing Document 93%

Worldwide Brands: Worldwide Brands:


CAD UK Facebook 93%

Interbrand CAD – 2GWD – 17/10/2011 N°1 :


2. P&G Stage Communication France 93%

Four billion times a day, P&G brands are used by consumers worldwide.