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Badiy Chaaba Animal Production Engineer 100%

AT4) Cooperative Agricole Tunisia Since March 2012 * Conduct of cows, calves and heifers * Monitoring of herds (computer methods) * Extension Agicole * Conduct forage Cattle Inseminator Circuit Insemination Artifcielle Fahs Tunisia From January Till March 2012 Refresher course of the act of Bovine Artificial Insemination Zootechnician Engineer / Director SMVDA Fahs From July 2011 Till March 2012 * Bovine Herd Management (Production of Milk, Engraiseement calves and Breeding génissses) * Formulation of blended foods (dairy cow and fattening) * Monitoring of livestock (Base Data "SGBD") * Conduct health (prophylaxis) * Hygiene Nutritionist Dairy Cows Tunisia ISACM Tunisia From February Till June 2011 End of Studies Project:


ch2 99%

2 History of plant breeding Purpose and expected outcomes Agriculture is a human invention that continues to impact society and the environment.


ch1 98%

Plant breeding is a branch of agriculture that focuses on manipulating plant heredity to develop new and improved plant types for use by society.


1-s2.0-S0022030208709998-main 94%

Crossbreeding, if widely implemented, impacts existing breeding schemes and should be pursued after careful economic evaluation.


ch3 93%

After all, selection alters the gene frequencies of breeding populations.


1-s2.0-S0022030208709585-main 92%

crossbreeding, heterosis, dairy production, breeding strategy INTRODUCTION Dairy cattle breeding has improved markedly during the last century.


Reef Ranching ppt EUAC 91%

 Marine biological research (Manta ray, lemon shark, turtle…)  Research and development of local programmes (captive breeding of ornamental fish).


CV 88%

Polyculture-breeding – ESA d’Angers (France) ü 2013 7 months in The Netherlands, 3 months in France Analysis and management of farms (Apprenticeship) French diploma of camp counsellor ü 2010 - 2012 Organisation, leading a team Baccalaureat Horse Studies- Bretagne (56) ü Management and governance of horse farm, (Apprenticeship) Work experience 2013 - 2014 - Apprenticeship – EARL de Lescoat – France (29) ü 2012 - 2013 - Apprenticeship – EARL Holcom – France (85) ü 2010 - 2012 Seasonal equestrian center - Internship – Knightfield Stud – Maynooth (Irlande) ü 2008 - 2010 Training and trading stable of sport horses (1 month) - Groom – Centre Equestre du Paddock – France (17) ü June 2011 Welsh breeding, mare’s milk soap (1 month) - Internship – Ecurie Arnaud Bourdois – France (22) ü 07/2011- 08/2011 Sport horses and Connemara breeding, insemination center (two weeks a month) - Internship – Elevage d’Ysandre – France (61) ü November 2011 Dairy farm (two weeks a month) - Internship – Elevage de Kezeg – France (56) ü December 2011 Dairy farm, processing and direct selling (two weeks a month) Horse breeding and training stable - Volunteer monitor – Poney-club d’Autretemps – France (29) ü Shetlands lessons to children from 3 to 12 years old (Qualified) Competences Computer skills :



LA COULEUR Consanguinité.....line breeding/outcross Discussion sur les problèmes du décalage de Est-ce que le Rouge est la couleur de base l'ovulation lors de la période des 21 jours de du Stafford ?


Kenbridge Male Alpacas for Sale 87%

We treat our Alpacas with the utmost kindness and respect and are committed to breeding warm, friendly temperaments, good strong conformation, excellent bites and high quality fleece.


fmatter 87%

Principles of Plant Genetics and Breeding Companion website The book is accompanied by a companion resources site:


ch4 87%

The modern molecular view of quantitative genetics focuses on the use of molecular genetics tools Principles of Plant Genetics and Breeding, Second Edition.


les paretroplus 85%

This conservation status of this species is extremely endangered and therefore makes a captive breeding program an absolute necessity.


ch5 84%

1 2 3 4 5 Discuss the importance of the mode of reproduction to plant breeding.



DELTAGEE Sector Blue and green biotechnologies Product/Service Creation of a software company making tools for private or public organizations involved in plant (first step) or animal (later) breeding.


ch6 83%

The breeding methods for autogamy are different from those for allogamy because the mode of reproduction has such profoundly different genetic consequences.


8311-wc-v1 82%

Breeding of Big-Lip Phalaenopsis and its Achievements in Taiwan Article · November 2014 CITATIONS READS 0 1,952 2 authors, including:


1352 82%



Genetic grazing system 79%

Breeds and crosses with high fertility are important for seasonal breeding and calving.


Kluane squirrel JanFeb09 copy-1 78%

“Red squirrels in Kluane are breeding earlier than they did ten years ago,” says Boutin.


File 1 78%

Moreover, restructuring captive breeding groups affect all members (tension, stress, agonistic behaviors) (Kuhar et al, 2006) and behavioral deficit are being revealed in bachelor groups (Pullen, 2009).


تقدير عمر الاجنة 77%

Results of this study indicated that the embryonic vesicle could be seen at 14 days post breeding, and this can be the first sign of early pregnancy diagnosis.


Presentation aphyllas - English 76%

Aphylla genes in my breeding program.


Lamia aouini 21 76%

Breeding for resistance to Zymoseptoria tritici.


Organic Acid Premix 76%

9 In breeding continously in drinking water at a rate from 500 to 1 500 ml for 1 000 l of water (depending on the chemical nature of water and risk factors in breeding) 9 It is advisable to regularly check the water pH and dose adjustments to achieve a pH between 3 and 4 Why to use Liquid Vitacid HP ?