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This has not been the case for dairy production but lately there has been increased interest in crossbreeding dairy breeds. 04/02/2015

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Crossbreeding can lead to combination of favorable characteristics from the breeds involved, based on breed additive genetic effects. 04/02/2015

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Breeds Dogs Cats 1 Veterinary Science Preparatory Training for the Veterinary Assistant Floron C. 17/11/2015

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The functional treats were shown them at cows from all 3 Breeds. 19/12/2014

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14 2009 annex Breeds with permitted genetically blue or brown coat colour Several member countries have expressed appreciation over earlier explanations by Prof. 20/05/2015

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It タン、ロシアの他ヨーロッパ、オーストラリア、 から 16 ハンド(163 cm)で、鮮明な金属光 one of the oldest existing horse breeds. 11/01/2022

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Breeds or strains with higher yields of protein and fat typically have advantages in grazing systems that supply milk to solids-based or cheese markets. 04/02/2015

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therefore, it should be true that ‘‘canine behavior is canine behavior.’’ It is readily apparent even from casual observation of canine behavior that a great degree of variation exists in what are considered normal and abnormal behaviors as compared between different breeds and even between individual animals of the same breed [1]. 17/06/2012

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Hello, you are amateur poultry farmer, passionate about the selection and preservation of ancient breeds of poultry, producer of poultry or eggs of quality within farms of human scale, veterinary practicioner or health professional, economist, scientific, elected representative or sympathizing citizen of this issue, this important information will interest you. 27/07/2016