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100% - 2020 05 06

BURNT MILL Burnt Mill Nelson Fog IPA - International / 6.4% ABV / Ipswich, Suffolk / 44cl Can €8.00 Extra Pale, Wheat, Maize, Rice & 06/05/2020


LIFECOLOR LIFECOLOR ACRYLIC HOBBY COLORS LC SERIES BASIC COLORS FLAT / LC BASIS FARBSERIE MATT LC01 LC02 LC03 LC04 LC05 LC06 LC08 LC09 LC10 FS 37925 FS 37038 FS 33591 FS 33432 FS 32246 FS 31302 FS 35182 FS 35180 FS 35052 White Weiss Black Schwarz Yellow Gelb Dark Yellow Dunkel Gelb Orange Red Rot Plate Blue Hell Blau Light Blue Mittelblau Dark Blue Dunkel Blau LC11 LC12 LC15 FS 34115 FS 33245 Light Green Hell Grün Dark Green Dunkel Grün Tan Sand LC27 LC28 LC29 Violet Violett Fluo Yellow Leuchtgelb LC16 LC17 LC18 LC21 LC22 LC23 LC24 LC25 LC26 FS 30076 FS 30108 FS 36300 FS 31643 FS 38913 FS 38903 FS 37178 FS 37043 FS 37200 Raw Sierra Braun Brown Braun Light Grey Hellgrau Flesh 1 Hautfarbe 1 Fluorescent Red Leuchtrot Fluo Orange Leuchtorange neutral Metal Alluminium Gold Gun Metal EisenFarbig Clear Klar LC32 LC33 LC41 FS 30152 Rust 1 Rost 1 Phosohor LC34 LC35 LC36 LC37 LC38 LC39 LC40 FS 35050 FS 35044 FS 33275 FS 30040 FS 32169 FS 34172 FS 34062 Royal Blue Blau French Blue Französisch Blau Leather Lederbraun Burnt Umber Schwarzbraun Rust 2 Rost 2 Artillery Green Artillerie Grün Napoleonic Vert Dragon Flesh 2 Hautfarbe 2 D i e L u f t w a ff e i m M o d e l l LC SERIES BASIC COLORS GLOSS / LC BASIS FARBSERIE LC51 LC52 LC53 LC55 LC56 LC58 LC60 LC63 LC64 LC65 LC66 LC67 FS 17925 FS 17038 FS 13591 FS 12246 FS 11302 FS 15187 FS 15052 FS 14066 FS 13275 FS 10115 FS 10076 FS 10059 White Weiss Black Schwarz Yellow Gelb Orange Red Rot Plate Blue Hellblau Darke Blue Blau Emerald Green Grün Ochre Ocker Tan Sand Raw Sienna Braun Brown Braun LC73 LC77 LC78 Satin Clear seidenmatt Klar Cooper Kupfer LC68 LC72 FS 16152 FS 27038 Light Grey Hellgrau Satin Black Schwarz Clear Gloss farblos LC74 LC75 LC76 FS 17178 FS 17043 FS 17200 Silver Silber Gold Gun Metal Eisenfarbig SURFACE-ACTIVE AGENTS FOR WHEATHERING EFFECTS VERWITTERUNGSFARBEN SET 2 SET 1 TSC01 TSC02 TSC03 TSC04 TSC05 TSC06 TSC07 TSC08 TSC09 TSC10 TSC11 TSC12 Sand light earth Helle Erdfarbe Green Grün Brown Braun Rust Rost metal Metalfarbig Fuel Benzin Kerosene Kerosin Burnt Gold Gold Brünierung Burnt Brown Braun Burnt Blue Blau Brünierung Oil Öl Stand: 18/06/2016

93% - 45 ACP LOS RN 230gr RS12 (5.3gr start load) eng

0.0581 in.³ Capacity Displaced by Seated Bullet Bullet Travel at Muzzle Exit Charge Fraction Burnt at Shot Start 0.671 cm³ 110.69 mm 1.81 % 0.041 in.³ 4.36 in. 30/03/2015

93% - 9mm Luger LOS RN 123gr RS12 (4.2gr start load) eng

0.0312 in.³ Capacity Displaced by Seated Bullet Bullet Travel at Muzzle Exit Charge Fraction Burnt at Shot Start 0.384 cm³ 113.85 mm 1.05 % 0.0234 in.³ 4.48 in. 30/03/2015

91% - 2020 04 30

BURNT MILL Burnt Mill Nelson Fog IPA - International / 6.4% ABV / Ipswich, Suffolk / 44cl Can €8.00 Extra Pale, Wheat, Maize, Rice & 30/04/2020

91% - SED 121 SVP Fires California

10.10.2017) - 18,10,6 composite - Smoke shows active fires, burnt areas show in black. 19/10/2017

90% - Verbes irréguliers

Base verbale − Prétérit − Participe Passé − Traduction be − was/were − been − être bear − bore − born − supporter become − became − become − devenir begin − began − begun − commencer bet − bet − bet − parier bite − bit − bitten − mordre blow − blew − blown − souffler break − broke − broken − casser bring − brought − brought − apporter build − built − built − construire burn − burntburnt − brûler buy − bought − bought − acheter catch − caught − caught − attraper choose − chose − chosen − choisir come − came − come − venir cost − cost − cost − coûter cut − cut − cut − couper do − did − done − faire draw − drew − drawn − dessiner dream − dreamt − dreamt − rêver drink − drank − drunk − boire drive − drove − driven − conduire eat − ate − eaten − manger fall − fell − fallen − tomber feel − felt − felt − ressentir fight − fought − fought − se battre find − found − found − trouver fly − flew − flown − voler forget − forgot − forgotten − oublier forgive − forgave − forgiven − pardoner get − got − got − obtenir, recevoir give − gave − given − donner go − went − gone − aller have −had − had − avoir hear − heard − heard − entendre keep − kept − kept − garder leave − left − left − quitter know − knew − known − savoir lose − lost − lost − perdre make − made − made − fabriquer meet − met − met − rencontrer read − read − read − lire ring − rang − rung − sonner say − said − said − dire see − saw − seen − voir sit − sat − sat − être assis sleep − slept − slept − dormir swim − swam − swum − nager take − took − taken − prendre think − thought − thought − penser write − wrote − written − écrire EXERCISE: 01/04/2016

88% - 2018 Erratum Playlist Finissage Lily Matras

beautiful pale beach a Riviera here’s the Baigneuse waiting for the turn precise ninety degrees very hot day actually she’s too hot already she’s burnt starting to melt she needs a bath and has money and has taste, obviously has Saint-Laurent’s elegant green and purple predicting a gesture repeating the gesture getting it tight thick as a threat to another bottom less burnt that butt? 26/02/2018

87% - Paint Substitution Chart

Delta Ceramcoat AC Flesh Adobe Red Alpine Amethyst Antique Gold Antique White Apple Green Aquamarine Autumn Brown Avalon Blue Avocado Azure Blue Bahama Purple DecoArt Americana Toffee Brilliant Red Arbor Green Lavender Red Violet True Ochre Buttermilk Lemonade Calypso Blue White Milk Chocolate Calypso Blue Antique Green Calypso Blue Country Blue DecoArt Americana Alizarin Crimson Antique Green Antique Maroon Antique Teal Antique White Arbor Green Avocado Baby Blue Baby Blue Baby Blue Baby Blue Baby Pink Bahama Blue Delta Ceramcoat Berry Red Avocado Candy Bar Blue Spruce Flesh Tan Alpine Forest Green Blue Danube Blue Heaven Blue Jay Spa Blue Think Pink Caribbean Blue Bambi Brown Bamboo Barn Red Berry Red Bittersweet Mink Tan Eggshell Heritage Brick Alizarin Crimson Tangerine Black Cherry Burgundy Wine Black Green Blissful Blue Blue Bayou Blue Danube Blue Heaven Blue Jay Blue Lagoon Blue Spruce Blue Storm Blue Velvet Blueberry Bright Red Bright Yellow Brown Iron Oxide Bubblegum Pink Bungalow Blue Burnt Sienna Butter Cream Butter Yellow Calypso Orange Candlelight Candy Bar Cardinal Red Caribbean Blue Cayenne Chambray Blue Chamomile Charcoal Chocolate Cherry Christmas Green Cinnamon Citrus Coastline Blue Colonial Blue Copen Blue Coral Cornsilk Yellow Cricket Black Green Winter Blue True Blue Baby Blue Baby Blue Baby Blue Deep Periwinkle Antique Teal Deep Midnite Blue Deep Midnite Blue Sapphire Cherry Red Bright Yellow Russet Bubblegum Pink Deep Periwinkle Burnt Sienna Buttermilk Moon Yellow Tangerine White Butter Antique Maroon Country Red Bahama Blue Shading Flesh Winter Blue Butter Graphite Black Plum Holly Green Rookwood Red Bright Yellow Winter Blue Desert Turquoise Sapphire Melon Butter Limeade Bahama Blue Black Green Black Plum Black Plum Blue Violet Blue Violet Dioxazine Purple Bluegrass Green Bright Green Bright Green Bright Green White Bright Yellow Bright Yellow Brilliant Red Bubblegum Pink Bubblegum Pink Bubblegum Pink Burgundy Wine Burnt Sienna Butter Butter Butter Butter Buttermilk Buttermilk Buttermilk Cadmium Orange Cadmium Red Cadmium Red Cadmium Red Cadmium Red Cadmium Yellow Calico Red Calypso Blue Calypso Blue Calypso Blue White Camel Carousel Pink Celery Green Charcoal Grey Cherry Red Cherry Red Citron Green Cocoa Coral Rose Salem Blue Black Green Chocolate Cherry Royal Plum Purple Smoke Rythm 'n Blue Emerald Green Green Spring Green Lime Green Bright Yellow Citrus Adobe Red Bubblegum Pink Lisa Pink Pink Quartz Black Cherry Burnt Sienna Candlelight Chamomile Cornsilk Yellow Hope Antique White Butter Cream Lt. 15/02/2018

86% - pull marin femme

251, 100 (150150) g en Burnt col. 22/01/2016

85% - Codex Decium

Shall god be destroyed, Shall Darkness rise, Shall the universe be burnt, And come Hell. 15/01/2019

83% - SAYIT Liste verbes chansons

PASSÉ être acheter faire boire manger trouver donner aller avoir faire (fabriquer) lire voir dormir parler prendre porter (vêtement) écrire devenir be buy do drink eat find give go have make read see sleep speak take wear write become was bought did drank ate found gave went had made read saw slept spoke took wore wrote became been bought done drunk eaten found given gone had made read seen slept spoken taken worn written become A1 step 2 (5e) commencer tenir venir dessiner brûler construire casser choisir tomber ressentir / sentir oublier entendre couper conduire garder rêver begin hold come draw burn build break choose fall feel forget hear cut drive keep dream began held came drew burnt built broke chose fell felt forgot heard cut drove kept dreamt begun held come drawn burnt built broken chosen fallen felt forgotten heard cut driven kept dreamt A1 step 1 (6e) FRANÇAIS VERBE PRÉTÉRIT PART. 09/04/2012

83% - Verbes irréguliers anglais

  Infinitif Prétérit Participe passé Traduction   to be was / were been être   to beat beat beaten battre   to become became become devenir   to begin began begun commencer   to blow blew blown souffler   to break broke broken casser   to bring brought brought amener   to build built built construire   to burn burnt burnt brûler   to buy bought bought acheter   to catch caught caught attrapper   to choose chose chosen choisir   to come came come venir   to cost cost cost coûter   to cut cut cut couper   to dig dug dug creuser   to do did done faire   to draw drew drawn tracer, dessiner   to dream dreamt dreamt rêver   to drink drank drunk boire   to drive drove driven conduire   to eat ate eaten manger   to fall fell fallen tomber   to feed fed fed donner a manger, nourir   to feel felt felt sentir, éprouver   to fight fought fought battre, combattre 1/3 23/04/2017 Verbes irréguliers anglais ­ 85 verbes irréguliers à connaître ­ Grammaire anglaise ­ BabelCoach   to find found found trouver   to fly flew flown voler   to forget forgot forgotten oublier   to freeze froze frozen geler   to get got got obtenir   to give gave given donner   to go went gone aller   to grow grew grown cultiver, grandir   to have had had avoir   to hide hid hidden (se) cacher   to hit hit hit frapper, atteindre   to hold held held tenir   to hurt hurt hurt blesser   to keep kept kept garder   to know knew known connaître, savoir   to learn learnt learnt apprendre (aussi "learned / learned")   to leave left left quitter, laisser   to lend lent lent prêter   to let let let laisser, louer   to lose lost lost perdre   to make made made fabriquer   to mean meant meant vouloir dire   to meet met met rencontrer   to pay paid paid payer   to put put put mettre   to read read /rɛd/ read /rɛd/ lire   to ride rode ridden monter, chevaucher   to ring rang rung sonner   to rise rose risen élever, se lever   to run ran run courir   to say said said dire   to see saw seen voir   to sell sold sold vendre   to send sent sent envoyer   to set set set poser, fixer   to shake shook shaken secouer   to show showed shown montrer   to sing sang sung chanter   to sit sat sat s'assoir, être assis   to sleep slept slept dormir   to smell smelt smelt sentir   to speak spoke spoken parler   to spend spent spent dépenser 2/3 23/04/2017 Verbes irréguliers anglais ­ 85 verbes irréguliers à connaître ­ Grammaire anglaise ­ BabelCoach   to spring sprang sprung jaillir, bondir   to stand stood stood être debout   to steal stole stolen voler, dérober   to swear swore sworn jurer   to sweep swept swept balayer   to swim swam swum nager   to take took taken prendre   to teach taught taught enseigner   to tell told told dire, raconter   to think thought thought penser   to throw threw thrown lancer   to understand understood understood comprendre   to wake woke woken (se) réveiller   to wear wore worn porter (habit)   to win won won gagner   to write wrote written écrire Sources: 23/04/2017

81% - Too fast too young

But he would get his fingers burnt because he would replace drivers that season and the one after that... 21/08/2010

81% - doc

doc Verbes irréguliers anglais V V-ED V-EN TRADUCTION abide abode abode demeurer arise arose arisen s'élever, survenir awake awoke awoken (se) réveiller bear bore borne supporter beat beat beaten battre become became become devenir begin began begun commencer bend bent bent (se) courber bet bet bet parier bid bid bid offrir (un prix) bind bound bound lier, relier bite bit bitten mordre bleed bled bled saigner blow blew blown souffler break broke broken casser breed bred bred élever (du bétail) bring brought brought apporter build built built construire burn burnt burnt brûler burst burst burst éclater buy bought bought acheter cast cast cast jeter, lancer catch caught caught attraper choose chose chosen choisir cling clung clung s'accrocher come came come venir cost cost cost coûter creep crept crept ramper cut cut cut couper deal dealt dealt distribuer dig dug dug creuser do did done faire draw drew drawn dessiner dream dreamt dreamt rêver Page 1 Verbes irréguliers anglais drink drank drunk boire drive drove driven conduire dwell dwelt dwelt habiter eat ate eaten manger fall fell fallen tomber feed fed fed nourrir feel felt felt sentir, éprouver fight fought fought combattre find found found trouver flee fled fled s'enfuir fling flung flung jeter violemment fly flew flown voler forbid forbade forbidden interdire forget forgot forgotten oublier forgive forgave forgiven pardonner freeze froze frozen geler get got got obtenir give gave given donner go went gone aller grind ground ground moudre grow grew grown grandir hang hung hung pendre, accrocher have had had avoir hear heard heard entendre hide hid hidden (se) cacher hit hit hit frapper, atteindre hold held held tenir hurt hurt hurt blesser keep kept kept garder kneel knelt knelt s'agenouiller know knew known savoir, connaître lay laid laid poser à plat lead led led mener lean leant leant s'appuyer leap leapt leapt sauter Page 2 Verbes irréguliers anglais learn learnt learnt apprendre leave left left laisser, quitter lend lent lent prêter let let let permettre, louer lie lay lain être étendu light lit lit allumer lose lost lost perdre make made made faire, fabriquer mean meant meant signifier meet met met (se) rencontrer mow mowed mown tondre overcome overcame overcome surmonter, vaincre pay paid paid payer put put put mettre quit quit quit cesser (de) read read read lire rid rid rid débarrasser ride rode ridden chevaucher ring rang rung sonner rise rose risen s'élever, se lever run ran run courir saw sawed sawn scier say said said dire see saw seen voir seek sought sought chercher sell sold sold vendre send sent sent envoyer set set set fixer sew sewed sewn coudre shake shook shaken secouer shear sheared shorn tondre (des moutons) shed shed shed verser (des larmes) shine shone shone briller shoe shod shod ferrer, chausser shoot shot shot tirer Page 3 Verbes irréguliers anglais show showed shown montrer shrink shrank shrunk rétrécir shut shut shut fermer sing sang sung chanter sink sank sunk couler sit sat sat être assis sleep slept slept dormir slide slid slid glisser sling slung slung lancer (avec force) slink slunk slunk aller furtivement slit slit slit fendre, inciser smell smelt smelt sentir (odorat) sow sowed sown semer speak spoke spoken parler speed sped sped aller à toute vitesse spell spelt spelt épeler spend spent spent dépenser spill spilt spilt renverser (un liquide) spit spat spat cracher split split split fendre spoil spoilt spoilt gâcher, gâter spread spread spread répandre spring sprang sprung jaillir, bondir stand stood stood être debout steal stole stolen voler, dérober stick stuck stuck coller sting stung stung piquer stink stank stunk puer stride strode stridden marcher à grands pas strike struck struck frapper string strung strung enfiler, tendre (une corde) strive strove striven s'efforcer swear swore sworn jurer sweep swept swept balayer swell swelled swollen enfler Page 4 Verbes irréguliers anglais swim swam swum nager swing swung swung se balancer take took taken prendre teach taught taught enseigner tear tore torn déchirer tell told told dire, raconter think thought thought penser throw threw thrown jeter thrust thrust thrust enfoncer tread trod trodden fouler aux pieds undergo underwent undergone subir understand understood understood comprendre upset upset upset bouleverser wake woke woken (se) réveiller wear wore worn porter (des vêtements) weave wove woven tisser weep wept wept pleurer win won won gagner wind wound wound enrouler withdraw withdrew withdrawn (se) retirer wring wrung wrung tordre write wrote written écrire Page 5 29/01/2017




VALLEJO Model Color 951 1 Weiss White 806 12 23 Lachsorange German Orange 814 34 Rot gebrannt Burnt Red 810 45 Königspurpur Royal Purple 962 56 Verkehrsblau Flat Blue 961 67 Lichtblau Sky Blue 954 858 13 Eisgelb Ice Yellow 851 24 Reinorange Bright Orange 859 35 Schwarzrot Black Red 811 46 Purprviolett Blue Violet 963 57 Enzianblau Hell Medium Blue 840 68 Hell Türkisblau Light Turquoise 78 Grüngelb Yellow Green 975 2 Untergrund Weiss Foundation White Lasur Gelb German Yellow 805 919 89 857 79 Goldoliv Golden Olive 890 90 842 3 Glanzweiss Gloss White 915 14 Verkehrsgelb Deep Yellow 956 25 Feuerrot Clear Orange 804 36 Beige Rot Beige Red 960 47 Blauviolett Violet 964 58 Graublau Hell Field Blue 966 69 Türkisblau Turquoise 833 80 Hellgrüne Tarnung Germ. 18/06/2016

71% - MXer50 cap 10 (riduzione finale)

0.09 liter SPECIAL TOOLS Bearing remover set, 12mm Bearing remover set, 15mm Bearing outer driver, 37x40mm Bearing outer driver, 32x35mm Bearing driver pilot, 17mm Bearing driver pilot, 15mm Bearing driver pilot, 12mm Bearing outer driver handle TROUBLESHOOTING Engine starts but motorcycle won‘t move • Damaged transmission • Seized or burnt transmission Abnormal noise • Worn, seized or chipped gears • Worn bearing Oil leaks • Oil level too high • Worn or damaged oil seal 10-2 10. 18/03/2013

71% - 308 RS52

fps 1703 1750 1798 1847 1897 1947 1998 2049 2101 2153 2207 2260 2314 2369 2424 2480 Energy ft.lbs Pmax psi Pmuz psi 1076 1136 1199 1265 1334 1405 1480 1557 1637 1720 1806 1894 1986 2081 2179 2280 26342 28071 29920 31895 34011 36270 38699 41301 44093 47094 50320 53797 57546 61592 65973 70718 12102 12635 13170 13706 14241 14772 15299 15819 16329 16829 17315 17786 18238 18671 19081 19466 Prop.Burnt B_Time % ms 76,3 77,9 79,5 81,1 82,7 84,2 85,7 87,1 88,5 89,8 91,1 92,3 93,4 94,5 95,4 96,3 1,071 1,042 1,014 0,986 0,959 0,932 0,903 0,874 0,845 0,818 0,792 0,766 0,742 0,717 0,694 0,672 ! 08/05/2015

71% - simpsons

(150 x 150 stitches) 310 black 5200 snow white 444 lemon - dk [2] DMC [2] DMC [2] DMC 666 christmas red - br 996 electric blue - md 606 burnt orange-red [2] DMC 995 electric blue - dk 01/12/2015

71% - nuancier inktense

nuancier inktense DERWENT Inktense DERWENT Inktense DERWENT Inktense DERWENT Inktense Sherbet lemon Cherry Lagoon Mallard green 0100 0510 0810 1230 Sun yellow Carmine pink Peacock blue Teal green 0200 0520 0820 1300 Cadmium yellow Crimson Navy blue Iron green 0210 0530 0830 1310 Silician yellow Shiraz Iron blue Ionian green 0220 0600 0840 1320 Golden yellow Red violet Deep blue Vivid green 0230 0610 0850 1330 Sienna Gold Fuschia Iris blue Apple green 0240 0700 0900 1400 Cadmium orange Deep rose Bright blue Field green 0250 0710 1000 1500 Burnt orange Thistle Deep indigo Beech green 0260 0720 1100 1510 Tangerine Dusky purple Sea blue Hooker’s green 0300 0730 1200 1520 Mid Vermilion Mauve Dark aquamarine Felt green 0310 0740 1210 1530 Scarlet pink Dark purple Green aquamarine Light olive 0320 0750 1220 1540 Poppy red Deep violet Spring green 0400 0760 1550 Hot red Violet Fern 0410 0800 1560 Chilli red Leaf green 0500 1600 Pandore Colore DERWENT Inktense DERWENT Inktense Mustard Bark 1700 2000 Amber Sepia ink 1710 2010 Tan Indian ink 1720 2020 Oak Chinese ink 1730 2030 Saddle brown Charcoal grey 1740 2100 Baked earth Payne’s grey 1800 2110 Willow Neutral grey 1900 2120 Red oxide Ink black 1910 2200 Madder brown Antique white 1920 2300 Dark chocolate Outliner 1930 2400 Pandore Colore 01/05/2016

71% - Yodelice sunday with a flu

It's been G D Bm the usual Sunday with a flu G D Bm And I just can't get over you 2 / Burnt my toast and lost your number Cut my finger, spilled my beer. 28/04/2020

71% - KXR50 cap 10 (riduzione finale)

0.12 liter TORQUE VALUES Transmission case cover bolt 2.4_ 3.0kgf-m TROUBLESHOOTING Engine starts but ATV won‘t move • Damaged transmission • Seized or burnt transmission Oil leaks • Oil too rich • Worn or damaged oil seal 10-2 10.FINAL REDUCTION/ TRANSMISSION SYSTEM Mongoose/KXR 90/50 Bolts TRANSMISSION CASE COVER REMOVAL Remove the drive sprocket. 18/03/2013

71% - 2020 04 14

BURNT MILL Burnt Mill Lights On the Hill IPA - International / 6.2% ABV / Ipswich, Suffolk / 44cl Can €8.15 Extra pale malt and wheat make up the base of this Kveik IPA for a lean malt character. 16/04/2020

70% - ATV250 10 (riduzione finale)

0.4 liter TORQUE VALUES Transmission case cover bolt 2.4_ 3.0kgf-m TROUBLESHOOTING Engine starts but motorcycle won‘t move • Damaged transmission • Seized or burnt transmission Oil leaks • Oil too rich • Worn or damaged oil seal 10-2 10.FINAL REDUCTION/ TRANSMISSION SYSTEM Mongoose/KXR 250 TRANSMISSION CASE COVER Bolts REMOVAL Drain transmission gear oil into a clean container. 14/03/2013