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100% - FTSE CSE Morocco Index Series Ground Rules

• FTSE CSE Morocco 15 Index • FTSE CSE Morocco All-Liquid Index 1.4 The FTSE CSE Morocco Index Series is calculated in Moroccan Dirham (MAD). 04/06/2012

88% - PhysRevA.84.023804

STRONG FIELD APPROXIMATION AND PES CALCULATION For a cross correlation between an xuv pulse and a fewcycle streaking field, the generated PES can be calculated by applying SFA from the probability amplitude for transitioning from the ground (p) state  ∞ state |0 to a final momentum  |p, b(p) = i −∞ dt E(t) · d[p − A(t)]e−i S(t) , where  S(t) is ∞ the quasiclassical action,  S(t) = t dt  [p − A(t  )]2 /2 Ip t. 31/08/2011

87% - Purple line Michaelis

Diagnostic Accuracy of Purple Line and Transverse Diagonal of Michaelis Sacral in predicting Labor Progress JMRH The sample size was calculated after doing pilot study on 50 cases with 99% confidence intervals. 15/04/2015

85% - MSSE 2001

The relative aerobic and anaerobic energy system contribution was calculated using the accumulated oxygen deficit (AOD) method. 17/12/2010

85% - IUST v10n4p324 en

(5-6) and remove Hm, the thickness of the permanent-magnet will be calculated by the following equation. 05/02/2018

84% - smt et sciatique 1

The proportion of patients, “improved” or “worse,” was calculated for each treatment. 10/06/2015

84% - Contrib. Plasma Phys. 51, 615 (2011) Bennadji

The first one is calculated within this ATSTLS model and the second one is determined by solving an Hypernetted-Chain (HNC) equation for ions interacting via the effective potential. 03/11/2016

84% - PhysRevA.84.025401

1(a) the photoelectron energies along the laser polarization as a function of initial ionization phase ωt0 with γ = 0.5, calculated with the simple-man model and the improved model, respectively. 01/09/2011

82% - 1 s2.0 S092180090800298X main

calculated land use The current National Footprint Accounts calculate Footprints in units of global hectares by dividing a nation's total extraction of a product by the world-average yield for that product and multiplying by the appropriate equivalence factor (Monfreda et al., 2004). 04/12/2013

82% - 2

We calculated the lattice constant for bulk Cu to be 3.66 Å, in good agreement with the experimental value of 3.62 Å.43 All binding energies (BE) are given with respect to the clean slab and the adsorbate in the gas phase. 01/09/2016

81% - pleine concscience et suivi post chir baria

We tracked physical activity level using an adapted version of the 7-day physical activity recall19 and calculated total energy expenditure (kcal/kg) based on metabolic equivalents (METs) for moderate-intensity (4 METs) and vigorousintensity (8 METs) activity. 06/07/2017

81% - The Foegen effect A mechanism by which facemasks.60

These additional/reduced deaths were calculated as the absolute value of 2.3. 27/05/2022

81% - Payment information

Monthly fee is calculated based on number of classes per month. 07/05/2015

81% - oferta hurtowa do wysyłki

The value of one-time purchase price is calculated according to the gross retail. 29/10/2014

79% - World Official Gold Holdings as of October2011 IFS

ECB) 10,792.5 66.3% 6) CBGA 3 signatories 11,958.3 54.5% NOTES * This table was updated in October 2011 and reports data available at that time.  Data are taken from the  International Monetary Fund's International Financial Statistics (IFS), October 2011 edition, and other  sources where applicable. IFS data are two months in arrears, so holdings are as of August 2011 for most  countries, July 2011 or earlier for late reporters.  The table does not list all gold holders: countries which  have not reported their gold holdings to the IMF in the last six months are not included, while other  countries are known to hold gold but they do not report their holdings publicly. Where the WGC knows of  movements that are not reported to the IMF or misprints, changes have been made.  **The percentage share held in gold of total foreign reserves, as calculated by the World Gold Council. The  value of gold holdings is calculated using the end of month  London pm fix gold price published daily by the  LBMA.  In August, the end of month gold price was $1813.50 Data for the value of other reserves are taken  from IFS, table ‘Total Reserves minus Gold’. 07/11/2011

79% - les macaques savent compter

To answer this, we first calculated the singleton-equivalent value of each sum magnitude (averaged over all addend combinations) by fitting a logistic function to the choice ratios using maximum likelihood, as shown in Fig. 24/04/2014

78% - 13042 ftp

The first PCET from NiII(meso-L), Ni-1, can lead to a trans octahedral NiIII intermediate, [(meso-L)(H2O)NiIII(OH)]2 , trans-Ni-2O , with a calculated PCET potential of 0.91 V. 03/03/2015

78% - Fakhim TiMoO2

The Mo impurity is found spin polarized and the calculated band structures suggest a 100% polarization of the conduction carriers. 20/12/2012

78% - Design Shell SAP2000

The six resultants, f11, f22, f12, m11, m22, and m12, are resolved into pure membrane forces N11, N22 and N12, calculated as acting respectively within the central plane of the top and bottom reinforcement layers. 21/02/2019

77% - 11

It can only be calculated. 21/04/2014

77% - vegan et inssufisance dapports b12

Protein intake was calculated as grams per kilogram of body weight for participants who reported their weight at follow-up and had a plausible body mass index (between 15 and 60 kg/m2). 21/11/2016

76% - Ecography2005

However, if further estimates (filled circles) are calculated using different sample data, we may hypothesize the main cause for the error of the first data point. 13/05/2013

76% - BMJintensification precoce

We calculated age at the conclusion of the run-in period. 17/06/2015

76% - PhysRevA.84.023843

The permittivity and permeability of the transformation media are calculated by ε = AεAT / det(A), μ = AμAT / det(A) where A is the Jacobian transformation matrix, and ε and μ are the permittivity and permeability in the original space, respectively. 01/09/2011