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100% - MLAIC Rules final version 2018

MLAIC Structure and Organisation 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 1.7 1.8 1.9 1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14 Secretary General (hereinafter called S.G.) Deputy Secretary General (hereinafter called D.S.G.) Treasurer President Vice President (hereinafter called V.P.) Delegates and Team Captains MLAIC Commission (hereinafter called Commission) Small Arms Committee (hereinafter called S.A.C.) Arbitration Committee Firearms Control Committee (hereinafter called F.C.C.) Anti-Doping Committee (hereinafter called A.D.C.) Match Director (hereinafter called M.D.) Range, Line and Target Verification Officers Webmaster 2. 10/03/2020

97% - Tafsir Ibn Kathir

Tafsir Ibn Kathir Tafseer of all the surah compiled in a single book By Ibn Kathir ~ Compiled By Oum S ~ Revealed in Makkah The Meaning of Al-Fatehah and its Various Names This Surah is called - Al-Fatihah, that is, the Opener of the Book, the Surah with which prayers are begun. 29/01/2013

97% - ch5

Asexual reproduction is also applied to the condition whereby seed is produced without fusion of gametes (called apomixis). 09/05/2014

93% - conjugation present

The verb form that ends in -ER is called the infinitive (in English, the infinitive is the verb preceded by the word "to"), and -ER is the infinitive ending. 01/08/2014

93% - ArsPaulina 3eme livre du roi salomon

2731 and converted to Acrobat format by Benjamin Rowe, June, 1999 Afterword copyright 1999 by Benjamin Rowe 2 Ars Paulina Here beginneth ye Book called the Art Pauline of Solomon the King, & 14/07/2016

93% - Of The Arte Goetia Anglais

Of The Arte Goetia Anglais Of The Arte Goetia [Of the seventy-two infernal spirits evoked and constrained by King Salomon] The first principal spirit is a king ruling in ye East, called Bael. 10/12/2018

91% - Dear American Penpals 1 2

My mother 's name is Nadège, My father called is Nicolas they work in bakery. 10/03/2017

90% - blackrootsscience

As soon as the earth was ready, 144,000 ancestors came from another star system, the star called Sirius that was worshipped by the ancient Egyptians. 11/02/2015

89% - To help you understand

the Chinese artichoke, commonly called crosne (Stachys affinis), is a perennial herbaceous plant of the family Lamiaceae, originating from the North-West of China and cultivated for its edible tuber. 29/09/2015

89% - The Joseph Smith Complete Translation of the Bible

10 And he also gave unto me commandment, when he called unto me out of the burning bush, saying, Call upon God in the name of mine Only Begotten, and worship me. 15/05/2013

89% - PowerVote Games Solutions

Scores can be called up by pressing the «P» key. 07/02/2014

88% - The Globe Theatre

The Globe Theatre The Globe Theatre History of the Theatre The actors started performing their plays in the courtyards of inns, or taverns, called «Inn-yards». 04/01/2013


PAPAOUTAI VELTLINER REBECCA DE WINTER 17/12/2008 Darha, Daiquiri, Dea Augusta, Deutz, Dimiat, Dolce Aqua, Dom Perignon,Don Melchor, Dona Dominga, Durkeimer, Dynastie 10/03/2010 Figari, Fine Champagne, Flor d’Alpi, Fitou Loup, Fixin, Fleur Petrus Bisou, Fleurie, Floc de Gascogne, Floridène 06/10/2010 Fara, Faro, Figeac, Fino, Friuli Venezia, Fronsac DURKEIMER Ulpukan (FI) Habanero, Helmiorvokki, Hemuliini, Hercules DEA AUGUSTA Treebeard’s (CA) Galahad, Galapagos Girl, Galileo, Gandalf, Gilgamesh,Goldeneve, Guiness, Icing on the Cake, In-a-gadda-da-vida, Indigo Blue, Infinity&Beyond, Intl Man of Mystery, Iron man, Isoceles dancing, Limited Edition, Luxury Edition FARA Vum Tempelshaus (Lu) Keep Curly Bello Nero, Keep Curly Lawenne, keep Curly Kyala, Keep Curly Lulu, Keep Curly Luna, Lucky Blixem, Lucky Bob, Lucky Django, Lucky Lara, Lucky lou, Lucky Lucie, Lucky Omer, Lucky Sirius, Lucky Spawn, Lucky Twixie FRONSAC Popenspäller’s (F) La Bomba, Lalande de Pomerol, Lambrusco, lawson’s William, Limoncello, Loupiac, Lussac FLEUR PETRUS BISOU Barboucles sur Meuse ( NL) Alessi Nova, Floyd Nova, Lopez Nova, Nilsson Nova, Rufus Nova, Sade Nova, Calin Peluche, Dax Romance, Didier d’Or, Jolie la Vie, Marly Danae, Mon Ami, Caresse moi, Cauchy, Charlis Angel, Charme Chaya, Chef Special, Choupille, Cidou, Lucky Charm, Mister Crobz, FARO Du Soleil du Ventoux (FR) I-Pepsi, I-Star, IVentoux, Iorga, Istrale, Jedi, Jessie, Judy, Junior, I don’t Know, I-Bebop, I-Zack, Ikar, Imac, Indy, Inox, Ioko, Isabelle, Isis, J-nette, Jacynthea, Jamie, Jazz, Jazz-Kouros, Jobard, Joker, Joelle-Jolie, Joiku, Jolie -Lieve, Jungo, La Bella, La Manoush, Lavande, Le patchy, Leiko, Loupie, Luberon, Lukas, Luna, Nalia, Née Libre, Neston, Neuer Hugo, Nicée, Nickel, Noisette, Nuit, Vom Zulimo(CH) Makeba, Marin Marais, Marley, Maroon, Marvin, Mia, Mika, Monsi, Carelnovan (FI) Danse-D’Amour, Dark Dahlia, Dark-Darius, Dash-Damien, Diamant-Didier, Divine-Dawn, Dynamique- Diva, Deep’Blue-Desiré, DON MELCHOR Neigenuveaux (CA) Flacon d’Paris, Fleur D’Northrock, Felicite, DIDIER D’OR Felix, Fier de l’Etre, Finn, Francesca, Fraser, Fabron, Fantome De Vom Zulimo (CH) Paco, Pagliaro, Peace, Piaf, Pink, FAVOUR Lac, Favour, Fleur de Lis, Fleurie Cuvée, Frederic, Galahad, Plüsch, Polnareff, Power of Love, Prince, Van de Northrock’s (CA) Dance Gambler, Gandolf, Genevieve, Ginette, Giovanni,Gondolier, Good Strijpse Vesta (NL) Kando Camelia called Pluis, Kando with me, Dare to Dream, Run, Guinevere, Jacquesson, Jacquinot, Janneau, Jean Luc, Jean Nerium called Beer, Barbedoux (NL) Fozzy Muppet, Diamond in the Ruff, Phillips, Jeanneret, Jeeper, Jouet, Jsnard, Kaffe Mocha, Kalifornia Gonzo Muppet, Lips Muppet, Pepe Muppet, Sweetums Wulymut’s (CA) Jack Kiss, Kando, Kandy Kisses, Kept Woman , Key to my Heart, Kidnap Muppet, Vom Zulimo (CH) Ravi, Rita, Poppenspäller’s Horner, Jacob Cracker, My Heart, Kiss This, Klassy Chassis, Koko, Bayport (CA) Heather (F) Nantillaise, Napoleon Mandarine, Nasty, Naveran Jammy dodger, Java Junkee, Whitelaw, 2011-1,2, 3, 4 et 5, Rover’s (CA) Jackie O, Je Suis Belle Odyssea, Negrita Nora, Nicoletta, Nobles Fair, Jelly Tot, Juicy fruit, Jumbee Amie, Je suis Interabang, Je Suis Une, Je te Presente Amethyste, Je Novillada Truffle, Jumbles Biscuit Te presente Charlie, Je Te presente Cuddlebug, J-NETTE Je Te Presente JC Jade, IMAC FLACON D’PARIS Wendake (FR) De la Pierre Attelée (FR) Neigenuveaux’s (CA) Helga to Wulymut, Hamlet, Harbor Astarte Nelson, Nemours SADE NOVA KEEP CURLY LULU MON AMI N’Uma, Naïa, Naoned, Nash, called vincent, Heaven Sent , Higgins, Hug’s Bleuzorange, Hugo, Joconde, Noa, Nolly, Barboucles sur Meuse (NL) Amelie Vum Tempelshaus (LU) My Balou, My Cookie, Van Liëuwervelt Januli (NL)Corteh, Neill, Némésis, Némo, I’m Your Man, Inez, Inglebert, Iris, Isaac, Isadora, Ishara, Nonnos de Panopolis, Davi, Beauvoir Davi, Bourdaloue My Curly, My Lucknow, My Rasmus, Nice barney, Desoke, Djoekefin, Lillerooz, NolasNeptune, Néva, Nikita, Isis,Island Girl, Rover’s (CA) Hab, Hadden, Hagarty, Haliburton, Nyara, Nyx Davi, Gautier Davi, Lumiere Davi, Nice Bob, Nice Boudha, Nice Charly, Nice Dobby pak, Wanspot, Van De Strijse Vesta Nixe Halsbury, Haney, Harlow, Healey, Hudson, Huron, Je m’appelle Simenon Davi, Easy Livin, Eleanor Junior, Nice Khloé, Nice Emy Rose, Nice Sienna, (NL) 2017.2.1, 2017.2.2, 2017.2.3, Belle, je m’appelle Charleight, Je m’appelle Emilie, je m’appelle Rigby, Emma Emmaline, Endless ISABELLE Oh happy Charly, Oh happy chica, Oh Happy Splendeur Dorée Emma, je m’appelle Emmett, je m’appelle Gaston, je m’appelle Eve, Eres Tu, Etoile Barbo Nuutuksen (FI) Eddie, Cousteau, Oh happy Fosca, Oh Happy Gilmor, Oh (PL) Ramona, Raya, Karamelle, Je m’appelle Noriella, Bojangles, Madona, McGuiness, Eira, Elli, Elmo, Elton, happy Lulu, Oh happy Markies, Oh happy Smilla, Reni, Rivaa, Roxy, Mr.Lee, My Gal Mooneam, My Sharona, My Special Angel , Emma, Epeli, Estelle, Oh happy Wolff Nutmeg, Nuts Over You, Nuphar’s (NL) Hickory Tavern Fool For Eve LA MANOUSH Brookberry, Hickory Tavern Fool For Paris, Hickory Tavern Fool CHARME CHAYA Chaussette’s (B) JUNGLE For The City,Hickory Tavern Fool For the Water, Hickory Tavern Eau de Joie (NL) Bru, Richesse, Ricrac, Poppenspäler’s (F) Fool For You, Hickory Tavern Foolproof, Hickory Tavern Fools Earth Water, Evian, Rigolo, Rikiki, Ringo, Nebbolio, Nectarine Gold, Hickory Tavern Fools Rush In, Bayport’s (CA) Rovers LUCKY BLIXEM Marie-Stella-Maris, d’Eyguebelle, Nevada, Alouette, Rovers Ashlu, Rovers Bowen, Rovers Callaghan, Rovers Uit d’n Rey’s Hof (NL) Blinky mountain Mist, perrier, Noah Noah, Noblejas, LAVANDE Hurley, Rovers Joffre, Rovers Lilloet, Rovers Morisson, Rovers Arcade, Defender Arcade, Frogger Nocino, Noilly Prat, Du Soleil du Ventoux (FR) JACINTHEA Pika, Novaforesta (UK) New-Dawn, New-Day, New-Horizon, New Arcade, Galga Arcade, Inky Arcade, Norton, Nuit d’automne, Obiwan, Ocre, Odin, Oky, De la Tierra de Suerte (FR) -Life, New-Moon, New-Start, New-world, Barbevoix (CA) Milo, Ms Packman Arcade, Pacman Nuit St Georges Ollie, Olympe, Opale, Odin, Odysseus, Orson, Nano, Nefira, Nelly,Nimes, Norbert, Nouky, Nox Arcade, Ping Pong Arcade, Orphée GAUTIER DAVI Oscar, Oscar Pongo FLEUR D’NORTHROCK Pinky Arcade, Sonic Arcade, Barbedoux (NL) Volcan Branco, Volcan Elbreos, Volcan Northrock’s (CA) Beatrix de Tetris Arcade LUCKY LOU Etna, Volcan Fogo, Volcan Fuji, volcan Kilimandjaro, Beziers, Bella Sera, Belvedere Vum Tempelshaus (Lu) Our Corton, Volcan Solvatara, Volcan Stromboli, Volcan Thera, FLEURIE CUVEE Sullivan, Black Seal, Bodan Our mandalay, Our Ne, Our Rosy, FRANCESCA Volcan Vesuvio Neigenuveaux (CA) In formal Spartacus, Dance with me, Dare Our Thoth, Our Wilma, Des Boucles Neigenuveaux’s (CA) AMELIE DAVI Attire, Rover’s Isabelle, to Dreem, Diamond in the Ruff, du beau Coin (CH) Feelein, Gaja, Halle,Hemma, Hemmingway, Barboucles sur Meuse (NL) Fabric Fleuri, Inspector, Inspiration, It’s a Eau de Joy, El Magnifico Theo, Gajus, Gemma, George, Ghamali, Hennessey, Herratio, Hollywood, Feline Fleuri, Femme Fleuri, secret, It’s my party, Jezebel, Elouisa belle, Eureka, Evian Gioco, Giorgina, Gismo, Giulia, Holy Rover, Hudson, Humphrey, Flow Fleuri, Frodo Fleuri Joel, Johnny Walker, Joie de POLNAREFF Gloria, Golo, Gora, Di Amaretto J.C, Jack Daniels, Jackson, Vivre, Jolie, Juggernault, JEANNEAU Courailée Roi de Thulé Imma(CA) N’Gus, Nacho, Nero (FR) Osiris, Oslo, Ouana, Oural Jacques, Jeffree, jolene, JoJupitar, Just4barbugaulois Neigenuveaux’s (CA) Maggie May, Nally, Namasté, Nanette, Nanouk, Nasdaq, Newton, sephine, Jubilee Malibu barbi, Mazaradi, MeadoNoa,Nuke, Lossombra Remembers Vimy Ridge MY LUCKNOW HEATHER WHITELAW wlark, Midnite Ryder, Magnum Kiss Curl (F) N’Aisne, JACKIE O Midori Moonbeam, Bayport’s(CA) Phantom of N’Allier, N’Alpes Maritimes, Namaste Ardennes, Neo-Ain, Rover’s (CA) Blue Spruce Captain, the Opera Mr.Wonderful, My FOZZY MUPPET Nolonne-Ardeche, Noslo-Alpesdehauteprovence, FLEUR DE LIS Blue Spruce Holiday Holly, Blue Way, Merveilleux , Wookieebev A New Hope (HG) Beru lars, Nouck-Hautes Alpes, O my God-Bouches du Rhône, Astarte, (US) 2014.1, 2014.2, 2 Spruce Miss miracle, Blue Spruce Name Game, Nario, Chewbacca, Han Solo, Princess Leia, Senni Olive-Aveyron, Opel-Aube, Orenella-Ariège, Oz-Aude, 014.3, 2014.4, 2014.5, 2015.1, Piper, Blue Spruce Rover’s Ruby Naughty N Nice, tonnika O’Bramble-Correze, Occi’tan-Charente, Odin-Charente 2015.2, 2015.3, 2015.4, 2015.5 , Tuesday, Blue Spruce Theo Maritime Oumka-Corse, 2015.6, Begin the Begine, SkymeaMelchore, Blue Spruce Wrigley, Oup’sMagic-Cher dow Kiss me Kate Rover’s Penny lane HELGA TO WULIMUT Wulimut’s (CA) Jack Horner, Jacob Craker, Jammy Dodger, Java Junkee, Jelly Tot, Juicy Fruit, Jumbee Truffle,Jumbles Biscuit, Latke, Licorice, Limoncello, Lollipop JE M’APPELLE NORIELLA Rovers (CA) La Madame Juno, La Madame Willa, La Madame Zuri, Le Monsieur Charlie, Le Monsieur Chewbacca, le Monsieur prismo, Lola montana, Le monsieur Vinny ROVER’S HARLOW Spiritrock’s (CA)Karat, Karie blue, Katy on a mission, Kir Royale, Kiss from a Rose, Kiwi, Kobe, Kohl,Kokomo, Rover’s Kall me Rigby HEAVEN SENT Blue Spruce (US) Bolt, Chleo, Dogen, Kismet Called laurel, Leia, Maya, Ruxin, King of the Road called kent JUST4BARBUGAULOIS Nigenuveaux’s (CA) La Bomba, Lady in Black, Let it Be, Love Bug, Lucille, Lucinda, Luck Be A Lady, Money Penny, Moonbeam’s M, Moonbeam’s 007A called Mr.Bond, Moonbeam’s M16, Quartemaster, Tirivia, Vogorno JELLY TROT Wulimut’s (CA) Napolianne, Noodle ARGENTEVILL ANJOLIE Astarte (US) 2016.24,2016.25, 2016.26, 2016.27, 2016.28,2016.29, 2016.30 HARBOR ASTARTE CALLED VINCENT Astarte(US) 2016.2, 2016.3, 2016.4, 2016.5, 2016.6, 2016.7, 2016.8, don’t think Twice, 2015.10, Be happy, Dancin in the Street, GoodGolly Miss Molly, Honkey Tonk Woman, mMssissipi Queen,Pretty Pretty Peggy Sue, Run Around Sue, Sea Cruise, Unchained melody, 2016.10, 2016.11, 2016.12, 2016.13, 2016.14, 2016.15,2016.16, 2016.17,2016.9, 2016.18,2016.19, 2016.20, 2016.21, 2016.22, 2016.23, Argentevill Anjolie,Roven Rochelle,Bella Coola Lily, Tulalip, Kaya HIGGINS Neigenuveau’s (CA) Make it So, Nadine, Napoléon, Natalie, Natasha, Nathan, Nemesis, Neptune, News Story, Next Edition,Nirvanna, Courailée Roi de Thule (CA) Mango, marcus, Maree, Mede,Merlot, Mia, Mirza, Molly, Monroe, Moustache, Mr’Rookie Rovers (CA) Captain Ryker, Le Monsieur Bear, Le monsieur Beau, Le Monsieur Cinder, Le Monsieur Cole, Le EAU DE JOIE Northrock’s (CA) Fly me to the moon, For the Joy of It, Force be with you, Forever yours, Fraggle Rock, Free Spirit, Friendly Giant, Full Morning Star, IBelieve in Magic, i’ll Drink to That, i’ll Walk Beside U, It Had to Be You, It’s always You, It’s Delovely PEAWI MYSTIQUE Patronum Bleuzorange (CA) Adele, molly, Morgane, Olivia, penelope, Pepito, Sparrow, Stella, Stoick,Valka, Wall-E, Zack, Thorondor HUG’S BLEUZORANGE Bleuzorange (CA) Peawi Greefen, Peawi Kim, Peawi Mila, Peawi Mystique, Peawi Mystique, Peawi Selfy, Peawy Theo, Peawy Tsuki, Peawi Yoko ISLAND GIRL, Spiritrock’s (CA) Miakoda Power Moon, Moon Dancer, Flower, Moon in June, Moon Light, Moon Rising, Moon River, Moon Shadow HICKORY TAVERN FOOL FOR BROOKBERRY Hickory Tavern (US) For What its Worth, Forget About it, Forgive and Forget, Former Child Star, Fortunate Son, Fortune 500, Fortune Cookie, EUREKA Northrock’s (CA) Good Time Charlie, Good Vibrations, Goodness Gracious,Happy Paddler, Heart of Gold, Hello Dolly, Here For The Party, Hey Good Lookin’, Homegrown Honey, Honey Badger KISMET CALLED LAUREL Blue Spruce (US) Nanook Mundo, Nite Odie, Noble hugo, Norbert Louis, Nova Luna, Nubella Chara, Nutella Gabriella HOLY ROVER Rover’s (CA) Kall me Fiona, Kay Z Barron, Kay Z Echo, Kay Z Fergie, Kay Z Harry, Kay Z Lando, Kay Z Lottie, Kay Z Ryker JACKSON Astarte (US) 2016-24, 2016-25, 2016-26, 2016-27, 2016-28, 201629, 2016-30 26/12/2018

87% - Ecography2005

We will mention the first two situations in passing, but will mostly focus on the problem of estimation as we intend to use these definitions to evaluate the perfor- Accepted 12 July 2005 Copyright # ECOGRAPHY 2005 ISSN 0906-7590 ECOGRAPHY 28:6 (2005) 815 mance of statistical estimation methods (also called estimators). 13/05/2013

87% - syringomyelia

This cyst, called a syrinx, can expand and elongate over time, destroying the spinal cord. 31/07/2013

87% - hda5

However, thanks in large part to the vision and persistence of Ronald Brown [14], it has become clear that group theory is just the tip of a larger subject that deserves to be called ‘higher-dimensional group theory’. 12/12/2013

86% - IBHM 305 336

(i) scalar quantities, often called scalars, which have magnitude, but no associated direction (ii) vector quantities, often called vectors, which have a magnitude and an associated direction. 07/06/2014

85% - New whole numbers classification

This subset, at the first level of complexity, is called the set of ultimate numbers. 12/08/2020

85% - My So Called Life

My So Called Life My So Called Life’ Chorégraphe: 15/10/2011

85% - Le Messie Fils de Joseph dans le Talmud de Babylone (Sukkah, 52a, 52b)

The Holy One, blessed be He, called it Evil, as it is said, For the imagination of man's heart is evil from his youth.16 Moses called it the Uncircumcised, as it is said, Circumcise therefore the foreskin of your heart.17 David called it Unclean, as it is said, Create me a clean heart, O Lord,18 which implies that there is an unclean one. 31/08/2018


So-called dry steam in the picture (kettle) are hydrogen atoms and free oxygen atoms as simple gaseous bodies. 01/12/2017

84% - Module d'anglais Phrasal verbs

• A verb (do, go) and another word (sometimes called a particle) which can be an adverb (back, out) or a preposition (at, into, from). 19/08/2012


H2 O Shock between H2 and O H2O So-called dry steam in the picture (kettle) are hydrogen atoms and free oxygen atoms as simple gaseous bodies. 06/01/2018

84% - Heartbleed

Overview On Monday April 7th, a serious vulnerability was identified in one of the most popular implementations of the SSL Guest Editor protocol, called OpenSSL. 23/04/2014