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100% - Genetic grazing system

Holstein cows with high percentages of North American ancestry can work well in grazing systems that include supplemental concentrates or partial mixed rations, particularly if calving intervals are less restrictive. 04/02/2015

92% - 1 s2.0 S0022030208709585 main

In most western countries, the breeding goal has changed in recent years from being primarily focused on milk production and conformation to be much broader, including functional traits such as fertility, health, calving ease, and longevity. 04/02/2015

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Breeders of Bavarian Simmental stated that decreased longevity, greater stillbirth and calving losses, more frequent occurrence of inheritable disorders, and unfavorable correlations between protein yield and health traits are the main disadvantages of selection for greater production within pure dairy breeds (Rosenberger et al., 2004). 04/02/2015

74% - CV Elodie Guillou English

Carreer progression in the dairy industry Education and qualifications 2009-2013 Agricultural engineer diploma Angers Master of science degree, trade, and international market  Agriculture, Agribusiness, Environment and Management 2008-2009 Preparatory scientific studies Chateaubriand Biology, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry Work experience August 2016 Farm assistant at FiveBrocks Limited dairy farm Now 300 ha, 700 cows, bale rotary  Milking, shed management hygiene, calving, mating, fence, irrigation, WallacetownSouthlandpasture New Zealand January 2015 Commercial, sales business for Bio3G May 2016 Innovative biostimulant solutions for agricultors ( Animals, soils, plants ) FinistèreFrance  Help clients to increase the profitability of their farm January 2014 Commercial, sales business for Isagri August 2014 Farm management software that combined passion for agriculture and new FinistèreFrance technologies. 19/12/2016

74% - Cv Hicham Le Grand English

equivalent of A level with special emphasis on agricultural subjects and on biology WORK EXPERIENCE August 2016- Now Herd Manager (2IC) at FiveBrocks Limited dairy farm (WallacetownSouthland-New Zealand) 300 ha, 700 cows, bale rotary Milking, shed hygiene, calving, mating, fence, irrigation, pasture management 2015 to 2016 Manager in family’s farm (Gourin-France) : 19/12/2016

70% - motivation letter

drafting cows on heat over mating, assisting with calving cows and calf rearing, and general farm maintenance like fencing, water supply, irrigation. 19/12/2016

67% - Vitalac 4p bovins GB

33 296 21 50 61 - Vitalac-4p-bovins-GB_VITALAC-4pages 12/04/10 16:52 Page3 Expertise in animal and health The prevention safety program VITADRENCH Nutrition Fortifier • Body condition scoring • Faeces appearances • Ingestion • Fiber in the diet • Forage evaluation • Temperature in silos • Water PH • Urinary PH • Milk urea • Glucose and ketone bodies in blood GLYCOLINE Glucose precursors pellet or liquid Dry period / 40-50 days Calving Farmer • Objectives • Motivation • Training • Availability • Recording system 1/3 of dairy cows diet Concentrates 30 % Forage 70 % Fibers Straw or hay Diagnosis Solutions Follow-up VITANION Prevention of hypocalcemia Environment Genetics • Density • Ventilation • Static electricity related to stress • Light • Comfort • Hygiene • Breed • Selection • Expression of genetic potential Lactation Concentrates 30 % Forage 70 % VITAFAT / VEGELIN By-pass energy VITACARTE 100 to 600 g / dairy cow / day Premix or mineral supplement adapted to the daily ration A global approach for personal solutions by Dr. 06/01/2016

41% - EBSF newsletter en 201214

- Ensure more females each year, - Anticipate herd growth, - Get more females from good cows, - Ease of calving for heifers thanks to a smaller female calve Top 10—Bulls most used in sexed semen since 2008 in France For the Brown Swiss breed, it has two other big advantages: 19/12/2014

36% - Climate Change 2013 The Physical Science Basis

8 All references to ‘ice loss’ or ‘mass loss’ refer to net ice loss, accumulation minus melt and iceberg calving. 27/09/2013