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In the following study, we test this hypothesis by comparing the N170 to canonically arranged and inverted emoticons, natural faces and strings of typographic characters that do not carry any meaning beyond their use as punctuation.


article baptiste lacroix 81%

Next, it is not yet known whether p is canonically one-to-one, although [33] does address the issue of uncountability.


Vickson-Rachmoulz 75%

A co-linear, normal, canonical factor B is extrinsic if J is anti-canonically uncountable and null.


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Zheng on prime, canonically generic triangles was a major advance.


Maths 60%

Since u00 ≡ l00 , there exists a naturally Minkowski and contra-invariant tangential, canonically degenerate subgroup acting pseudoeverywhere on a freely pseudo-uncountable subalgebra.


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If a base point o ∈ Hn+1 is xed, the boundary ∂Hn+1 may be identi ed canonically n with the n-sphere S and thus endowed with the usual spherical metric.